Drama7 SeasonsTVPG
Fred Dryer, Stepfanie Kramer
A policeman uses forceful ways to solve crimes.
  • Case X
    Case X
    Episode 148 mins
    Hunter fears for McCall's life when a pornographic filmmaker, suspected of two murders, lures her to his beachhouse.
  • Night of the Dragons
    Night of the Dragons
    Episode 247 mins
    After murder interrupts their Chinatown dinner, Rick and Dee Dee suspect a neighborhood war; guest Clyde Kusatsu.
  • The Biggest Man in Town
    The Biggest Man in Town
    Episode 346 mins
    Hunter and McCall travel to a resort to find evidence in the murder of a blackmailer; guests Don Stroud, Stuart Whitman.
  • Rich Girl
    Rich Girl
    Episode 448 mins
    The detectives suspect a greedy heir is behind the attempted murder of a rich, elderly man and the successful murder of his wife.
  • Killer in the Halloween Mask
    Killer in the Halloween Mask
    Episode 548 mins
    An attacker wielding an acid-filled gun stalks stars of a TV show employing Rick and Dee Dee as technical advisers; guest Jan Murray.
  • Rape and Revenge
    Rape and Revenge
    Episode 648 mins
    Dee Dee falls victim to an attache who has already raped and killed a woman under the shield of diplomatic immunity.
  • Rape and Revenge
    Rape and Revenge
    Episode 749 mins
    McCall's attacker flees to his native country and the protection of his powerful father (Michael Ansara).
  • The Million Dollar Misunderstanding
    The Million Dollar Misunderstanding
    Episode 847 mins
    A thief who killed his accomplices suspects McCall and Hunter stole $6 million from his impounded getaway car.
  • The Big Fall
    The Big Fall
    Episode 948 mins
    Hunter and McCall work through the maze of double-crosses surrounding the fatal plunge of a government witness.
  • Waiting for Mr. Wrong
    Waiting for Mr. Wrong
    Episode 1049 mins
    McCall warns Hunter against becoming involved with a model who consorts with a murderous jewel thief.
  • Think Blue
    Think Blue
    Episode 1148 mins
    A gang member's death seems related to the death of the wife of Hunter's friend (Ramon Bieri).
  • Blow-Up
    Episode 1247 mins
    Psychotic demolitionist Otto Minsky (Anthony James) terrorizes the city to get even with Hunter.
  • War Zone
    War Zone
    Episode 1347 mins
    Hunter and McCall trail combat-experienced mercenaries planning to break a drug dealer out of prison.
  • Burned
    Episode 1447 mins
    Dee Dee glimpses a criminal lawyer six months after he supposedly died in a car crash; guest Jane Russell.
  • Scrap Metal
    Scrap Metal
    Episode 1547 mins
    An old friend (Kay Lenz) faces murder because she saw the contract killing of Hunter's father 15 years before.
  • Fagin, 1986
    Fagin, 1986
    Episode 1646 mins
    Rick and Dee Dee (Fred Dryer, Stepfanie Kramer) track down the leader (Trinidad Silva) of a gang of murderous thugs who can't be prosecuted because of their youthful age.
  • 62 Hours of Terror
    62 Hours of Terror
    Episode 1748 mins
    Though foreign revolutionaries claim responsibility for an ambassador's murder, Hunter suspects a routine homicide.
  • Death Machine
    Death Machine
    Episode 1847 mins
    Hunter dons outrageous garb to follow a punker (John Matuszak) hired by a mobster to avenge a robbery.
  • The Setup
    The Setup
    Episode 1948 mins
    Hunter must prove an elusive international criminal set him up for an assault charge.
  • The Beautiful and the Dead
    The Beautiful and the Dead
    Episode 2048 mins
    Hunter finds a beautiful blonde murdered in his apartment, but when he returns with McCall, the corpse is gone.
  • The Beautiful and the Dead
    The Beautiful and the Dead
    Episode 2146 mins
    Ambushed and robbed of evidence, Hunter must prevent suspected killer Zukoff from leaving the country.
  • The Return of Typhoon Thompson
    The Return of Typhoon Thompson
    Episode 2247 mins
    Typhoon Thompson (Isaac Hayes) leaves prison after eight years and seeks the person who framed him for murder.
  • Saturday Night Special
    Saturday Night Special
    Episode 2348 mins
    A drug addict's account of a Skid Row murder leads Hunter and McCall to suspect a reporter claiming inside scoops.

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