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Holly Robinson Peete, Steven Williams, Peter DeLuise

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LAPD higher-ups decide to send four young-looking officers to high school to pose as students and uncover crimes impacting the youth.
  • Draw the Line

    Episode 1 - 46 mins
    Unsatisfied with the final outcome of the case, Booker reopens his last investigation.
  • Say It Ain't So, Pete

    Episode 2 - 47 mins
    After a series of beatings, Hanson and Penhall go undercover in a popular college bar.
  • Eternal Flame

    Episode 3 - 46 mins
    Hanson goes undercover in a night club suspected of selling drugs.
  • Come from the Shadows

    Episode 4 - 47 mins
    Penhall falls for a woman suspected of involvement in a Central American baby-smuggling ring.
  • God Is a Bullet

    Episode 5 - 46 mins
    A principal crosses the line while trying to clean up his inner-city school.
  • Old Haunts in a New Age

    Episode 6 - 46 mins
    Hanson and Penhall go into a high school to investigate an arsonist.
  • Out of Control

    Episode 7 - 47 mins
    The squad probes neighborhood break-ins blamed on affluent teens and a security firm.
  • Stand by Your Man

    Episode 8 - 47 mins
    Undercover police officers fight crime in L.A. schools.
  • Mike's P.O.V.

    Episode 9 - 47 mins
    A teenage hit man flees as Hanson and Penhall close in.
  • Wheels and Deals

    Episode 10 - 46 mins
    A tip from Booker spurs Hanson, Penhall and Ioki on the trail of mutual foe Raymond Crane.
  • Parental Guidance Suggested

    Episode 11 - 47 mins
    During a burglary investigation, Hoffs meets a teen she suspects is a victim of parental abuse.
  • Things We Said Today

    Episode 12 - 46 mins
    Ioki meets a student whose life was torn apart after he turned in his family for drug abuse.
  • Research and Destroy

    Episode 13 - 46 mins
    Hanson, Hoffs and Ioki try to discover who is making synthetic heroin and experimenting on people with it.
  • A Change of Heart

    Episode 14 - 47 mins
    Hoffs and Fuller go under cover at a high school to find a murder witness.
  • Back from the Future

    Episode 15 - 47 mins
    In the 21st century, a police cadet interviews the aging members of the former Jump Street squad.
  • 2245

    Episode 16 - 47 mins
    Hanson is asked to witness Ronnie Seebok's execution.
  • Hi Mom

    Episode 17 - 47 mins
    Hanson and Penhall investigate the death of a college basketball star.
  • Awomp-Bomp-Aloobomp-Aloop-Bamboom

    Episode 18 - 47 mins
    Hanson and Penhall investigate a school paper bombing and end up on a romantic mission.
  • La Bizca

    Episode 19 - 46 mins
    Hanson and Penhall go to El Salvador in search of Penhall's missing wife.
  • Last Chance High

    Episode 20 - 46 mins
    Hanson and Penhall discover a teenager who has kidnapped her baby sister.
  • Unfinished Business

    Episode 21 - 46 mins
    Hoffs poses as disabled to investigate the rape of a wheelchair user.
  • Shirts and Skins

    Episode 22 - 47 mins
    Penhall infiltrates a neo-Nazi group while Hoffs and Ioki investigate a group that opposes them.
  • How I Saved the Senator

    Episode 23 - 46 mins
    Each officer relates to an investigative reporter his version of an attempt on a senator's life.
  • Rounding Third

    Episode 24 - 46 mins
    A father kidnaps one of coach Penhall's Little League players.
  • Everyday Is Christmas

    Episode 25 - 47 mins
    Penhall is transferred to the 43rd precinct and ends up working with dirty cops.
  • Business as Usual

    Episode 26 - 47 mins
    Undercover police officers fight crime in L.A. schools.

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