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Kivanç Tatlitug, Tuba Büyüküstün, Tamer Levent

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Cesur Alemdaroglu returns to take revenge on Tahsin Korludag, his father's killer, but his plans are put at risk when he falls in love with Tahsin's daughter Sühan.
  • Rampant Horse
    Episode 1 - 53 mins
    Causality brings together Cesur Alemdaroglu and Sühan Korludag's paths with immediate empathy.
  • A Real Man
    Episode 2 - 53 mins
    Cesur closes new alliances and looks for answers; he uses the opportunity to make Suhan uncomfortable.
  • The Hero
    Episode 3 - 53 mins
    Suhan's answer leads to an exaggerated reaction; Cesur takes action, despite the warning he receives.
  • Convenient Truth
    Episode 4 - 43 mins
    Cesur torments Suhan; Tahsin twists the past and provokes his enemy.
  • Curiosity
    Episode 5 - 43 mins
    Suhan is uncomfortable with doubts, Cesur’s gamble forces her to search for information, and she takes the bait.
  • Harassment
    Episode 6 - 45 mins
    Suhan insists on following the trail Cesur leaves; to gain an ally, Cahide begs and issues threats.
  • A Happy Grandfather
    Episode 7 - 43 mins
    The Korludag family celebrates a heartbeat, Tahsin is satisfied and Cahide is safe.
  • Game of Seduction
    Episode 8 - 85 mins
    Suhan and Cesur are closer and closer; he admires intelligence, and she is delighted with details.
  • A Dirty Rat
    Episode 9 - 85 mins
    Suhan sharpens her instincts; she needs to confirm her suspicions and protect her father from being deceived.
  • Twisted Information
    Episode 10 - 85 mins
    Suhan hears a conversation in secret, and devastating truth is revealed; she makes a mistake.
  • Partners
    Episode 11 - 87 mins
    A signing strengthens bonds between Cesur and Tahsin, but a chance encounter means risk.
  • The Other Side of the Coin
    Episode 12 - 85 mins
    Confessions get Suhan and Cesur closer; she stands up for her father, but a breach opens.
  • Sober & Embarrassed
    Episode 13 - 84 mins
    For Suhan, handling Adalet is difficult; she prefers to run away, and Cesur has to take charge.
  • Conflicting Versions
    Episode 14 - 85 mins
    The ambush against Cesur is done, his secret is revealed, and Suhan doesn't want to hear him.
  • Impossible Love
    Episode 15 - 85 mins
    Suhan admits her feelings, which worries her; Cesur hears a confession from Sirin.
  • A Runaway Backs Home
    Episode 16 - 44 mins
    Cesur arrives at the New Year’s Party with a gift, a declaration and a proof.
  • Kordulag Debt
    Episode 17 - 43 mins
    Tahsin wants to break up with his partner, but Suhan and Korhan have a different idea; Cesur listens to a witness.
  • In Love
    Episode 18 - 43 mins
    Cesur and Suhan reach an agreement, and he confesses; Tahsin Korludag keeps setting traps.
  • Wrong Answer
    Episode 19 - 43 mins
    Tahsin is exasperated, but the damage is already done; his words will expose him.
  • Taunting
    Episode 20 - 45 mins
    Cesur uses the opportunity to torture his enemy, but Tahsin refuses to be a bystander.
  • Devil in the Flesh
    Episode 21 - 43 mins
    Tahsin wants to teach her daughter a lesson and tarnish Cesur, but he underestimates his rival.
  • A Perfect Fiancée
    Episode 22 - 42 mins
    Suhan and Cesur take care of the planning; the main goal is to upset Tahsin Kordulag.
  • My Life Insurance
    Episode 23 - 43 mins
    Cesur has no other option than to tell Suhan what he did; Banu tries to avoid wedding plans.
  • To Delve into the Past
    Episode 24 - 45 mins
    Suhan struggles between love and doubts, but persists on looking for proof like Korhan.
  • Face to Face
    Episode 25 - 43 mins
    When Suhan confronts her father, Tahsin takes measures to show her who is the boss.
  • What Side Are You On?
    Episode 26 - 43 mins
    Cesur asks his wife to be smart and leave her pride aside; giving up is not an option.
  • A First Victory
    Episode 27 - 43 mins
    Cesur has a legal triumph; Adalet seeks help to intercept a letter.
  • Tangled Up in Lies
    Episode 28 - 42 mins
    Suhan stands up for her husband and sows new doubts in Korhan; then, she receives a meaningful present.
  • Painful Disappointment
    Episode 29 - 45 mins
    Tahsin bets on chaos, trying to look like a hero and to leave Cesur in question; Suhan appeals to love.
  • For the Fun of It
    Episode 30 - 43 mins
    A nice touch from Cesur leaves Suhan speechless. Adalet finds out what they will do to her brother.
  • Nothing to Fear
    Episode 31 - 43 mins
    Adalet is afraid she is at the end of the road, but Tahsin looks for a way to tip the scales.
  • Your Father Died Twice
    Episode 32 - 43 mins
    Cesur finds the message in the letter he never received, and Tahsin makes a mistake.
