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Laura Londoño, William Levy, Carmen Villalobos

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Gaviota and Sebastián must overcome family obstacles and past relationships to enjoy a new romance that does not understand social classes.
  • Impossible Love

    Episode 1 - 53 mins
    Gaviota and Sebastian are attracted to each other, but he has a complicated relationship with Lucia.
  • Like a Magnet

    Episode 2 - 53 mins
    Sebastian can't take his eyes from Gaviota, while Lucia suggests going to Colombia.
  • Nothing in Common

    Episode 3 - 53 mins
    Sebastian doesn't see Gaviota as part of his family, but Marcela makes him reconsider.
  • Clean Slate

    Episode 4 - 43 mins
    Sebastian takes advantage of the night out with Gaviota to apologize to her.
  • Blinded by Jealousy

    Episode 5 - 42 mins
    Leonidas shows interest in Gaviota, and Sebastian looks like a lion taking care of its pride.
  • Air of Nobility

    Episode 6 - 42 mins
    Class differences are deeply marked in Casablanca, especially when Marcela's boyfriend arrives.
  • A Whole Life with You

    Episode 7 - 42 mins
    Sebastian proves that his love for Gaviota is not a whim, and start making plans.
  • Unstoppable Surprises

    Episode 8 - 43 mins
    Lucia takes advantage of a moment alone with Sebastian to seduce him.
  • Business Is Business

    Episode 9 - 42 mins
    Gaviota asks Ivan to "resolve" the payment of the fine.
  • Snubbing

    Episode 10 - 43 mins
    Sebastian finds out Lucia is coming for his birthday, he looks for the perfect excuse to leave.
  • Everyone in Their Place

    Episode 11 - 43 mins
    Lucrecia has a way of putting Gaviota in her place.
  • Two Against the World

    Episode 12 - 42 mins
    Sebastian wants Gaviota in his life more than ever, but Lucia doesn't give up.
  • Doesn't Matter What They Say

    Episode 13 - 43 mins
    Tired of hiding his feelings for Gaviota, Sebastian prepares a surprise.
  • Gaviota Flies High

    Episode 14 - 43 mins
    It is Ivan and Lucrecia's wedding day, everything is almost ready, but the ceremony is not starting.
  • Lucia Bites and Torments

    Episode 15 - 45 mins
    All eyes are on Gaviota; Lucia drags Sebastian back to her.
  • Tripping Her Up

    Episode 16 - 43 mins
    Lucia's shamelessness has no limits; she confronts Gaviota and starts a scandal.
  • Bad Feeling

    Episode 17 - 43 mins
    A fight starts between Sebastian and Gaviota because he didn't do enough to defend at the wedding.
  • The Matriarch Is Furious

    Episode 18 - 43 mins
    Police share news about Octavio's kidnapping; Gaviota is involved.
  • I Have You in My Hands

    Episode 19 - 43 mins
    Lucia fabricates a problem in her apartment to move in with her ex.
  • Incommunicado

    Episode 20 - 45 mins
    Gaviota wants to talk to Sebastian as soon as possible, despite fearing his reaction.
  • More Fuel to the Fire

    Episode 21 - 43 mins
    Lucia gains ground; Sebastian is confused, while Lucia stands her ground on how serious the situation is.
  • Traps of Fate

    Episode 22 - 43 mins
    Gaviota wants her son to grow up with his father, but there are many obstacles.
  • Through Thick and Thin

    Episode 23 - 43 mins
    Sebastian is beside himself in gratitude to Lucia because she took care of him throughout the night.
  • Sweet Comeback

    Episode 24 - 45 mins
    A trip to disconnect them from their problems brings Sebastian and Lucia closer.
  • A Lost Soul

    Episode 25 - 43 mins
    Gaviota desperately looks for Sebastian’s business.
  • Lucia Secretes Venom

    Episode 26 - 43 mins
    Lucia accuses Gaviota; she looks like a dangerous woman who knows what she wants with Sebastian.
  • On the Trail of Gaviota

    Episode 27 - 43 mins
    Sebastian has a hunch; there has to be an explanation for Gaviota's sudden trip.
  • Not One Step Back

    Episode 28 - 43 mins
    Gaviota might be able to justify Sebastian on many things, but there is one she will never forgive him.
  • So Far So Close

