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Kaan Urgancioglu, Pinar Deniz, Hüseyin Avni Danyal

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Ceylin is a lawyer with no boundaries for rules and Ilgaz is a prosecutor with strict professional ethics; the two come together for a common cause.
  • Black Sheep

    Episode 1 - 106 mins
    Cinar, son of the chief of police and brother of the district attorney, is the suspect in the crime of a young girl.
  • Inci's Double Life

    Episode 2 - 106 mins
    Evidences jump out, Ceylin notices her sister was hiding more than a relationship.
  • Your Doubts Hurt Me

    Episode 3 - 106 mins
    Omitting information is lying; Ceylin confronts Ilgaz for not sharing some evidence.
  • Nobody Is Perfect

    Episode 4 - 96 mins
    Neva, Ilgaz’s ex-girlfriend, does everything opposite of what her brother Pars advises.
  • The Earring and the Dagger

    Episode 5 - 85 mins
    A discovery of Inci's earring points to the murderer; Cinar fights to the death in prison.
  • Paper Boat

    Episode 6 - 87 mins
    Ceylin finds new evidence signaling where Inci was before dying.
  • The Old Trick

    Episode 7 - 87 mins
    The cards are dealt; Ilgaz and Ceylin cast bait to find the real killer.
  • Accomplices Beyond Justice

    Episode 8 - 87 mins
    Ilgaz and Ceylin must testify about the toothbrush theft; they form an alliance.
  • In Need of Another Suspect

    Episode 9 - 87 mins
    Yekta plants evidence in Osman's house to frame him for Inci's murder.
  • Deserved to Die

    Episode 10 - 53 mins
    Blood samples from Engin's rented car confirm suspicions against him.
  • A Wandering Corpse

    Episode 11 - 43 mins
    Metin's strategy to hide Cinar is underway, but Ilgaz takes his car.
  • Irrefutable Evidence

    Episode 12 - 43 mins
    Engin testifies, but the evidence says the opposite; a blood stain incriminates him.
  • He Falls into His Own Trap

    Episode 13 - 43 mins
    Engin pleads not guilty and surprises the court when he points to the real murderer.
  • Between the Wall and the Sword

    Episode 14 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz suspects Pars; he knows him well and can tell he's hiding something.
  • The Heart Speeds Up

    Episode 15 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz and Ceylin grow closer as they work together to obtain more evidence to accuse Engin.
  • Puzzle Missing Piece

    Episode 16 - 43 mins
    The deadline to prevent Engin from going free is about to expire, but a video appears.
  • Perfect Excuse

    Episode 17 - 42 mins
    Ceylin takes a new case, and Ilgaz is the prosecutor; it could present a conflict of interest.
  • More Secrets Come to Light

    Episode 18 - 42 mins
    With new facts setting the course, Ceylin knows who she has to follow; Ilgaz tries to restrain her.
  • The Pact Is Broken

    Episode 19 - 42 mins
    Pars feels betrayed; Ceylin’s move makes him look bad before his boss, and he swears to get revenge.
  • Revenge Begins

    Episode 20 - 42 mins
    Ceylin is ready to confront Engin; she will not follow his game and wants Ilgaz to come with her.
  • Another Search Starts

    Episode 21 - 42 mins
    Zafer’s disappearance makes Ceylin suspicious that something is wrong; she makes the complaint.
  • Love Confessions

    Episode 22 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz and Ceylin can't hide their feelings, but something keeps them apart.
  • Half True

    Episode 23 - 43 mins
    There is no forgiveness for Ilgaz; even though Metin will stay safe, the breakup is definitive.
  • The Time Is Near

    Episode 24 - 42 mins
    Tuche asks Eren to save her before her husband beats her to death.
  • The Book

    Episode 25 - 43 mins
    Engin finally has in his hands what he wanted for so long; everybody asks what is wrong with him.
  • The Love Triangle Breaks

    Episode 26 - 43 mins
    Yunet, Ketka's assistant, is determined to win over Neva; Ceylin and Ilgaz flirt.
  • A Dreadful Suspicion

