Colossal Questions

Colossal Questions

Kids3 Seasons
Answering life's most pressing questions.
  • What Happens if the Earth Stops Spinning?
    Episode 12 mins
    The effects on earth if it were to stop rotating.
  • Who Invented Weekends?
    Episode 22 mins
    An examination of how weekends came to be.
  • Why Do Diamonds Cost So Much?
    Episode 32 mins
    Why diamonds cost so much.
  • What Really Happens If You Swallow Gum?
    Episode 42 mins
    How gum is digested.
  • Why is Friday the 13th "Unlucky?"
    Episode 52 mins
    The origin of Friday the 13th.
  • When Did Pink Become a "Girl" Color?
    Episode 62 mins
    How boy and girl colors became.
  • Is Time Travel Possible?
    Episode 72 mins
    Explaining flux capacitors and time travel.
  • Do Animals Dream?
    Episode 82 mins
    Examine how animals dream.
  • Do Aliens Exist?
    Episode 93 mins
    An examination of life in the universe.
  • What if a Supervolcano Erupted?
    Episode 102 mins
    The effect of a Supervolcano eruption.
  • Will Chocolate Kill Your Dog?
    Episode 112 mins
    Dogs and chocolate.
  • Are Smartphones Bad For Your Brain?
    Episode 122 mins
    Smartphones and brain health.
  • Could Robots Take Over Earth?
    Episode 132 mins
    Self thinking robots.
  • Why Do We Laugh?
    Episode 142 mins
    The history of laughing and why we do it.
  • Chicken or Egg: Which Came First?
    Episode 152 mins
    Settling the age old question.
  • Why Do We Get Summer Vacation?
    Episode 161 mins
    How summer vacation came to be.
  • Can the U.S. President Be Arrested?
    Episode 172 mins
    The perks of being president.
  • Are Superpowers Real?
    Episode 183 mins
    Humans and superpowers.
  • Is Cheerleading a Real Sport?
    Episode 192 mins
    Calling cheerleading a sport.
  • Why Do Animals Go Extinct?
    Episode 202 mins
    Explaining animal extinction.
  • Why Do We Eat Pigs, but Not Cats?
    Episode 212 mins
    Animals as food.
  • Are Ghosts Real?
    Episode 222 mins
    Explaining ghosts.
  • Why Don't Americans Have English Accents?
    Episode 232 mins
    America used to be a colony controlled by England. So why don't Americans have British accents?
  • Are Video Games Bad For You?
    Episode 242 mins
    Each year, innovation makes video games more immersive! But are they bad for you?
  • Did Dragons Ever Exist?
    Episode 252 mins
    Looking for dragons on Earth.
  • Why Do Girls Have Higher Voices?
    Episode 261 mins
    Explaining the differences between boys and girls voices.
  • Why Are Ancient Ruins Underground?
    Episode 272 mins
    Explaining buried ruins.
  • Did Humans And Dinosaurs Live Together?
    Episode 281 mins
    The time line of the lives of humans and dinosaurs.
  • Is Wrestling Fake?
    Episode 291 mins
    The truth behind pro wrestling.
  • Why Is 3 A.M. So Scary?
    Episode 301 mins
    The phenomenon of 3:00 A.M. explained.
  • Is Social Media Addictive?
    Episode 311 mins
    Social media and addition.
  • What Would Happen if Humans Disappeared?
    Episode 322 mins
    Earth without humans.
  • Why Do Paper Cuts Hurt So Much?
    Episode 331 mins
    Paper cuts and pain.
  • Is "Junk Food" Really Bad For You?
    Episode 341 mins
    Junk food's effects on health.
  • Did Unicorns Ever Exist?
    Episode 351 mins
    Looking for the existence of unicorns.
  • Are Zombies Real?
    Episode 362 mins
    The reality of zombies.
  • Who Invented Jack-o'-lanterns?
    Episode 372 mins
    The history of Jack-o'-lanterns.
  • Where Did Halloween Come From?
    Episode 382 mins
    The history of Halloween.
  • Are Witches Real?
    Episode 392 mins
    The reality of witches.
  • Why Do We Go Trick-or-Treating?
    Episode 402 mins
    The history of trick-or-treating.
  • What's So Funny About The Funny Bone?
    Episode 411 mins
    Funny bones and pain.
  • What Happens After You Die?
    Episode 422 mins
    Death and beyond.
  • Was There Really A First Thanksgiving?
    Episode 432 mins
    The history of the first Thanksgiving.
  • Why Do We Get Hiccups?
    Episode 442 mins
    Hiccups explained.
  • Why Do We Have Christmas Trees?
    Episode 452 mins
    The history of the Christmas tree.
  • What If You Never Brushed Your Teeth?