    Episode 29 - 44 mins
    With the help of the Embassy official, Sebastián gets close to Gaviota.
  • Machiavellian

    Episode 30 - 43 mins
    Lucia hosts a farewell dinner for Sebastian, following a scheme coordinated by her father.
  • String of Lies

    Episode 31 - 43 mins
    Lucia and Sebastian wake up together; he doesn't remember anything, she keeps going with her scheme.
  • Sebastian Takes the Reins

    Episode 32 - 37 mins
    Sebastian can't take it any longer; he reproaches Julia for ruining Gaviota's life.
  • Plays of Love

    Episode 33 - 37 mins
    Sebastian thinks he has seen Gaviota and Diana together, but complicity wins the battle.
  • It Was My Mistake

    Episode 34 - 40 mins
    Sebastian asks for forgiveness from Gaviota, while Lucia notices something suspicious in her rival.
  • Surprise Message

    Episode 35 - 38 mins
    Sebastian shouts from the rooftops how much he loves Gaviota, he does it in a peculiar way.
  • Reproaches

    Episode 36 - 38 mins
    It will not be easy for Sebastian reconcile with Gaviota; an interruption increases the temperature.
  • Ten Minutes to Destroy Her

    Episode 37 - 38 mins
    With her location, Lucia has everything she needs to make Gaviota see Sebastian in a different light.
  • Disoriented

    Episode 38 - 38 mins
    Sebastian looks for Gaviota, but he doesn’t want to hear the truth; Danilo and Diana keep a secret.
  • Bombshell

    Episode 39 - 40 mins
    Sebastian receives a call that sends him rushing to a medical center.
  • Another Stab

    Episode 40 - 38 mins
    Lucia takes her next step; she files a report that leaves the path open for her to be with Sebastian.
  • House of Cards

    Episode 41 - 38 mins
    Lucia’s dream falls apart while Gaviota starts to build hers.
  • Vallejo Revolution

    Episode 42 - 38 mins
    Pieces don’t fit; Sebastian suggests Julia go to New York to digest the mess.
  • The Facade

    Episode 43 - 38 mins
    Sebastian takes charge of the special coffee, but he has no idea about Ivan's dirty work.
  • Nerves on Edge

    Episode 44 - 40 mins
    Marcela finds Gaviota to talk about Sebastian; Gaviota bites her tongue.
  • Brokenhearted

    Episode 45 - 38 mins
    Sebastian draws conclusions; he feels he tried everything; now could be the moment to give up.
  • Julia Plays It for Lucia

    Episode 46 - 38 mins
    Anxious at becoming a grandmother, Julia cannot suggest a better idea to Lucia.
  • Doors Are Open

    Episode 47 - 38 mins
    Lucia settles in Vallejo’s home; she still has hopes to get back together with Sebastian.
  • The Unexpected

    Episode 48 - 38 mins
    The moment has arrived; Gaviota faces Lucia, but Lucia has all the upper hand.
  • Lucia Gains Ground

    Episode 49 - 45 mins
    Sebastian asks a question that changes everything while Gaviota tries to endure her nostalgia.
  • Wedding Bells

    Episode 50 - 43 mins
    Gaviota is upset by news about Sebastian; Leonidas apologizes for not telling her.
  • Hail the Bride and Groom

    Episode 51 - 43 mins
    Gaviota comes clean with Leonidas, while Sebastian imposes a condition before the wedding.
  • Revealed Truths

    Episode 52 - 43 mins
    A reunites Gaviota and Sebastian; he wants explanations, she tells everything.
  • A Happy Life

    Episode 53 - 43 mins
    Sebastian owns up to Gaviota, while Lucia takes measures to keep control.
  • Lucia's Troubles

    Episode 54 - 45 mins
    Eduardo’s financial recovery puts Lucia, her daughter, at a crossroads.
  • He Is Serious

    Episode 55 - 43 mins
    Leonidas wants to give Gaviota time, but he is eager to move forward the relationship.
  • Crime Exposed

    Episode 56 - 43 mins
    Sebastian finds evidence against Ivan and warns against bad company around him.
  • Unforgettable Statements

    Episode 57 - 42 mins
    Gaviota has a brilliant idea for Don Octavio’s tribute, but she needs permission.
  • A Stone in the Road