    Episode 27 - 43 mins
    Ceylin and Ilgaz think Engin poisoned himself in order to run away; Seda declares.
  • Ceylin Disappears

    Episode 28 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz runs to the hospital looking for Ceylin, but he doesn’t find her; there are no traces of her.
  • Everything Points to Ceylin

    Episode 29 - 43 mins
    Ceylin doesn’t remember what happened with Engin, and now they suspect her and will investigate her.
  • He Will Not Leave Her Alone

    Episode 30 - 43 mins
    Ceylin still doesn't remember if she shot Engin; Ilgaz trusts in her innocence; someone was there.
  • Against All Odds

    Episode 31 - 62 mins
    Ilgaz insists on proving Ceylin’s innocence; she fears disappointing him and chooses not to speak anymore.
  • Everything for Ceylin

    Episode 32 - 47 mins
    Ilgaz searches for evidence to help free Ceylin, but gathering it is illegal.
  • Love Sacrifices

    Episode 33 - 47 mins
    Ilgaz makes a hard decision in order to prove Ceylin’s defense and follows a conclusive lead.
  • Unexpected Turn

    Episode 34 - 47 mins
    Ceylin visits the crime scene; she remembers long hair and the smell of a woman's shampoo.
  • A Possible Coincidence

    Episode 35 - 47 mins
    Ceylin insists a woman is responsible for Engin’s death; Eren finds more evidence.
  • Teamwork

    Episode 36 - 46 mins
    Ceylin and Ilgaz spend the night together, investigate another case and resolve it in record time.
  • Defending Their Romance

    Episode 37 - 47 mins
    Metin and Gul oppose the relationship between Ilgaz and Ceylin, but they continue ahead.
  • Nice Dress

    Episode 38 - 47 mins
    Ceylin and Ilgaz feel everyone is pressuring them about the kind of marital relationship they have
  • The Truth Wins

    Episode 39 - 47 mins
    The general suspicion is that somebody altered the evidence in the precinct; Ilgaz is in the eye of the storm.
  • Ceylin Bursts Out

    Episode 40 - 47 mins
    A good excuse gives Ceylin a reason to face alone Yetka and his lies.
  • New Prosecutor in Charge

    Episode 41 - 46 mins
    Derya takes Ilgaz’s case, interrogates him and experiences her first clash with Pars.
  • Everything Gets Complicated

    Episode 42 - 96 mins
    Nyasi implicates Gotzu in the evidence tampering; they expose the culprit.
  • Ceylin Is the Target

    Episode 43 - 95 mins
    Yetka goes for Ceylin; he wants to prove that she has anger issues.
  • Another Setback for Ceylin

    Episode 44 - 85 mins
    Yekta’s reach is longer than expected; Ceylin falls again into his trap.
  • Those Who Do Bad Will End Badly

    Episode 45 - 85 mins
    Things are returning to normal; Ceylin's trial is happening, and Yetka has serious problems.
  • The Father of All Problems

    Episode 46 - 89 mins
    Ilgaz suspects Ceylin is hiding something from him, and he is determined to discover what it is.
  • Another Victim

    Episode 47 - 89 mins
    Cinar, Cerdar and the others testify after being detained; the charred body is identified.
  • Not Everything Is Solved

    Episode 48 - 89 mins
    Ilgaz shows Ceylin a detail on Engin’s video; he suspects something happened to his father.
  • Dreadful Discovery

    Episode 49 - 102 mins
    Ilgaz’s worst fear comes true; he has the difficult task of telling Ceylin.
  • Hard to Hide

    Episode 50 - 89 mins
    Yavus persuades Eren to try to find the video that proves his innocence; Metin hears everything.
  • Pain Knocks on the Door

    Episode 51 - 89 mins
    The crime stains his own family's hands in blood; Ilgaz can’t believe it.
  • The Key Element Disappears

    Episode 52 - 89 mins
    Ilgaz asks Pars for more time to find those responsible for Zafer’s crime.
  • An Unbearable Pain

