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Fred Dryer, Stepfanie Kramer

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Renegade cop Rick Hunter and his colleague Dee Dee McCall embark on a tough fight against the underworld using forceful ways to solve crimes.
  • Hunter
    Episode 1 - 96 mins
    A cop who likes to bend the rules joins forces with a no-nonsense female partner.
  • Hard Contract
    Episode 2 - 48 mins
    A former policeman starts a new career as a hired killer.
  • Hot Grounder
    Episode 3 - 48 mins
    Death of policeman's wife reveals a scandal.
  • A Long Way From L.A.
    Episode 4 - 47 mins
    A small-town sheriff tries to pin an assault charge on a harmless pickpocket.
  • The Legacy
    Episode 5 - 46 mins
    Hunter and McCall investigate the murder of a prominent mobster.
  • Flight on a Dead Pigeon
    Episode 6 - 47 mins
    Carrier pigeons and a 10-year-old girl hold clues in a murder case.
  • Pen Pals
    Episode 7 - 50 mins
    Hunter becomes a prime suspect when a drug dealer is murdered with his gun.
  • Dead or Alive
    Episode 8 - 48 mins
    Rick and Dee Dee must stop a bounty hunter (Wings Hauser) from capturing a bank robber.
  • High Bleacher Man
    Episode 9 - 46 mins
    Hunter's pursuit of a parolee is halted when the thief turns state's evidence.
  • The Shooter
    Episode 10 - 47 mins
    A motorcyclist sets out on a killing rampage, making video-game players his victims.
  • The Garbage Man
    Episode 11 - 48 mins
    An investigation starts when a parole officer is fatally shot.
  • The Avenging Angel
    Episode 12 - 48 mins
    A mentally unstable surveillance expert gives Hunter tips on a murder case.
  • The Snow Queen: Part 1
    Episode 13 - 44 mins
    Hunter and McCall trail a cocaine dealer who's a target for murder.
  • The Snow Queen: Part 2
    Episode 14 - 48 mins
    A mobster holds Dee Dee and Sally captive.
  • The Beach Boy
    Episode 15 - 47 mins
    An assassin uses a specially designed machine gun to eliminate drug dealers.
  • Guilty
    Episode 16 - 47 mins
    An ex-convict (Ken Foree) vows to kill the jurors who sent him to prison.
  • The Last Kill
    Episode 17 - 48 mins
    McCall and Hunter discover an assassin's victims were all involved in the same blackmail ring.
  • Fire Man
    Episode 18 - 49 mins
    McCall and Hunter search for an arsonist.
  • Sniper
    Episode 19 - 48 mins
    A sniper kills blondes for years.

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