    Episode 462 mins
    The effects of not brushing your teeth.
  • Is Every Snowflake Unique?
    Episode 472 mins
    The shapes of snowflakes.
  • Are Mermaids Real?
    Episode 13 mins
    The team unravels the history behind the myth of mermaids.
  • What Makes Clowns So Scary?
    Episode 22 mins
    People reactions to clowns is explored.
  • Why Do We Dream?
    Episode 32 mins
    Exploring dreams.
  • Are Vampires Real?
    Episode 42 mins
    The history of vampires.
  • Why Do We Get Brain Freeze?
    Episode 51 mins
    The cause of "brain freeze".
  • Why Is February 28 Days?
    Episode 62 mins
    The facts behind the number of days in February.
  • Where Did The "Heart Shape" Come From?
    Episode 72 mins
    The history of the heart shape.
  • Who Invented Homework?
    Episode 91 mins
    The history of homework.
  • Why Do Songs Get Stuck In Our Head?
    Episode 102 mins
    The answer to why songs get stuck in our heads.
  • What If You Never Took A Shower?
    Episode 112 mins
    The effects of never showering.
  • Why Do Onions Make Us Cry?
    Episode 121 mins
    Exploring why onions make eyes water.
  • Why Do We Get Goose Bumps?
    Episode 131 mins
    If you've been outside on a cold day, you've probably experienced goose bumps! But why we get them?
  • Who Invented YouTube?
    Episode 141 mins
    Most of us have spent hours down a rabbit hole of silly online videos. But who invented YouTube?
  • Is a Tomato a Fruit or a Vegetable?
    Episode 152 mins
    The difference between a fruit and a vegetable.
  • Why Does Scratching An Itch Feel Good?
    Episode 162 mins
    The causes of that itchy feeling.
  • Why Does Helium Make Your Voice High?
    Episode 172 mins
    The effects of inhaling helium.
  • Who's the Best Mom in the Animal Kingdom?
    Episode 182 mins
    Ranking the mom's of the animal kingdom.
  • What Would Happen If The Sun Went Out?
    Episode 192 mins
    The effects of having no sun.
  • What If You Never Slept Again?
    Episode 202 mins
    The effects of not sleeping.
  • Who Invented The Dab?
    Episode 212 mins
    The history of the dab.
  • Why Do We Get Pimples?
    Episode 221 mins
    The causes of pimples.
  • Who's the Best Dad in the Animal Kingdom?
    Episode 232 mins
    Ranking dad's from the wild kingdom.
  • Why Do You Sneeze?
    Episode 242 mins
    The causes of sneezing.
  • Why Do We Stop Growing?
    Episode 251 mins
    Growth in humans.
  • Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?
    Episode 262 mins
    What constitutes a sandwich.
  • Should You Pee in the Pool?
    Episode 272 mins
    The effects of peeing in a pool.
  • Where Did The Floss Dance Start?
    Episode 281 mins
    The history of the floss.
  • What Would Happen if a Meteor Hit Earth?
    Episode 292 mins
    The effects of a meteor hitting the earth.
  • Who invented Emojis?
    Episode 302 mins
    The history of emojis.
  • Why Aren't Keyboards in "ABC" Order?
    Episode 312 mins
    The order of the keys on a keyboard.
  • Why Do We Have Nightmares?
    Episode 321 mins
    The cause of nightmares.
  • Who Invented Ice Cream?
    Episode 332 mins
    The history of ice cream.
  • Do You Really Have a Permanent Record?
    Episode 341 mins
    What a permanent records really is.
  • Who Invented School?
    Episode 352 mins
    The history of schools.
  • Why Do We Yawn?
    Episode 361 mins
    The causes of a yawn.
  • Could Bigfoot Be Real?
    Episode 372 mins
    Looking for the existence of bigfoot.
  • Why Are There Different Languages?
    Episode 382 mins
    The evolution of different languages.
  • Is 7 Really a "Lucky" Number?
    Episode 391 mins
    The history of lucky number seven.
  • Why Do We Wear Costumes on Halloween?
    Episode 402 mins
    The history of Halloween costumes.
  • Are Black Cats Really Bad Luck?
    Episode 412 mins
    The history of the black cat being unlucky.
  • How Were Mummies Made?
    Episode 422 mins
    Explaining mummies.
  • Why Do We Scream When We're Scared?
    Episode 431 mins
    Screaming, why we do it.
  • Why Do We Have Daylight Saving Time?
    Episode 442 mins
    the history of daylight savings time.
  • What Was the First Cartoon?
    Episode 452 mins
    The history of cartoons.
  • Why Do We Shiver When it's Cold?
    Episode 461 mins
    The bodies reaction to being cold.