    Episode 53 - 89 mins
    Guided by her worst enemy, Ceylin explodes at the sight of those who allegedly deceived her.
  • Ultimatum

    Episode 54 - 89 mins
    Ilgaz has to choose between his wife or his family, while ignoring any information about the case.
  • Because of the Anger

    Episode 55 - 89 mins
    The reconstruction of Zafer's crime scene makes Ceylin burst out; everything gets worse.
  • Poison

    Episode 56 - 89 mins
    A connection between the two cases could taint Ceylin; Ilgas warns her immediately.
  • Double Identity

    Episode 57 - 84 mins
    Inci and Yeshi could be the same person; her killer instinct has more than one target.
  • Love Is Not Everything

    Episode 58 - 89 mins
    Ilgaz and Ceylin's feelings for each other are not enough to keep them together.
  • Behind the Evidence

    Episode 59 - 89 mins
    Ilgaz already knows who killed Zafer; Ceylin also finds out from who she least expected.
  • Love Always Wins

    Episode 60 - 84 mins
    After so much work and many obstacles, Ilgaz goes on vacation; someone is waiting for him.
  • The Wicked Trench

    Episode 61 - 89 mins
    The outrageous discovery of five corpses and a survivor gets Ilgaz defensive.
  • Both Are Lying

    Episode 62 - 83 mins
    Ceylin hires Tolga to work on Ilgaz's case without telling him; the prosecutor keeps silent.
  • On the Hunt for the Criminal

    Episode 63 - 88 mins
    Pars is furious with Ilganz and Eren; he commands that someone else help capture the assassin.
  • On the Brink of Death

    Episode 64 - 83 mins
    Ceylin almost falls for the assassin's trap; she doesn't follow Pars' orders.
  • Blood Ties

    Episode 65 - 88 mins
    Ilgaz explodes again after recognizing more victims; he believes the assassin is trying to recreate his family.
  • Falls into the Trap

    Episode 66 - 83 mins
    Ceylin and Ilgaz search for the assassin; meanwhile, he gets his way and kidnaps more victims.
  • A True Friend

    Episode 67 - 85 mins
    Sticking to what is right, Ilgaz stops Pars from committing the biggest mistake of his career.
  • Tireless Search

    Episode 68 - 88 mins
    Ilgaz’s investigation pays off; he arrives at the mansion where Ceylin is being held captive.
  • The Dark Side of the News

    Episode 69 - 83 mins
    In captivity, Burak lies to Ceylin and the others; he pretends he is another victim.
  • Serious Mistake

    Episode 70 - 88 mins
    Ilgaz commits an offense; he visits Burak and insists he's the kidnapper and assassin.
  • Cornered

    Episode 71 - 83 mins
    All evidence points to Burak as the assassin; Ilgaz and Eren go after him as he flees.
  • Momentous Decision

    Episode 72 - 88 mins
    Burak tries to run away; Ilgaz thinks about using his last resource to prevent his escape.
  • Injustice Unites Them

    Episode 73 - 88 mins
    Ceylin doesn’t stand with her arms folded and gathers everyone to prove Ilgaz’s innocence.
  • They Promise Revenge

    Episode 74 - 44 mins
    Yetka has a last card to destroy his enemies and he counts on Haluk to use it.
  • Hard to Hide

    Episode 75 - 88 mins
    Ceylin answers the call from an old friend; when she arrives, she finds a terrifying scene.
  • Intention Is Not Enough

    Episode 76 - 83 mins
    Ceylin demands an explanation when she finds her brother-in-law badly injured.
  • Heavy-Handed

    Episode 77 - 88 mins
    Ceylin and Derya confront each other because of Arda’s case; there is no room for error.
  • Life Gives You Surprises

    Episode 78 - 42 mins
    Derya and Pars’ romantic relationship has an unexpected effect at the district attorney’s office.
  • Half-truths

    Episode 79 - 38 mins
    Ceylin takes Merdan and the others to declare; they manipulate what really happened to Cedar.
  • Tense Calm

