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  • The Glass Eye
    Episode 125 mins
    A man recounts the tale of his deceased sister's one chance for love.
  • The Mail Order Prophet
    Episode 225 mins
    A man (E.G. Marshall) risks big money on predictions he receives through the mail.
  • The Perfect Crime
    Episode 324 mins
    A defense lawyer tells an arrogant criminologist that he made a fatal mistake.
  • Heart of Gold
    Episode 426 mins
    A man (Darryl Hickman) recently released from prison stays with his cellmate's family.
  • Silent Witness
    Episode 525 mins
    A professor's attempt to end an affair results in murder, leaving an infant as the lone witness.
  • Reward to Finder
    Episode 625 mins
    A miserly janitor keeps the contents of a lost wallet, despite the protests of his wife.
  • Enough Rope for Two
    Episode 725 mins
    Freed from prison, a thief leads his partner to the mine shaft where he hid their loot.
  • Last Request
    Episode 825 mins
    Professing his innocence, a man (Harry Guardino) writes his life story on the eve of his execution.
  • The Young One
    Episode 926 mins
    A teen devises a scheme to escape the influence of her domineering aunt.
  • The Diplomatic Corpse
    Episode 1026 mins
    A couple hires a local detective to locate a missing dead body.
  • The Deadly
    Episode 1126 mins
    A handsome plumber blackmails suburban housewives until his latest victim turns the tables.
  • Miss Paisley's Cat
    Episode 1225 mins
    A lonely woman believes she has murdered the man who killed her cat.
  • Night of the Execution
    Episode 1325 mins
    A prosecutor is told that he may have convicted an innocent man.
  • The Percentage
    Episode 1426 mins
    A gangster (Alex Nicol) tries to pay back an old Army buddy (Don Keefer).
  • Together
    Episode 1525 mins
    A man (Joseph Cotten) is locked in an office with the girl (Christine White) he murdered.
  • Sylvia
    Episode 1625 mins
    A father (John McIntire) fears his depressed daughter (Ann Todd) will commit suicide.
  • The Motive
    Episode 1725 mins
    A man (Skip Homeier) sets out to prove that a random murder with no motive is unsolvable.
  • Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty
    Episode 1825 mins
    On a trip to Paris, a woman (Mildred Natwick) accidently becomes locked in a murderer's hotel room.
  • The Equalizer
    Episode 1926 mins
    A small man (Martin Balsam) seeks revenge on a muscular wife-stealer (Leif Erickson).
  • On the Nose
    Episode 2026 mins
    A desperate gambler (Jan Sterling) must raise $25 to pay off her bookie.
  • Guest for Breakfast
    Episode 2125 mins
    A murderer (Richard Sheppard) on the run from the police holds a quarreling couple hostage.
  • Return of the Hero
    Episode 2225 mins
    A soldier returning home with a crippled comrade falls in love with a beautiful girl.
  • Right Kind of House
    Episode 2326 mins
    A woman questions a man's motive for wanting to purchase her house.
  • Foghorn
    Episode 2425 mins
    A woman falls in love with another man at her engagement party.
  • Flight to the East
    Episode 2524 mins
    A war correspondent's stories about the post-war trail of an Arab leader suddenly change.
  • Bull in a China Shop
    Episode 2626 mins
    Four old women ask a handsome detective (Dennis Morgan) to tea.
  • Disappearing Trick
    Episode 2726 mins
    A curious man (Robert Horton) investigates his widowed tennis partner (Betsy von Furstenburg).
  • Fatal Figures
    Episode 2926 mins
    A boring bookkeeper (John McGiver) decides to commit murder to spice up his life.
  • Death Sentence
    Episode 3026 mins
    A worrier becomes fearful when an old friend shows an interest in his wife.
  • Festive Season
    Episode 3126 mins
    A lawyer spends Christmas Eve trying to reconcile a feuding brother and sister.
  • Listen, Listen ... !
    Episode 3226 mins
    No one listens to a mild-mannered man's (Edgar Stehli) theory about a string of local murders.
  • Post-Mortem
    Episode 3326 mins
    A winning sweepstakes ticket buried with a corpse exposes a killer (Steve Forrest).
  • The Crocodile Case
    Episode 3426 mins
    A crocodile valise becomes a vital clue in tracking down a murderer (Denholm Elliott).
  • The Safe Place
    Episode 3625 mins
    A bank teller (Robert H. Harris) hides stolen loot in his locked cash drawer.
  • The Canary Sedan
    Episode 3726 mins
    A woman with psychic powers hears a voice telling a tragic love story.
  • Impromptu Murder
    Episode 3826 mins
    A lawyer (Hume Cronyn) murders a woman (Doris Lloyd) from his past to protect his reputation.
  • Little White Frock
    Episode 3926 mins
    An unemployed actor (Herbert Marshall) tells a playwright and his wife a tragic story over dinner.

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