Sitting Ducks

Sitting Ducks

Kids2 Seasons
Best friends Bill the duck and Aldo the alligator get into wild adventures around Ducktown.
  • Running Ducks; Duck Naked
    Episode 122 mins
    Bill and Aldo become friends; Bill starts losing his feathers.
  • Ducks for Hire; Hic Hic Hooray
    Episode 222 mins
    Ed, Oly and Waddle must pay for destroying Scooter Duck's bike; Aldo gets a case of the hiccups.
  • Peeking Duck; Fred's Meltdown
    Episode 322 mins
    Bill sees Aldo and Cecil through his telescope.
  • Mind Over Mallard; The Fly Who Loved Me
    Episode 422 mins
    Bill dreams of flying; a fly warns Bill of danger.
  • Feeding Frenzy; Bev's Big Day
    Episode 522 mins
    Gang is cut off from mooching free food at the Decoy Cafe.
  • Born to Be Wild; Bill Hatches an Egg
    Episode 622 mins
    Waddle reverts to acting like a wild duck; Bill and Aldo find an egg.
  • Hey ... Bill's on the News; Got Milk?
    Episode 722 mins
    Bill buys a satellite dish in order to watch a television special; the cow's go on strike.
  • License to Scoot; Old Duck and the Sea
    Episode 822 mins
    Cecil and Bill teach Fred how to ride his scooter; Bill wants to catch the legendary bug-eyed bass.
  • Pest of a Guest; Getting Away From It All
    Episode 922 mins
    Raoul takes advantage of Bill when he shut's the window on Raoul's foot; Bill rents a motorboat.
  • Midnight Snack; The Visitor
    Episode 1022 mins
    Bill is almost eaten by a sleepwalking Aldo; an alien duck startles Bill.
  • Ducks on Ice; Where's Aldo
    Episode 1122 mins
    The penguins wind up on the alligators' side of the pond; Bill regrets a fight he had with Aldo.
  • Great White Hype; Waddle's Spud Bud
    Episode 1222 mins
    A boxing match between Crazy Bob the duck and an alligator known as the Green Death comes to town; Waddle babysits a pot
  • Denture Adventure; All in a Day's Work
    Episode 1322 mins
    Cecil shows Bill his new invention, ducky dentures; Aldo is too tired from work to go to a concert.
  • Holding Pen 13; Daredevil Ducks
    Episode 123 mins
    Ed, Oly and Waddle get imprisoned in Swampwood; Ed, Oly and Waddle try to win a new television.
  • Aldo the Duck; Chasing Andy
    Episode 223 mins
    Aldo takes hormones and starts to turn into a duck; Aldo asks Bill to watch his baby cousin Andy.
  • Feet of Fortune; The Great Scooter Race
    Episode 323 mins
    Bev tells people's fortunes; Ed, Oly and Waddle cheat to beat Bev in a scooter race.
  • O Brother What Art Thou; Urban Legend
    Episode 423 mins
    Bill finds out that Aldo has a secret club; Aldo has a nightmare about Quack the Ripper.
  • Fred's Fever; You're Grounded
    Episode 523 mins
    Fred gets sick on the day of his citizenship test; Raoul feels sad after loosing his flying license.
  • Gator in the Mask; Lotta Gelata
    Episode 623 mins
    Aldo wears a duck mask to a picnic and gets targeted by alligators; Fred's cousin comes to visit.
  • Feather Island; King of the Bongos
    Episode 723 mins
    Bill and Aldo go on a treasure hunt; Bill gets a chance to meet his idol, King of the Bongos.
  • Fred's Secret; Aldo's Uncle Artie
    Episode 823 mins
    Fred is seen with a mysterious package; Aldo saves Bill from being eaten by Aldo's uncle.
  • Close Encounters of the Green Kind; Gonna Getcha Gator
    Episode 923 mins
    Waddle gets a new girlfriend who is an alligator; Drill Sergeant Duck wants to win an award.
  • Nothing but the Truth; Duck and Cover
    Episode 1023 mins
    Cecil tries to fix Ed's lying problem with a spray; members of the Ducktown Defense League save Bev.
  • Iced Duck; Duck Footed
    Episode 1123 mins
    A block of ice containing a Caveduck arrives at the cafe; Bill volunteers to be Bev's dance partner.
  • Free as a Bird; Fowl Weather Feathers
    Episode 1223 mins
    Bill's parrot has been ordering things with his credit card; Oly donates some of his feathers.
  • Duck Lover; Outback Quack
    Episode 1323 mins
    The other gators make fun of Aldo because his best friend is a duck.

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