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“Master of Suspense” Alfred Hitchcock tells unnerving stories of terror with mind-boggling twists and devious thrills.
  • Revenge
    Episode 125 mins
    Unstable woman identifies attacker.
  • Premonition
    Episode 225 mins
    A concert pianist (John Forsythe) returns to his hometown and investigates his father's death.
  • Triggers in Leash
    Episode 325 mins
    A woman tries to stop a gunfight in the Old West between two close friends.
  • Don't Come Back Alive
    Episode 426 mins
    A detective uncovers a man's scheme to have his wife declared legally dead.
  • Into Thin Air
    Episode 525 mins
    A woman visiting Paris returns to her hotel room to find her ailing mother missing.
  • Salvage
    Episode 625 mins
    A gangster plans to punish the woman he feels is responsible for his brother's death.
  • Breakdown
    Episode 726 mins
    A ruthless businessman (Joseph Cotten) lies paralyzed in a car wreck and is mistaken for dead.
  • Our Cook's a Treasure
    Episode 825 mins
    A man (Everett Sloane) thinks his cook is trying to kill him.
  • The Long Shot
    Episode 926 mins
    A gambler (Peter Lawford) impersonates an Englishman in an attempt to collect a fortune.
  • The Case of Mr. Pelham
    Episode 1025 mins
    A man (Tom Ewell) believes an exact double is gradually taking over his life.
  • Guilty Witness
    Episode 1126 mins
    Neighbors become suspicious when the husband of a quarreling couple disappears.
  • Santa Claus and the 10th Ave. Kid
    Episode 1225 mins
    A larcenous store Santa helps change the ways of a potential delinquent.
  • The Cheney Vase
    Episode 1325 mins
    A man (Darren McGavin) tries to trick an elderly woman (Patricia Collinge) out of a family heirloom.
  • A Bullet for Baldwin
    Episode 1425 mins
    A mild-mannered clerk (John Qualen) thinks he dreamed killing his boss (Sebastian Cabot).
  • The Big Switch
    Episode 1526 mins
    A gunman (George Mathews), intent on murdering his girlfriend, purchases an alibi.
  • You Got to Have Luck
    Episode 1625 mins
    An escaped criminal (John Cassavetes) takes a strange-acting housewife prisoner.
  • The Older Sister
    Episode 1725 mins
    Newspaper reporter attempts to interview Lizzie Borden about the killings.
  • Shopping for Death
    Episode 1825 mins
    Two retired insurance salesmen expect murder when the temperature reaches 92 degrees.
  • The Derelicts
    Episode 1925 mins
    A bum (Robert Newton) witnesses a murder and decides to blackmail the killer (Philip Reed).
  • And So Died Riabouchinska
    Episode 2025 mins
    A police detective investigating a murder focuses on a strange ventriloquist.
  • Safe Conduct
    Episode 2125 mins
    A female reporter encounters problem trying to leave Eastern Europe after meeting a soccer star.
  • Place of Shadows
    Episode 2225 mins
    A man (Mark Damon) visits a monastery to exact revenge on an enemy who lies in a coma.
  • Back for Christmas
    Episode 2325 mins
    A man murders his wife and moves to California, thinking he has committed the perfect crime.
  • The Perfect Murder
    Episode 2425 mins
    Two greedy brothers plan to murder their elderly aunt (Mildred Natwick).
  • There Was an Old Woman
    Episode 2526 mins
    A desperate couple threatens to harm an eccentric rich old lady if she doesn't give them her money.
  • Whodunit
    Episode 2625 mins
    An angel allows a murdered mystery writer to return to Earth to uncover his killer.
  • Help Wanted
    Episode 2726 mins
    A desperate man (John Qualen) answers a help wanted ad in search of a job. With Lorne Greene.
  • Portrait of Jocelyn
    Episode 2826 mins
    A man is startled to see a portrait of his first wife four years after she disappeared.
  • Orderly World of Mr. Appleby
    Episode 2926 mins
    An antiques dealer (Robert H. Harris) plots the "accidental" deaths of two wives.
  • Never Again
    Episode 3025 mins
    An insecure woman (Phyllis Thaxter) tries to fight her need for alcohol. With Warren Stevens.
  • Gentleman From America
    Episode 3126 mins
    A rich but gullible American (Biff McGuire) accepts a bet to stay in a haunted English mansion.
  • The Baby Sitter
    Episode 3224 mins
    A garrulous baby sitter enjoys being the center of attention after her employer is murdered.
  • The Belfry
    Episode 3326 mins
    A murderer (Jack Mullaney) eludes a posse by hiding in the belfry of a country schoolhouse.
  • The Hidden Thing
    Episode 3426 mins
    A man struggles to remember the license plate number of the vehicle that killed his fianceé.
  • The Legacy
    Episode 3526 mins
    While vacationing in Palm Beach, a reserved heiress becomes the romantic focus of a prince.
  • Mink
    Episode 3626 mins
    A woman (Ruth Hussey) discovers that she has purchased a stolen fur.
  • Decoy
    Episode 3725 mins
    A lovesick man (Robert Horton) finds himself framed for murder.
  • The Creeper
    Episode 3825 mins
    A woman (Constance Ford) lives in fear of a prowling killer named the Creeper.
  • Momentum
    Episode 3925 mins
    Murder results when a wife (Joanne Woodward) nags her husband to stand up for himself.

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