    Episode 58 - 43 mins
    Gaviota arrives in town, her infamy hurts her soul; she wants to know why she was accused.
  • The Heart Rules

    Episode 59 - 43 mins
    Lucia is dying to be with Sebastian, while Leonidas has a new drive with Gaviota.
  • Honesty

    Episode 60 - 43 mins
    Without talking to Gaviota nor looking into her eyes, Leonidas makes the toughest decision.
  • Surprise Guests

    Episode 61 - 43 mins
    Casablanca’s employees and former farmers go to Don Octavio’s tribute, a bitter pill for Lucia.
  • The Monster Is Close

    Episode 62 - 43 mins
    Marcia warns Gaviota she needs to be careful with Carlos Mario, Marcia's husband.
  • Temptations

    Episode 63 - 43 mins
    Gaviota and Sebastian have a lot to talk about, and the conclusion is shocking.
  • Hurting Lies

    Episode 64 - 43 mins
    The truth always comes to light and Sebastian collides head-on with it.
  • The Sham Vanishes

    Episode 65 - 43 mins
    In the ER, Sofia’s blood type reveals much more than an infection.
  • Awful Parents

    Episode 66 - 43 mins
    Maternity is proved to be too much for Lucia, she feels incapable of taking care of Sofia alone.
  • Mother in Law Tongue

    Episode 67 - 43 mins
    Sebastian causes a stir for telling ?the truth; Julia must face reality.
  • The Gastropub Is on Fire

    Episode 68 - 43 mins
    Sebastian and Gaviota are together and what looks like a new beginning starts a scandal.
  • Looks That Kill

    Episode 69 - 43 mins
    Lucia and Ivan disappear and the conversation topic is none other than sex.
  • Tip of the Iceberg

    Episode 70 - 43 mins
    A container retained in Spain with Dos Semillas Coffee gives Lucia all the hints she needed.
  • Tighthen the Screws

    Episode 71 - 43 mins
    Julia can't be her accomplice anymore, she presses Lucia to tell Sebastian the truth.
  • Impulses

    Episode 72 - 43 mins
    Sebastian visits the farm without telling Lucia; he asks Gaviota to dance; they break their promise.
  • A War Is About to Start

    Episode 73 - 43 mins
    Lucia owns the truth and what she knows is useful to blackmail Julia.
  • A Devil's Den

    Episode 74 - 43 mins
    Everything is ready for Paula and Martin’s wedding, but the gold digger has other plans.
  • Conspiracy of Silence

    Episode 75 - 43 mins
    Lucia needs Ivan to pay his outstanding debt; scammed as he has been, he has no resources to pay it.
  • Of the Same Ilk

    Episode 76 - 43 mins
    Ivan’s dirty laundry is exposed, and Lucia is revealed as his accomplice.
  • Sowing Discord

    Episode 77 - 43 mins
    Lucia runs to knock on Ivan´s door, together, they develop a new scheme against Sebastian.
  • October 16

    Episode 78 - 43 mins
    It is an important date for Gaviota, and will be more so following October.
  • The World Is Falling Over Them

    Episode 79 - 43 mins
    Café Élite's days are numbered; Sebastian confronts Ivan about all the illicit plays.
  • Embarrassment

    Episode 80 - 43 mins
    Ivan’s testimony against Sebastian gets media attention, Vallejo’s crisis is worsened.
  • A Paradise Come True

    Episode 81 - 43 mins
    Julia calls a meeting with Gaviota and Carmenza; Israel goes with them as a legal guarantee.
  • Gaviota's Weapons

    Episode 82 - 43 mins
    To run away from Carlos Mario’s farm, Marcia must be released from her shackles.
  • Panic That Falls Her Silent

    Episode 83 - 43 mins
    Gaviota holds tight to the only witness; if she tells the truth, Sebastian could be set free.
  • A Testimony, a Hope

    Episode 84 - 41 mins
    The video Marcia recorded is not enough to prove Sebastian’s innocence.
  • No Way Out

    Episode 85 - 43 mins
    Sebastian is formally charged.
  • Other Inheritance Beneficiary

    Episode 86 - 43 mins
    Gaviota is against Fernando inheriting 25 percent and proposes another recipient.

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