  • Why Do We Give Gifts On Christmas?
    Episode 472 mins
    The history of Christmas gifts.
  • Why Does Your Hair Turn Gray?
    Episode 481 mins
    Gray hair's causes.
  • Who Invented the Alphabet?
    Episode 492 mins
    the history of the alphabet.
  • What's the Deadliest Animal on Earth?
    Episode 11 mins
    Looking for the world's deadliest animal.
  • Why Is the Ocean Salty?
    Episode 22 mins
    The cause of the ocean being salty.
  • Why Do We Fart?
    Episode 32 mins
    The causes of flatulence.
  • Who Invented Toys?
    Episode 42 mins
    The history of toys.
  • Why Do Body Parts "Fall Asleep"?
    Episode 51 mins
    The causes of limbs "falling asleep".
  • Is Sugar Bad For You?
    Episode 62 mins
    Sugar and the human body.
  • Are Boys Stronger Than Girls?
    Episode 72 mins
    The strength of males and females.
  • Who Invented Fries?
    Episode 82 mins
    The history of french fries.
  • Why Do We Have Different Blood Types?
    Episode 93 mins
    The differences in blood types.
  • Why Do Dogs Sniff Butts?
    Episode 101 mins
    Dogs and sniffing each other.
  • Are Leprechauns Real?
    Episode 112 mins
    Answering life's most pressing questions.
  • Why Do We Cry?
    Episode 122 mins
    The cause of tears.
  • Who Invented Superheroes?
    Episode 132 mins
    The history of superheroes.
  • Why Do We Get Headaches?
    Episode 142 mins
    The causes of headaches.
  • Why Do We Forget Things?
    Episode 152 mins
    Why people forget, no matter how good their memory is.
  • What Would Happen if the Ice Caps Melted?
    Episode 162 mins
    The effects on Earth if the ice caps melted.
  • Why Do We Sleepwalk?
    Episode 172 mins
    The causes of kids sleepwalking.
  • How Do Muscles Grow?
    Episode 182 mins
    Exercise and muscle growth.
  • Who Invented the Internet?
    Episode 192 mins
    The history of the world wide web.
  • How Are Rainbows Made?
    Episode 202 mins
    How rainbows form.
  • How Old Can You Get?
    Episode 212 mins
    The lifespan of humans.
  • Why Does Skin Wrinkle in Water?
    Episode 222 mins
    The effects of water on skin.
  • Who Invented Donuts?
    Episode 232 mins
    The history of donuts.
  • How Do Chameleons Change Color??
    Episode 242 mins
    Chameleons ability to change color.
  • Why Do People Have Allergies?
    Episode 252 mins
    The causes of allergies.
  • Why Do Countries Have Flags?
    Episode 263 mins
    The history of flags.
  • Who Invented Fast Food?
    Episode 272 mins
    The history of fast food.
  • Why Do You Get Sunburns?
    Episode 282 mins
    The causes of sunburns.
  • Why Do Cats Purr?
    Episode 292 mins
    The meaning behind a cats purr.
  • Why Do We Snore?
    Episode 302 mins
    The causes of snoring.
  • Who Invented Chocolate?
    Episode 312 mins
    The history of chocolate.
  • Why Do We Eat Popcorn at the Movies?
    Episode 322 mins
    The relationship between movies and popcorn.
  • Why Do We Blush?
    Episode 331 mins
    The causes of blushing.
  • Who Invented Cheese?
    Episode 342 mins
    The history of cheese.
  • Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?
    Episode 352 mins
    Zebras and their stripes.
  • Why Do We Have Eyebrows?
    Episode 362 mins
    The function of eyebrows.
  • Who Invented Soda?
    Episode 372 mins
    The history of soda.
  • Why Does Your Belly Growl?
    Episode 382 mins
    The causes of a growling stomach.
  • Why Do We Sweat?
    Episode 392 mins
    The human body and sweat.
  • Who Invented Books?
    Episode 403 mins
    The history of books.
  • Why Do Bats Sleep Upside Down?
    Episode 412 mins
    Bats and hanging upside down.
  • Why Are Spiders So Scary?
    Episode 422 mins
    Humans fear of spiders.
  • Why Do You Get Nosebleeds?
    Episode 432 mins
    The causes of nosebleeds.
  • Who Invented Comic Books?
    Episode 442 mins
    The history of comic books.
  • How Do Mirrors Work?
    Episode 452 mins
    How mirrors work.
  • Where Did Santa Get His Name?
    Episode 462 mins
    The history and various names for Santa Claus.
  • Who Invented Candy Canes?
    Episode 472 mins
    The history of candy canes.
  • Is It Bad To Crack Your Knuckles?
    Episode 482 mins
    Cracking your knuckles and joint health.

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