Forensic Files

Forensic Files

Crime14 SeasonsTVPG
Retracing the steps of real investigations with interviews and dramatic re-creations as experts draw on forensic science to solve baffling crimes and other mysteries.
  • Purebread Murder
    Episode 121 mins
    After years of suffering domestic abuse, a young woman is found murdered in her bathtub; among numerous clues, a hamburger bun proves the most incriminating.
  • Hear No Evil
    Episode 221 mins
    Evidence that includes threatening emails, a missing person and an abandoned truck lead police to a woman's suspected killer, but they don't have the victim's body.
  • Hell's Kitchen
    Episode 321 mins
    A woman has an accidental fall down a flight of stairs and appears to have hit her head, but the lack of blood splatter and misplaced shoes lead police to believe the fall was staged.
  • Three's a Crowd
    Episode 421 mins
    A church member gets gunned down after leaving choir practice; although witnesses see little and not much evidence exists, investigators learn that she had been having affairs for years.
  • A Squire's Riches
    Episode 521 mins
    When a man perishes in a fire while working in his garage, his death is initially ruled an accident until a forensic odontologist changes the direction of the case.
  • Home of the Brave
    Episode 621 mins
    Lack of evidence compels investigators to look beyond the obvious when a woman is beaten to death at her in-laws house.
  • Freeze Framed
    Episode 721 mins
    A man is found dead of an apparent suicide. But soon after, information emerges which reveals a much more menacing scenario.
  • A Touch of Evil
    Episode 821 mins
    A dismembered body is dumped on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike and before police realize it, bodies are turning up between two states.
  • Textbook Murder
    Episode 921 mins
    A young bride-to-be is gunned down in her own home. The attack is personal and as investigators start digging, they uncover the man she loved was living a lie.
  • Filtered Out
    Episode 1021 mins
    Tara Munsey went missing after a work shift at a Virginia restaurant and it is unknown if she ran away or if she was the victim of foul play.
  • Water Logged
    Episode 1121 mins
    An Ohio woman and her two daughters go missing while vacationing in Florida; their corpeses are found floating in Tampa Bay with a hand-written note by one of the victims; putting it on five billboards helps them find the killer.
  • Social Circle
    Episode 1221 mins
    Four young adults are murdered in an affluent Texas neighborhood, with little evidence but two people walking by dressed in black.
  • Low Maintenance
    Episode 1321 mins
    A young college student is found dead in her apartment and the autopsy rules the death a homicide by an unknown male suspect.
  • Fate Date
    Episode 1421 mins
    The killer removed the computer that links him to the murder of a woman and her soon-to-be ex-husband that he had met online.
  • Trail of a Killer
    Episode 1521 mins
    A community is shocked when police discover a woman raped and murdered in broad daylight on a public trail.
  • Gone Ballistic
    Episode 1621 mins
    A real estate developer is shot and his wife becomes the prime suspect, until the bullet is linked to a weapon reported missing 20 years ago.
  • Seeing Red
    Episode 1721 mins
    A body is found stuffed into a suitcase forcing the police to search though the landfill for another missing victim.
  • Skeleton Key
    Episode 1921 mins
    A woman goes missing for a month with the only clues being a set of keys, a fingerprint and a code.
  • Funeral Services
    Episode 2021 mins
    Police discover a mask near the crime scene and hope that it leads to the killer of a funeral director.
  • Expert Witness
    Episode 2121 mins
    A killer assaults a young mother in her home, but despite meticulous washing of the crime scene, a single hair remains to lead authorities to the culprit.

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