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Forensic Files

Investigators draw on forensic science to solve baffling crimes and other mysteries through interviews and dramatic recreations.

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Investigators draw on forensic science to solve baffling crimes and other mysteries through interviews and dramatic recreations.
  • Road Rage

    Episode 1 - 21 mins
    A mark found on a young woman's dead body enables police to track the killer.
  • Hunter or Hunted?

    Episode 2 - 21 mins
    A woman's deadly walk in the woods was ruled a hunting accident until a strange letter appeared.
  • In Harm's Way

    Episode 3 - 21 mins
    Forensic scientists compare marks on a presumed murder weapon with marks on the victim's bone.
  • For Love or Money

    Episode 4 - 21 mins
    A real estate tycoon must have had a premonition about foul play, as he wrote it in his will.
  • No Corpus Delicti

    Episode 5 - 21 mins
    Police link a clump of hair discovered in an isolated area with a woman who vanished 20 years ago.
  • News at 11

    Episode 6 - 21 mins
    A news anchor is shot to death outside her home in an apparent crime of passion by a fan.
  • The Stake-Out

    Episode 7 - 21 mins
    When a prominent banker's wife is kidnapped, the trail leads police on a wild goose chase.
  • Bad Medicine

    Episode 8 - 21 mins
    Investigators try to find the cause of a woman's arsenic poisoning.
  • Cloak of Deceit

    Episode 9 - 21 mins
    Forensic scientists help catch a trio of men responsible for several bank robberies.
  • Stick 'em Up

    Episode 10 - 21 mins
    A missing bank president's body is found floating in a lake, bound to a chair by duct tape.
  • Head Games

    Episode 11 - 21 mins
    Forensic psychiatry helps a wife to remember the details of how her husband was shot.
  • Burning Desire

    Episode 12 - 21 mins
    Forensic scientists investigate the fire killed a police officer's estranged wife.
  • Making the Collar

    Episode 13 - 21 mins
    Forensic scientists paint a virtual portrait of a 16-year-old girl's killer.
  • Financial Downfall

    Episode 14 - 21 mins
    When a young woman falls to her death, forensics reveals that it was no accident.
  • Over a Barrel

    Episode 15 - 21 mins
    A forensic scientist makes history when he solves a 10-year-old murder.
  • A Daughter's Journey

    Episode 16 - 21 mins
    A woman discovers a family secret while investigating her mother's long-ago disappearance.
  • Pinned by the Evidence

    Episode 17 - 21 mins
    A man is charged with murder; six years later, a forensic animator testifies.
  • Cries Unheard

    Episode 18 - 21 mins
    A 19-year-old girl is found dead in her car in what appears to be a suicide.
  • Buried Treasure

    Episode 19 - 21 mins
    Fifteen years after a man disappears, police find evidence which proves what had happened.
  • Badge of Betrayal

    Episode 20 - 21 mins
    The body of a young California co-ed under an isolated interstate ramp sets off an investigation.
  • Deadly Matrimony

    Episode 21 - 21 mins
    A man's second wife goes missing.
  • Seeds for Doubt

    Episode 22 - 22 mins
    A small community is devastated when a car accident claims the life of a well-respected nurse.
  • Deadly Curve

    Episode 23 - 22 mins
    Car with three agents collides with deputy's car; investigations find two different conclusions.
  • Muddy Waters

    Episode 24 - 21 mins
    Investigating a Colorado hunter shot and killed; police suspect two murder weapons and two killers.
  • Saving Face

    Episode 25 - 21 mins
    A woman disappears without a trace, along with two others who vanished under similar circumstances.
  • Point of Origin

    Episode 26 - 21 mins
    A serial arsonist burns thousands of California homes and businesses.
  • Fishing for the Truth

    Episode 27 - 21 mins
    When a shrimp boat sinks, the captain drowns and the deckhand is rescued.
  • South of the Border

    Episode 28 - 21 mins
    An American tourist is murdered in cold blood while at a Mexican resort.
  • Visibility Zero

    Episode 29 - 22 mins
    The derailment of the Sunset Limited was the deadliest train crash in U.S. history.
  • Northern Exposure

    Episode 30 - 21 mins
    Hikers near Anchorage, Alaska discover a body wrapped in sheets edged in orange stitching.
  • Flashover

    Episode 31 - 22 mins
    Arson investigators attempt to determine the cause of a fire in the Kings Cross Underground Station.
  • Silk Stalkings

    Episode 32 - 21 mins
    A flight attendant's brutal murder prompts the son of another victim to contact the police.
  • Walking Terror

    Episode 33 - 21 mins
    A man has no recollection of events after stabbing his wife and drowning her in the pool.

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