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Watch Chicago PD. Detective Sergeant Hank Voight, Chicago P.D.'s elite Intelligence Unit combats the city's most heinous offenses. Stream full episodes of Chicago PD and more drama tv on Peacock.
Jason Beghe, Patrick Flueger, LaRoyce Hawkins

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Chicago P.D.'s Intelligence Unit investigates the city's most formidable offenses while adapting to an ever-changing criminal justice system. Catch new episodes first on NBC.
  • Life Is Fluid
    Episode 1 - 43 mins
    Intelligence pursues heroin kingpin Derek Keyes; Lindsay's downward spiral continues.
  • Natural Born Storyteller
    Episode 2 - 41 mins
    Roman and Burgess discover the corpse of a young boy who was reported missing.
  • Actual Physical Violence
    Episode 3 - 42 mins
    A desperate man searching for his daughter holds a member of the team hostage.
  • Debts of the Past
    Episode 4 - 41 mins
    Voight believes the man who tried to kill him is someone he and Olinsky once put away.
  • Climbing into Bed
    Episode 5 - 42 mins
    Ruzek’s future with the unit is in question after a botched undercover job.
  • You Never Know Who's Who
    Episode 6 - 43 mins
    The discovery of a body leads to a cache of weapons, launching a strange investigation.
  • A Dead Kid, a Notebook and a Lot of Maybes
    Episode 7 - 43 mins
    Intelligence searches for a missing teen who they believe poses a threat to students at his school.
  • Forget My Name
    Episode 8 - 43 mins
    When Intelligence follows up on a tip about an upcoming drug trade, the team discovers a dead body.
  • Never Forget I Love You
    Episode 9 - 43 mins
    A decapitated corpse is found in Lake Michigan; Roman makes a grave error.
  • Now I'm God
    Episode 10 - 42 mins
    A doctor connected to Voight is investigated after four patients experience chemo overdoses.
  • Knocked the Family Right Out
    Episode 11 - 41 mins
    A teenage girl is violated during a home invasion; Voight helps a former acquaintance.
  • Looking Out for Stateville
    Episode 12 - 42 mins
    Voight wants to make his former cellmate a C.I. as the unit tries to take down a cocaine supplier.
  • Hit Me
    Episode 13 - 42 mins
    Lindsay goes undercover in hopes of finding a cop who targets women leaving a local casino.
  • The Song of Gregory Williams Yates
    Episode 14 - 42 mins
    After escaping from a New York prison, convicted killer Gregory Yates heads to Chicago.
  • A Night Owl
    Episode 15 - 43 mins
    Burgess finds heroin in a bag belonging to a college professor; Halstead takes an off-duty job.
  • The Cases That Need to Be Solved
    Episode 16 - 42 mins
    Lindsay, Halstead and Mouse search for a connection when two shootings take place in gang territory.
  • Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb
    Episode 17 - 41 mins
    Halstead and his coworkers at his off-duty security job are attacked by a violent robbery crew.
  • Kasual with a K
    Episode 18 - 42 mins
    The owner of a secret battered women's shelter is wounded and a resident is abducted.
  • If We Were Normal
    Episode 19 - 42 mins
    When Burgess and Lindsay respond to an assault call, the assailant turns out to be the victim.
  • In a Duffel Bag
    Episode 20 - 40 mins
    A cold and unmoving newborn baby is discovered in a duffel bag; Roman and Burgess grow closer.
  • Justice
    Episode 21 - 43 mins
    When a man opens fire on a patrol car and wounds Roman, Burgess pursues the shooter.
  • She's Got Us
    Episode 22 - 43 mins
    Lindsay and Halstead discover a young daughter is the only survivor of a shooting at a family home.
  • Start Digging
    Episode 23 - 42 mins
    Voight's reformed son is implicated in the death of a single mother found in the trunk of her car.

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