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  • Arthur
    Episode 126 mins
    A chicken farmer (Laurence Harvey) kills the gold-digging woman (Hazel Court) who jilted him.
  • The Crystal Trench
    Episode 226 mins
    The loyal widow of a man killed in a mountain-climbing accident recovers his body after 20 years.
  • Appointment at Eleven
    Episode 326 mins
    A bitter son (Clinton Kimbrough) struggles with his father's infidelity and desertion.
  • Coyote Moon
    Episode 425 mins
    A professor (Macdonald Carey) traveling across the country outwits three larcenous hitchhikers.
  • No Pain
    Episode 526 mins
    Confined to an iron lung, a man (Brian Keith) worries about his wife's (Joanna Moore) fidelity.
  • Anniversary Gift
    Episode 625 mins
    A hen-pecked husband plans to give his wife a poisonous snake as an anniversary gift.
  • Dry Run
    Episode 726 mins
    A young thug tries to prove his worth to a mob boss by killing a rival mobster.
  • The Blessington Method
    Episode 825 mins
    A unique society has a different method for preparing for the future.
  • Dead Weight
    Episode 926 mins
    A cheating husband (Joseph Cotten) tries to avoids blackmail by murdering a robber.
  • Special Delivery
    Episode 1026 mins
    A boy's hobby of growing mushrooms in his cellar turns into a nightmare.
  • Road Hog
    Episode 1126 mins
    A father seeks revenge against a road hog who caused his son's death.
  • Specialty of the House
    Episode 1225 mins
    A man (Robert Morley) is determined to join an exclusive dining club.
  • An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
    Episode 1325 mins
    A Confederate loyalist (Ronald Howard) thinks he has cheated the hangman's noose.
  • Graduating Class
    Episode 1426 mins
    A student (Gigi Perreau) with a secret accuses a teacher (Wendy Hiller) of blackmail.
  • The Ikon of Elijah
    Episode 1625 mins
    An antiques dealer (Oscar Homolka) seeks a rare icon in an isolated monastery.
  • The Cure
    Episode 1726 mins
    An explorer (Nehemiah Persoff) send his unstable wife (Cara Williams) to visit a head shrinker.
  • Backward, Turn Backward
    Episode 1825 mins
    A man (Tom Tully) is accused of killing his girlfriend's father.
  • Not the Running Type
    Episode 1925 mins
    An embezzler (Paul Hartman) reaps the profits of years in jail.
  • The Day of the Bullet
    Episode 2025 mins
    A racketeer's death makes a man (John Craven) recall a significant event from his youth.
  • Hitch Hike
    Episode 2125 mins
    A man believes a teenage hitchhiker (Robert Morse) may be a threat to his niece (Suzanne Pleshette).
  • Across the Threshold
    Episode 2226 mins
    A son encourages his controlling mother to join her dead husband.
  • Craig's Will
    Episode 2326 mins
    A man and his greedy girlfriend will get rich when his deceased aunt's dog dies.
  • Madame Mystery
    Episode 2426 mins
    A studio publicist takes advantage of a star's demise to hype her final film.
  • The Little Man Who Was There
    Episode 2525 mins
    A little man (Norman Lloyd) seems to disable two huge miners in a crowded bar.
  • Mother, May I Go Out to Swim?
    Episode 2626 mins
    A mama's boy is afraid to tell his mother about his wedding plans.
  • The Cuckoo Clock
    Episode 2725 mins
    A woman in an isolated cabin encounters an escaped mental patient.
  • Forty Detectives Later
    Episode 2824 mins
    A man hires another detective (James Franciscus) to locate his wife's killer (Jack Weston).
  • The Hero
    Episode 2925 mins
    Aboard a ship bound for South Africa, a businessman meets a partner he left for dead.
  • Insomnia
    Episode 3026 mins
    An insomniac visits a psychiatrist to find the root of his problem.
  • I Can Take Care of Myself
    Episode 3126 mins
    A man (Pat Harrington) runs afoul of a dangerous mobster (Frankie Darro).
  • One Grave Too Many
    Episode 3226 mins
    A unemployed man (Jeremy Slate) steals the wallet of a stranger he sees collapse on the street.
  • Party Line
    Episode 3325 mins
    A widow (Judy Canova) fears that her party-line behavior from years ago may endanger her today.
  • Cell 227
    Episode 3426 mins
    A condemned man (Brian Keith) makes a fatal mistake on his way to the gas chamber.
  • The Schartz-Metterklume Method
    Episode 3525 mins
    A new governess (Hermoine Gingold) employs some unusual teaching methods.
  • Letter of Credit
    Episode 3626 mins
    A convict's death reopens a bank-robbery case.
  • Escape to Sonoita
    Episode 3727 mins
    Two truck drivers (Burt Reynolds, James Bell) outwit a pair of kidnappers in the desert.
  • Hooked
    Episode 3826 mins
    A man (Robert Horton) plans to drown his fishing-enthusiast wife (Vivienne Segal).

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