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  • Don't Interrupt
    Episode 226 mins
    A couple on a train promise their son money if he doesn't interrupt a cowboy's story.
  • Crooked Road
    Episode 426 mins
    A couple falls prey to a crooked policeman and some corrupt town officials.
  • $2,000,000 Defense
    Episode 526 mins
    An accused killer (Leslie Nielson) offers a lawyer (Barry Sullivan) $2 million for a top defense.
  • Design for Loving
    Episode 625 mins
    A bored man (Norman Lloyd) buys a robot double to entertain his wife (Marian Seldes).
  • Man With a Problem
    Episode 726 mins
    A man on the ledge of a New York City hotel threatens suicide after his wife's death.
  • Safety of the Witness
    Episode 826 mins
    A threatened witness (Art Carney) is aided by a protective nurse (Mary Scott).
  • Murder Me Twice
    Episode 925 mins
    A woman (Phyllis Thaxter) commits murder while supposedly under hypnosis.
  • Tea Time
    Episode 1025 mins
    A wealthy man's wife (Margaret Leighton) refuses to grant him a divorce.
  • And the Desert Shall Blossom
    Episode 1125 mins
    A sheriff worries about two elderly hermits with an escaped killer on the loose.
  • Mrs. Herman & Mrs. Fenimore
    Episode 1226 mins
    Woman plots murder with actress boarder.
  • Six People, No Music
    Episode 1325 mins
    A mortician is torn when a dead man revives to make his own funeral plans.
  • Morning After
    Episode 1426 mins
    A mother gets involved when she discovers her daughter is seeing a married man.
  • A Personal Matter
    Episode 1526 mins
    A killer escapes to a isolated construction site where he suspects a new engineer.
  • Out There, Darkness
    Episode 1626 mins
    A mugged woman (Bette Davis) misidentifies her attacker.
  • Total Loss
    Episode 1726 mins
    A woman enlists her boyfriend's help to torch her struggling business for the insurance.
  • The Last Dark Step
    Episode 1826 mins
    A desperate man (Robert Horton) must rid himself of a former girlfriend (Fay Spain).
  • Morning of the Bride
    Episode 1926 mins
    A woman grows suspicious when her fiance postpones meetings with his mother.
  • The Diamond Necklace
    Episode 2026 mins
    A jewelry-store employee (Claude Rains) is robbed just before his retirement.
  • Relative Value
    Episode 2126 mins
    A debt-ridden man (Denholm Elliott) plots the murder of his wealthy uncle (Torin Thatcher).
  • The Right Price
    Episode 2225 mins
    A man (Allyn Joslyn) negotiates with a burglar (Eddie Foy Jr.) to arrange his wife's murder.
  • I'll Take Care of You
    Episode 2326 mins
    A used-car salesman (Ralph Meeker) devises a unique plan to kill his spendthrift wife.
  • The Avon Emeralds
    Episode 2425 mins
    A detective trails an elegant woman suspected of smuggling an emerald necklace.
  • The Kind Waitress
    Episode 2526 mins
    A waitress plots murder after learning she has been included in a wealthy patron's will.
  • Cheap Is Cheap
    Episode 2626 mins
    A miserly man (Dennis Day) searches for the cheapest method of murdering his spendthrift wife.
  • The Waxwork
    Episode 2726 mins
    A reporter (Barry Nelson) spends a night in a wax museum's murderer's row.
  • The Impossible Dream
    Episode 2826 mins
    An adoring secretary (Carmen Mathews) vows to keep the secrets of a faded actor (Franchot Tone).
  • Banquo's Chair
    Episode 2925 mins
    A police inspector (John Williams) goes to supernatural lengths to obtain a murder confession.
  • A Night With the Boys
    Episode 3026 mins
    Fearing his pregnant wife's displeasure, a man fakes being mugged to cover poker losses.
  • Your Witness
    Episode 3124 mins
    The wife (Leora Dana) of an unfaithful lawyer (Brian Keith) watches him discredit a witness.
  • The Dusty Drawer
    Episode 3326 mins
    A vengeful man (Dick York) plans an elaborate scheme to recover $200.
  • A True Account
    Episode 3426 mins
    A nurse (Jane Greer) marries her slain patient's widower (Kent Smith).
  • Touché
    Episode 3526 mins
    A husband arranges for a young man to kill his wife's latest beau in a duel.
  • Invitation to an Accident
    Episode 3626 mins
    A worried friend (Alan Hewitt) pays dearly for a wife's (Joanna Moore) indiscretions.

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