Spine-Chilling Stories

Spine-Chilling Stories

Kids2 Seasons
Original scary stories.
  • The Voice Downstairs
    Episode 12 mins
    Chrissy-Lou hears voices downstairs while home alone.
  • Who's in Suite 23?
    Episode 23 mins
    Someone is knocking on Zach's door, when he takes refuge in an empty hotel during a storm.
  • The Traveling Dollmaker
    Episode 34 mins
    William finds out too late how the toys he wants are made.
  • A Deadly Friendship
    Episode 43 mins
    Sara's drawings come to life - even the worst things she can imagine.
  • Mysterious Scratches on the Wall
    Episode 52 mins
    The feeling of being watched makes a person no longer feel safe.
  • The Old Well
    Episode 63 mins
    Rachel becomes aware of something following her as she walks through the forest.
  • The Principal
    Episode 73 mins
    Something is happening to the students of Middle Heights High.
  • The Wandering Woman
    Episode 82 mins
    Marc and Jess help a woman with her final errand on their way home from school.
  • The Cat That Played with Fire
    Episode 13 mins
    Katherine's new cat likes to play with fire.
  • The Fun House of Fear
    Episode 24 mins
    Beware of the fun house.
  • The Boarding School Basement
    Episode 34 mins
    Two students are left at a boarding school over the winter break.
  • The Petrifying Pool Party
    Episode 45 mins
    Justin attends his first and maybe last pool party.
  • The Midnight Visitor
    Episode 52 mins
    Emily gets an unforgettable visitor.
  • The Forbidden Schoolyard
    Episode 63 mins
    Liam explores an abandoned school yard, one he was forbidden to go in.
  • The Phantom Dog-Walker
    Episode 75 mins
    There are things that a dog cannot protect Sadie from.

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