    Episode 80 - 43 mins
    Derya works hard and puts Ceylin’s defendant between a rock and a hard place.
  • Die in Prison

    Episode 81 - 83 mins
    Someone must pay for Cerdar's crime; a confession devastates Ceylin.
  • Pact of Silence

    Episode 82 - 88 mins
    Nobody can know the truth; if the plan fails, a whirlwind of justice will sweep everyone.
  • Conscience Consumes Her

    Episode 83 - 88 mins
    After feeling rejected by Cinar, Parla says goodbye and makes a painful decision.
  • Nothing Will Be the Same

    Episode 84 - 83 mins
    Ilgaz receives irrefutable evidence; Ceylin begs him not to report it to the authorities.
  • Lie After Lie

    Episode 85 - 42 mins
    Ilgaz complains of manipulation and betrayal, while Ceylin justifies herself and distorts reality.
  • No Forgiveness

    Episode 86 - 43 mins
    Ceylin and Ilgaz don't give in, it seems like it's over; Parla escapes and affects Cerdar's case.
  • Wrecked Hearts

    Episode 87 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz can't help but be more upset than ever with Ceylin.
  • No Truce

    Episode 88 - 43 mins
    A victory in court gives Ceylin the necessary courage to formalize a change in her life.
  • Tied

    Episode 89 - 43 mins
    An involuntary delay extends Ceylin and Ilgaz's marriage; she can't take a new case.
  • Unpleasant Encounter

    Episode 90 - 43 mins
    There is no valid excuse for Ilgaz; anger and reproaches go straight to Ceylin’s heart.
  • No One Gives Up

    Episode 91 - 43 mins
    Ceylin makes a quick visit to pick up her things and ends with a big surprise.
  • Like Cats and Dogs

    Episode 92 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz reproaches Ceylin for not telling him about the death threats against him.
  • The Murderer Lurks

    Episode 93 - 43 mins
    This time, the death threat against Ilgaz knocks at the door; he takes extraordinary measures.
  • Love Conquers All

    Episode 94 - 43 mins
    Merdan’s trap works; Ilgaz has no other choice but to spend the night with Ceylin.
  • Without Pause

    Episode 95 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz understands the message of the attack, but he doesn't give up; he will work harder.
  • The Truth Hurts

    Episode 96 - 43 mins
    Derya makes a terrible confession, while Ozman is devastated after discovering the harsh reality.
  • More Than a Threat

    Episode 97 - 43 mins
    Ceylin’s phone rings and a sinister voice demands that her husband close the case.
  • Waiting Time

    Episode 98 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz is going through a difficult time; Ceylin takes care of him and tries not to leave him alone.
  • The Token

    Episode 99 - 43 mins
    Merdan contacts his “colleagues” and receives a lead about Defne, who is still missing.
  • More Complicated Than It Seems

    Episode 100 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz confirms his suspicions; the bride’s crime has to do with gambling.
  • Not Everything Has Been Said

    Episode 101 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz corners a woman who finally tells how and why she killed the bride.
  • Pain Kills

    Episode 102 - 42 mins
    Merdan suffers deeply from the disappearance of his granddaughter; his heart is being affected.
  • Everything for My Sister

    Episode 103 - 43 mins
    Meeting the demands seems like the only way to free Defne, but there is another card to play.
  • The Price Is High

    Episode 104 - 42 mins
    The mafia discovers one of the trackers; two involved pay the consequences with their lives.
  • Guilt Overwhelms Him

    Episode 105 - 43 mins
    Despite his family's efforts to stop him, nothing stops IIgaz from searching for the criminals.
  • Ilgaz Apologizes

    Episode 106 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz does everything he can in an attempt to save his marriage.
  • The Victim Is the Law

    Episode 107 - 42 mins
    Ozget opens the envelope that was slid under the door; with that, he avenges Ridvan’s death.
  • Without a Trace