  • Phony
    Episode 33 - 43 mins
    Again, Tahsin slips away; Cesur demands an explanation; Suhan distances herself from the situation.
  • No More Uncertainty
    Episode 34 - 43 mins
    Cesur looks for his wife and proposes her a fair deal; she will be responsible for clearing doubts.
  • A Bullet, an Evidence
    Episode 35 - 43 mins
    The exhumation results are undeniable; Cesur demands to know what really happened to his father.
  • Setting a Trap
    Episode 36 - 42 mins
    Suhan is curious about her father and Riza's relationship; Cesur doesn't want to leave her alone.
  • Shady Deal
    Episode 37 - 42 mins
    Adalet alleged disappearance unsettles Tahsin; he can't imagine the repercussions of his actions.
  • Naïve Heart
    Episode 38 - 45 mins
    Without knowing, Cesur confronts his mother’s assassin; Riza tells him how Hasan Karahasanoglu died.
  • Broken Inside
    Episode 39 - 43 mins
    The trial for Fugen's murder starts. A testimony by a marked son surprises everybody.
  • On Target
    Episode 40 - 43 mins
    Tahsin breeds freedom, but a kidnapping alerts everybody, and Cesur is in trouble.
  • We Must Break Ties
    Episode 41 - 43 mins
    Suhan has no doubts about what she has to do, but Cesur disagrees with her. Adalet awakes suspicions.
  • Korhan's Secret
    Episode 42 - 43 mins
    A truth hidden for years is revealed in front of witnesses, but Adalet protects Tahsin.
  • In Debt
    Episode 43 - 45 mins
    The enemy is closer than Cesur and Tahsin think; the solution for distrust is a bullet.
  • Loop
    Episode 44 - 43 mins
    A phone call gives a spin to Fugen murder's investigation. Suhan cries.
  • A Simple Omen
    Episode 45 - 43 mins
    Sirin has suspicions about Suhan’s discomfort; Suhan doesn't think it's a big deal, but she wants to visit a doctor.
  • Uncontrollable Fear
    Episode 46 - 43 mins
    A letter takes Suhan to the extreme, and a piece of good news is more confusing than happy.
  • More than One Baby
    Episode 47 - 43 mins
    Cesur takes control; when Suhan collapses, Korhan discovers he will be an uncle, and they force him to keep silent.
  • Doors Can Hear
    Episode 48 - 45 mins
    An honest conversation between siblings confirms Cesur's suspicions: Suhan is hiding something from him.
  • Firmly Determined
    Episode 49 - 42 mins
    Suhan refuses to raise a baby in the middle of a war; Korhan wants to stop her from making a mistake.
  • Too Late
    Episode 50 - 43 mins
    Cesur and Suhan join forces to find information, even though it is difficult for them to digest what happened.
  • A Betrayer Rat
    Episode 51 - 42 mins
    Tahsin receives an anonymous letter and demands an explanation; Riza takes advantage.
  • Reckless Reactions
    Episode 52 - 43 mins
    Forced by circumstances, Cesur takes a chance, and Suhan cheats; they want justice.
  • Ali's Testimony
    Episode 53 - 45 mins
    An innocent person accuses Tahsin and confirms who killed Cesur’s mom.
  • Something Doesn't Add Up
    Episode 54 - 42 mins
    Evidence of dubious origin is not very useful; there is no way to corner Riza; he keeps ahead.
  • Sorrow After Sorrow
    Episode 55 - 42 mins
    Suhan shares with Cesur the news that crushes her heart. To face the truth will be a bitter pill.
  • Tricky Choice
    Episode 56 - 42 mins
    A video unsettles Suhan; she is forced to choose between her father and the man she loves.
  • A Call to Good Sense
    Episode 57 - 45 mins
    A very well-orchestrated play drives Riza to the inside of a cage. Suhan pleas for sanity.
  • Blackmail
    Episode 58 - 43 mins
    A hidden camera exposes Suhan; Cesur would rather make a direct complaint to the one responsible.
  • Victims of Cruelty
    Episode 59 - 43 mins
    Suhan meets with the man threatening her, and Tahsin's actions are no longer a secret.
  • The Beat of a New Heart
    Episode 60 - 43 mins
    Suhan's confession moves Cesur; he starts dreaming, but she imposes conditions.
  • Unmasked
    Episode 61 - 42 mins
    Riza looks for Cesur to provoke him; she doesn't imagine that a piece of paper will seal an alliance.
  • Family First
    Episode 62 - 45 mins
    Cesur sets up his priorities; for him, there is something more important than vengeance.
  • Imminent Danger
    Episode 63 - 43 mins
    Cesur follows Rizas’s clues, and his wife feels danger; she has reasons to be suspicious.
  • Out of Control
    Episode 64 - 43 mins
    An ill-fated strategy puts two lives at risk; Cesur refreshes his enemy’s memory.
  • Children in Danger
    Episode 65 - 43 mins
    A desperate mother is capable of doing anything; you should never underestimate the opponent.
  • The Crying of a Life
    Episode 66 - 43 mins
    Suhan becomes an instrument of vengeance, but Cesur doesn't lose hope.

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