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Dragons: Riders of Berk

Dragons: Riders of Berk

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Hiccup leads the Dragon Academy through more great adventures as he introduces the mystical flying serpents to the village of Berk.
  • How to Start a Dragon Academy

    Episode 1 - 22 mins
    Hiccup is given the responsibility to integrate dragons into the village of Berk.
  • Viking for Hire

    Episode 2 - 22 mins
    With dragon killing no longer necessary, Hiccup tries to find a new job for Gobber the Blacksmith.
  • Animal House

    Episode 3 - 22 mins
    The riders must help the farm animals overcome their fear of the dragons.
  • The Terrible Twos

    Episode 4 - 22 mins
    Toothless dislikes the injured baby dragon that Hiccup finds.
  • In Dragons We Trust

    Episode 5 - 22 mins
    The dragons are blamed for vandalism and Hiccup tries to prove their innocence.
  • Alvin and the Outcasts

    Episode 6 - 22 mins
    With the dragons gone, Berk faces an attack by their sworn enemies.
  • How to Pick Your Dragon

    Episode 7 - 22 mins
    Hiccup helps Stoick train the most ferocious dragon.
  • Portrait of Hiccup As a Buff Young Man

    Episode 8 - 22 mins
    Believing his father is disappointed in him, Hiccup sets off on a treasure hunt.
  • Dragon Flower

    Episode 9 - 22 mins
    The dragons fall mysteriously ill and the gang works to save them.
  • Heather Report Part 1

    Episode 10 - 22 mins
    Hiccup and the gang befriend a beautiful stranger with a dangerous secret.
  • Heather Report Part 2

    Episode 11 - 22 mins
    Hiccup and the gang infiltrate the outsiders to free Heather's parents.
  • Thawfest

    Episode 12 - 22 mins
    Hiccup tries to best Snotlout at the Thaw Games.
  • When Lightning Strikes

    Episode 13 - 22 mins
    The Vikings of Berk suspect the dragons may be causing lightning storms.
  • What Flies Beneath

    Episode 14 - 22 mins
    Toothless encounters a rival from his past and runs away to confront the rival alone.
  • Twinsanity

    Episode 15 - 22 mins
    Hiccup and the gang try to uphold the traditions that keep the peace.
  • Defiant One

    Episode 16 - 22 mins
    Hiccup and Snotlout must find their way back from Outcast Island.
  • Breakneck Bog

    Episode 17 - 22 mins
    Hiccup and the gang go to Breakneck Bog.
  • Gem of a Different Color

    Episode 18 - 22 mins
    A flock of Changewings pursue Fishlegs when he finds a special gem.
  • We Are a Family Part 1

    Episode 19 - 22 mins
    Hiccup and Toothless search for other Night Furies.
  • We Are a Family Part 2

    Episode 20 - 22 mins
    Hiccup and Toothless must escape Outcast Island after being kidnapped.

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