    Episode 108 - 43 mins
    Ceylin convinces Ozget to bury Yeshi in the graveyard and get rid of the evidence.
  • Nobody Knows Where He Is

    Episode 109 - 43 mins
    Derya suspects why Pars didn’t attend Ridvan’s burial; she has the feeling something is wrong.
  • Ceylin's Magical Formula

    Episode 110 - 43 mins
    Balkan’s mafia threatens Ilgaz; Ceylin comes up with an idea.
  • Everything for My Friend

    Episode 111 - 43 mins
    Ozget knows the mafia is looking for her and runs away; she must confront that reality.
  • Burn in Jealousy

    Episode 112 - 43 mins
    Omer invites Ceylin to dinner and she accepts; when Ilgaz finds out, he runs after her.
  • Caught Red-Handed

    Episode 113 - 43 mins
    Parla secretly tries to finds out Eyup’s identity, but she is discovered.
  • Everyone Is in Danger

    Episode 114 - 43 mins
    Igor, the menacing mafia boss, guarantees that Ilgaz will see his entire family die.
  • No Margin for Error

    Episode 115 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz is taken off the case, but nothing is enough to stop him from pursuing the criminals.
  • Never Trust a Criminal

    Episode 116 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz cleverly agrees with the deal Yekta proposes, even though it is a pact with the mafia.
  • Omer Starts His Plan

    Episode 117 - 43 mins
    Eyup fulfills Omer’s instructions: he visits Cinar and leaves a surprise for prosecutor Ilgaz.
  • Honesty

    Episode 118 - 42 mins
    Omer's trap works; with complete transparency, Ceylin will defend Ilgaz with her own weapon.
  • Desperate

    Episode 119 - 43 mins
    Ceylin threatens Yekta with a lethal weapon and demands him to tell her the truth.
  • Omer Is Exposed

    Episode 120 - 43 mins
    Omer’s lies come to light; Yetka makes a promise to Ceylin.
  • Going to Prison

    Episode 121 - 43 mins
    With all the evidence against him, Ilgaz will go to the worst place of all.
  • Ace Up the Sleeve

    Episode 122 - 42 mins
    Yekta plays his card, telling Ceylin that Omer committed murder.
  • Test Passed

    Episode 123 - 42 mins
    Derya could be the cornerstone to prove Ilgaz’s innocence.
  • Sow the Doubt

    Episode 124 - 43 mins
    A bullet casing awakens Ceylin's curiosity, and she thinks about Yetka again.
  • Ilgaz's Master Move

    Episode 125 - 42 mins
    Ilgaz and Ceylan have a plan to catch the big fish behind Omer.
  • Covert Operation

    Episode 126 - 43 mins
    With different identities and rented cars, Ilgaz, Ceylin, Eren and Derya are ready to set a blow.
  • The Pieces Start to Fall

    Episode 127 - 45 mins
    A prosecutor is involved in a conspiracy against Ilgaz but doesn’t know who he is.
  • Dirty Work

    Episode 128 - 43 mins
    To keep his sick daughter alive, a father is capable of doing anything, even conspiring.
  • Doesn’t Know What Is Waiting

    Episode 129 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz appears in the same dumpster where Inci was found; the fingerprints are Ceylin’s.
  • Her Heart Breaks

    Episode 130 - 43 mins
    Ilgaz’s death takes Ceylin by surprise in prison; she denies any involvement with his death.
  • The Murder Weapon Is the Key

    Episode 131 - 43 mins
    Eren confesses to Ceylin that he is after the culprit; he has a suspect and asks her to be patient.
  • Irreparable Loss

    Episode 132 - 43 mins
    While Ceylin silently grieves Ilgaz’s death, Eren confirms who the culprit is.
  • The Perfect Crime Doesn't Exist

    Episode 133 - 43 mins
    The last moments of Turgut Ali with Ilgaz gives unquestionable and conclusive evidence.
  • Justice and Freedom to Dream

    Episode 134 - 48 mins
    Ilgaz’s murderer and his accomplice are surrounded; a beautiful place awaits Ceylin.

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