Forensic Files

Forensic Files

Crime14 SeasonsTVPG
Retracing the steps of real investigations with interviews and dramatic re-creations as experts draw on forensic science to solve baffling crimes and other mysteries.
  • The Common Thread
    Episode 121 mins
    Florida police search for a serial rapist and murderer who left small red fibers on each of his 10 victims.
  • The Dirty Deed
    Episode 221 mins
    When an English couple go missing, police suspect their son killed them and must rely on mud and blood samples found in the couple's two cars to find their bodies.
  • Killer Fog
    Episode 322 mins
    Experts attempt to discover the source of heavy fog on Highway I-75 in Tennessee, which caused a 99-car accident and 12 deaths.
  • Sex, Lies and DNA
    Episode 422 mins
    When a woman goes missing from her home, police focus on her husband when an airline luggage tag and luminol point to an affair and murder; footage from a TV crew and Coast Guard photographs lead investigators to the suspect's missing boat.
  • Bitter Potion
    Episode 521 mins
    When a woman exhibits strange flu-like symptoms before dying, investigators discover someone added thallium to her soda; detectives initially suspect her husband, but the case takes a sinister turn.
  • The Blood Trail
    Episode 622 mins
    Handwriting and simple doodles complicate a car-bomb case and an alleged self-defense shooting in a peaceful British farming village as police uncover a husband's plot to kill his wife for insurance money.
  • Fatal Fungus
    Episode 721 mins
    When dozens of infants develop serious breathing problems in the Cleveland area, doctors and investigators search high and low for the cause.
  • Charred Remains
    Episode 822 mins
    After a Vancouver custodian finds a burned body in a dumpster, investigators determine the corpse's identity and attacker.
  • Something's Fishy
    Episode 921 mins
    A well-liked bank vice president collapses and dies after taking pain pills laced with cyanide; the search for a motive reveals a callous suspect who had murdered once before.
  • Postal Mortem
    Episode 1121 mins
    A man kills two people with bombs in an effort to get investors off his back, but authorities catch onto him and he becomes sentenced to life with no chance of parole.
  • Micro-Clues
    Episode 1222 mins
    A man arrested for the sexual assault and attempted murder of a boy in a European country becomes linked to a murder in Zurich, Switzerland, through analysis of microorganisms.

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