Junk Drawer Magic

Junk Drawer Magic

Kids3 Seasons
Creating magic tricks out of junk drawer items.
  • Skewer Through Tongue Trick
    Episode 14 mins
    Demonstrating how to create the illusion of sticking a skewer through the tongue.
  • Bloody Bandage Trick
    Episode 53 mins
    Learning how to predict a playing card using a bloody bandage.
  • Poop Box Trick
    Episode 77 mins
    Learning to trick people into holding poop.
  • Magic Phone Trick
    Episode 82 mins
    Learning how to magically pull real things out of a phone.
  • Finger Breaker Trick
    Episode 94 mins
    Magically breaking a finger and putting it back together.
  • Cap Up Your Nose Trick
    Episode 103 mins
    Making an ordinary pen cap disappear right up the nose.
  • Playing Card Neck Slice Trick
    Episode 113 mins
    Performing a magic trick where a playing card slices the neck.
  • Bloody Tooth Pull Trick
    Episode 122 mins
    Learning to magically pull out one's own tooth.
  • Disappearing Cotton Swab Trick
    Episode 132 mins
    Using magic to make a cotton swab disappear and reappear.
  • Cutting Headphones in Half Trick
    Episode 164 mins
    A kid cuts headphones in half and magically restores them.
  • Fill Your Ear with Ketchup Trick
    Episode 174 mins
    Sharing a trick involving pouring ketchup in weird places.
  • Disappearing Pencil Eraser Tricks
    Episode 184 mins
    Making a pencil eraser disappear, reappear, and jump in the air.
  • Psychic Candy Prediction Trick
    Episode 195 mins
    Magically predicting the color of candy.
  • Magic Crayon Box Trick
    Episode 205 mins
    Learning how to pull anything out of a magic crayon box.
  • Vanishing Gum Pack Trick
    Episode 225 mins
    How to make a pack of gum vanish into thin air.
  • Put a Pen Cap Inside Your Phone Trick
    Episode 234 mins
    Magically transporting an ordinary pen cap to inside a phone.
  • Bloody Broken Pinky Trick
    Episode 245 mins
    Becoming a magic doctor by breaking off a pinky finger and putting it back.
  • Evil Teleporting Card Trick
    Episode 254 mins
    Learning to teleport a playing card from the deck into a picture frame.
  • Deck of Cards Out of Nowhere Trick
    Episode 263 mins
    Creating cards out of thin air.
  • Magic Twisted Spoon Trick
    Episode 273 mins
    Learning to use magic to make a bendy spoon.
  • Greatest Card Trick Ever
    Episode 283 mins
    Learning the greatest card trick of all time.
  • Vanishing up the Sleeve Trick
    Episode 14 mins
    Viewers learn how to hide money by making it vanish instantly.
  • Twisted Pinky Trick
    Episode 23 mins
    Pranking friends by twisting the pinky all the way around.
  • Candy Transformation Trick
    Episode 46 mins
    Teaching how to transform one type of candy into another.
  • Junk Drawer Magic Holiday Special
    Episode 63 mins
    Performing a magic jingle bell trick perfect for the holidays.
  • Levitating Salt Shaker Trick
    Episode 72 mins
    Magically making a salt shaker float.
  • Pen Through Water Bottle Trick
    Episode 84 mins
    Learning to transport a pen into a water bottle.
  • Cash Balance Trick
    Episode 93 mins
    Learning to make a dollar bill float in the air.
  • Haunted Joker Trick
    Episode 106 mins
    Using magic to make a haunted joker guess a card.
  • Magic Self-Tying Shoe Laces Trick
    Episode 116 mins
    Learning to use magic to tie shoes.
  • Rising Card Trick
    Episode 125 mins
    Making magic playing card float right out of a drinking glass.
  • Shocking Paper Battery Trick
    Episode 135 mins
    Learning how to turn a paper battery into a real one.
  • Impossible Expanding Candy Trick
    Episode 144 mins
    Learning to turn a tiny mint into a giant one.
