Kids1 Season
Everything needed to be a spy, from listening devices to decoding secret messages.
  • How to Catch a Thief on Camera
    Episode 13 mins
    You'll be sure to catch a thief with this DIY hidden camera and party popper alarm!
  • How to Spy on Your Sibling
    Episode 25 mins
    Scope out your marks with these brilliant DIY stethoscopes and telescopes!
  • How to Eavesdrop with Your Phone
    Episode 33 mins
    Intercept the secrets floating around you with a DIY phone bug and a case to hide it in!
  • How to See Around Corners
    Episode 53 mins
    Izzy and Kaiden make a DIY periscope so they can sneak into Izzy's sister's room!
  • How to Make a Perfect Getaway
    Episode 63 mins
    Make a perfect getaway with DIY mirrored glasses and a flour "bomb"!
  • How to Spy in Camouflage
    Episode 74 mins
    Learn how to stay hot on the trail with these DIY camouflage binoculars and a spy case!
  • How to Hide Your Secrets
    Episode 83 mins
    Izzy and Kaiden teach you how to stash your secrets with a glue stick USB drive and a hollow book!
  • How to Prank Intruders
    Episode 93 mins
    Izzy and Kaiden help you upgrade your security with a DIY mini alarm and a cardboard cutout!
  • How to Throw Someone Off Target
    Episode 114 mins
    Learn how to keep enemies off your trail with a DIY pellet shooter and a hidden pocket!
  • How to See a Hidden Message
    Episode 124 mins
    Learn how to make a DIY secret message pen and turn your phone into a magnifying glass!
  • How to Hide Things in Plain Sight
    Episode 147 mins
    Izzy and Kaiden demonstrate how to make a magnetic lock and a goldfish hiding place.
  • How to Hide Your Money
    Episode 155 mins
    Keep thieves away with a secret compartment and sneak around in the dark with a DIY headlamp!
  • How to Distract a Guard Dog
    Episode 166 mins
    Learn to keep a guard dog away with a homemade doggie distractor!
  • How to Spy Through Walls
    Episode 175 mins
    Kaiden and Izzy must use their spy skills to learn Grandma's secret chocolate cake recipe!
  • How to Spy Through a Mirror
    Episode 187 mins
    Step up your spy game with a doorjamb intruder detector and a two-way hidden camera mirror!
  • How to Send a Floating Secret Message
    Episode 195 mins
    Don't let a little water stop you -- learn how to make a styrofoam boat and binoculars!
  • How to Booby Trap Your Diary
    Episode 204 mins
    If you're trying to catch a snoop, this DIY pressure plate is exactly the project for you!
  • How to Secretly Send Goodies
    Episode 214 mins
    Snack in secret with this DIY parachute and burrito disguise!
  • How to See Behind You
    Episode 223 mins
    Learn to enhance your vision with a DIY reflective patch and a tactical mirror ring!
  • How to Make a Water Bucket Ambush Trap
    Episode 234 mins
    Track someone's moves with a DIY water bucket booby trap and a notepad -revealing trick!
  • How to Make an On-the-Fly Spy Disguise
    Episode 247 mins
    Throw people off of your tracks by learning how to make an on-the-fly DIY disguise!
  • How to Hide A Note Under Your Skin
    Episode 263 mins
    Izzy and Kaiden show you spies-in-training two different ways to keep messages hidden!

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