  • Blooming Flower Trick
    Episode 164 mins
    Learning to magically create a beautiful flower from a bunch of dirt.
  • Gross Bloodworm Parasite Trick
    Episode 173 mins
    Magically pulling a bloody worm right out of an arm.
  • Disgusting Teeth Trick
    Episode 183 mins
    Learning to pull a gigantic piece of broccoli straight out of one's teeth.
  • Slicing Your Skin With a Carrot Trick
    Episode 193 mins
    Vegetables start flipping the script as this magic carrot becomes sharp enough to chop.
  • Exploding Thumb Trick
    Episode 203 mins
    Making the thumb look like it explodes.
  • Popped Balloon Trick
    Episode 213 mins
    Learning to pop a drawing of a balloon.
  • Shoelace Escape Trick
    Episode 223 mins
    An escape trick to confuse friends with.
  • Making Money Magic Trick
    Episode 233 mins
    using magic to turn receipts into cash.
  • Stabbing a Pen Through Your Hand Trick
    Episode 243 mins
    Akira and Walker teach viewers how to magically stick a pen through their hand.
  • Bloody Fingernail Trick
    Episode 255 mins
    Creating the illusion that one can pull a fingernail right off a finger.
  • Crayon Up Your Nose Trick
    Episode 305 mins
    Magically making a crayon disappear into one's nose.
  • Flesh Ripper Trick
    Episode 315 mins
    Learning to pull a candy wrapper straight out of the skin.
  • Multiplying Candy Bar Trick
    Episode 326 mins
    Becoming a chocolate wizard by turning one candy bar into two.
  • Never-Ending Sports Drink Trick
    Episode 335 mins
    Magically creating an endless supply of juice.
  • How to Resurrect a Candy Bar
    Episode 344 mins
    Creating a magic candy bar that never ends.
  • Scooping Out Your Eyeball Trick
    Episode 354 mins
    Learning how to magically pop an eye right out of the face.
  • How to Bend a Quarter
    Episode 364 mins
    Learning to bend a quarter between the fingers.
  • How to Pull Out Your Tooth
    Episode 385 mins
    Trying to scam the tooth fairy with a magic tooth pulling trick.
  • Instant Pumpkin Carving Trick
    Episode 404 mins
    Learning how to instantly carve a pumpkin.
  • Instant Candy Corn Trick
    Episode 414 mins
    Magically make a drawing of candy corn pop off of the page.
  • How to Rip Your Ear Off
    Episode 425 mins
    Scaring friends by magically ripping an ear off.
  • Meme Magic Trick
    Episode 434 mins
    Learning to turn every playing card into a meme.
  • How to Magically Finish Your Homework
    Episode 446 mins
    Learning to finish homework quickly with magic.
  • Instant Balloon Animal Trick
    Episode 456 mins
    Learning how to instantly make a balloon animal appear out of thin air.
  • Bloody Napkin Trick
    Episode 465 mins
    Grossing out friends and impressing them at the same time by guessing their card using blood.
  • Reviving Raisins Trick
    Episode 14 mins
    Magically turning dried out raisins back into grapes.
  • Bloody Phone Trick
    Episode 24 mins
    Learning how to sever a finger with a phone.
  • Magic Booger Trick
    Episode 35 mins
    Learning to make a card disappear and then reappear in snot.
  • How to Upgrade Your Phone Trick
    Episode 45 mins
    Redesigning a smartphone by magically moving the camera from one spot to another.
  • Earwax Remover Trick
    Episode 65 mins
    Magically removing a ton of earwax from one's ear.
  • How to Rip Anything Out of Your Stomach
    Episode 711 mins
    Learning how to rip a playing card out of the stomach.
  • Magic Candy Trick
    Episode 85 mins
    Learning to turn a chocolate kiss into a wild magic trick.
  • Predict the Future Gift Trick
    Episode 95 mins
    Predicting the future with a magic greeting card.
  • Breaking Your Finger Trick
    Episode 106 mins
    Learning to break one's finger straight through a cast.
  • Get Rich Trick
    Episode 1112 mins
    Making a real profit by turning a quarter into a gold coin.
  • Finger Twister Trick
    Episode 146 mins
    Learning to twist a finger until it snaps.
  • Instant Color Trick
    Episode 158 mins
    Instantly turn a normal drawing into color.
  • Magic Scrunchie Trick
    Episode 163 mins
    Creating a chain of magic hair scrunchies.
  • Haunted Dollar Trick
    Episode 174 mins
    Learning to create a haunted dollar bill.
  • Cell Phone Cereal Trick
    Episode 184 mins
    Storing snacks in a smartphone and magically pouring cereal out of it.
  • Finger Snapper Trick
    Episode 195 mins
    Learning to snap and break a finger in half.
  • Swallowing Headphones Trick
    Episode 205 mins
    Akira and Walker teach viewers how to turn their headphones into a snack.
  • Disappearing Soda Trick
    Episode 213 mins
    Epically crushing a normal soda can so hard it disappears.
  • Infinite Candy Trick
    Episode 225 mins
    Hiding candy by magically teleporting it somewhere else.
  • Plastic Knife Through Arm Trick
    Episode 235 mins
    Using an ordinary plastic knife to create a bloody illusion.
  • Rubik's Cube Explosion Trick
    Episode 2411 mins
    Making the colored squares on a Rubik's Cube explode into different colored candy.
  • Magic Treasure Map Trick
    Episode 255 mins
    Magically making an X appear on a treasure map.
  • Teddy Bear Killer Trick
    Episode 266 mins
    How to magically pull a card from the inside of a teddy bear.
  • Slime Surprise Trick
    Episode 274 mins
    Akira and Walker teach viewers how to make slime appear out of thin air.
  • Cutting Off All Your Fingers Trick
    Episode 286 mins
    Learning to magically cutting off all of one's fingers.
  • Disappearing Candy Bar Trick
    Episode 309 mins
    Learning to make a candy bar disappear.
  • Psychic Dice Trick
    Episode 317 mins
    Learning to predict the outcome when rolling dice.
  • Deadliest Paper Cut Trick
    Episode 326 mins
    Making a tiny paper cut produce gallons of blood.
  • Locker Money Trick
    Episode 339 mins
    Filling the savings account with a locker that magically creates money.
  • The Headless Magician Attack Akira and Walker!
    Episode 346 mins
    The Headless Magician steals Akira and Walker's Book of Dark Magic.
  • Walker Kidnapped by The Headless Magician!
    Episode 355 mins
    The Headless Magician shows up and kidnaps Walker and Akira must rescue him.
  • Akira and Walker Unmask the Headless Magician!
    Episode 363 mins
    Akira and Walker set a trap for The Headless Magician and unmask who it is.
  • Bloody Splinter Trick
    Episode 375 mins
    Walker trains for the fight of his life while Akira creates a potion to make him strong.
  • Walker Boxes a Deadly Ghost!
    Episode 384 mins
    Walker faces off against the Evil Ghost in a deadly boxing match.
  • Vomiting Candy Trick
    Episode 397 mins
    How to magically make candy reappear in the grossest way possible.
  • Instant Halloween Costume Trick
    Episode 4010 mins
    Magically create a Halloween costume out of thin air.
  • Pimple Remover Trick
    Episode 426 mins
    Making a gross magical pimple that pops and disappears.
  • Magical Leftovers Trick
    Episode 436 mins
    Learning a trick that magically recreates leftovers out of nowhere.
  • Santa's Magic List Trick
    Episode 446 mins
    Using a magic list from Santa that creates candy out of nowhere.
  • Magic Gingerbread House Trick
    Episode 456 mins
    Making a decorated gingerbread house magically appear.
  • Blood Tube Trick
    Episode 464 mins
    A seemingly normal straw.magically drains your blood.

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