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  • Pilot
    Episode 145 mins
    The man accused of murdering a model is actually innocent.
  • Going to Babylon
    Episode 246 mins
    Lance and Lorenzo delve into the world of pornography to investigate the death of a sex worker.
  • S.O.B.
    Episode 345 mins
    A dead body is found on the beach, indicating foul play at sea.
  • In the Name of Love
    Episode 445 mins
    Kidnapping and sex lead to the death of a wealthy businessman.
  • Dirty Laundry
    Episode 544 mins
    Lance and Lorenzo expose a prominent political family's steamy past.
  • Men Seeking Women
    Episode 645 mins
    A serial killer selects his victims from the newspaper personal ads.
  • Hard Copy
    Episode 745 mins
    After assaulting his mistress, a tabloid journalist is murdered.
  • Curtain Call
    Episode 844 mins
    A movie queen turns up murdered, and the investigation uncovers a major scandal.
  • The Brotherhood
    Episode 945 mins
    Rita must go undercover as a coed in order to trap a killer.
  • Blo-Dri
    Episode 1045 mins
    Investigating the apparently professional hit of a mob lawyer uncovers sexual intrigue.
  • Intensive Care
    Episode 1145 mins
    A too-personal bedside manner leads to the murder of a society doctor.
  • Squeeze Play
    Episode 1246 mins
    A baseball team owner is murdered; Lance is drawn to an old flame.
  • Shock Jock
    Episode 1345 mins
    Murder clues lead Lance and Lorenzo to a shock-radio station.
  • Witness
    Episode 1447 mins
    A homeless girl witnesses the murder of a handsome John Doe.
  • Domestic Agenda
    Episode 1545 mins
    A nymphomaniac nanny is murdered, and Lance's friend is suspect.
  • Lady Luck
    Episode 1645 mins
    While investigating a high roller's murder, the team exposes illicit gambling and sex.
  • The Sock Drawer
    Episode 1746 mins
    Lies and politics complicate a drug-linked murder investigation.
  • Internal Affair
    Episode 1845 mins
    Chris is suspended for shooting a supposedly unarmed robbery suspect.
  • Working Girl
    Episode 1943 mins
    Chris becomes involved with a college sex worker while on a case.
  • Powder Burn
    Episode 2045 mins
    When a bystander is killed during a drug hit, Hutch impersonates a dealer.
  • Baser Instincts
    Episode 145 mins
    The team investigates movie-makers to solve a sex-related murder.
  • Good Time Charlie
    Episode 246 mins
    When a rapist is released from prison, he seeks revenge on Chris.
  • Social Call
    Episode 345 mins
    A Palm Beach outcast is murdered as he is about to reveal a scandal.
  • Wild Card
    Episode 445 mins
    Chris discovers that a bounty hunter is actually a hired gun.
  • In Too Deep
    Episode 545 mins
    A vice cop's double life is exposed when her partner is murdered.
  • Bad Blood
    Episode 647 mins
    When two wealthy people are murdered, evidence points to their teenage sons.
  • Hot Rocks
    Episode 744 mins
    A strange burglary ring involves the mob, murder and Chris' snitch.
  • Scorpio Lover
    Episode 846 mins
    Central American drug lords contract the murder of a prominent businessman.
  • Love 15
    Episode 945 mins
    A rising tennis star's stepfather and coach, reputed to have mob connections, is murdered.
  • The Queen Is Dead
    Episode 1045 mins
    Chris poses as a pageant judge to probe a beauty queen's brutal murder.
  • Irreconcilable Differences
    Episode 1146 mins
    All the suspects in the murder of a real estate magnate's wife have solid alibis.
  • Jasmine
    Episode 1245 mins
    Rita investigates the 50-year-old unsolved murder of a torch singer.
  • Crush
    Episode 1345 mins
    A murdered basketball player was involved with his girlfriend's stepmother.
  • Was It Good for You, Too?
    Episode 1445 mins
    A woman's plan to kill her lover is part of a cover-up scheme.
  • Dead Weight
    Episode 1545 mins
    A stockbroker is murdered, and his wife and her personal trainer are suspects.
  • Kid Stuff
    Episode 1646 mins
    The 17-year-old lover of a doctor is suspected of murdering the doctor's wife.
  • Night Games
    Episode 1746 mins
    A man ends up dead when a couple's bizarre sex games go awry.
  • Meat Market
    Episode 1846 mins
    Chris and Rita infiltrate a murderous slavery operation.
  • Giant Steps
    Episode 1946 mins
    A recovering addict dies of an overdose at his swank birthday party.
  • Soul Kiss
    Episode 2045 mins
    "Engaged" Chris and Rita investigate a murder at an awareness seminar.
  • Look the Other Way
    Episode 2145 mins
    Crooked politicians hatch a plot that results in the shooting of Chris.
  • Star Signs
    Episode 2245 mins
    A husband is killed, and his wife's lover frames a celebrity for the murder.
  • Voices
    Episode 2345 mins
    Rita and Chris pose as sex-line operator and client to trap a killer.
  • Crime of Love
    Episode 146 mins
    An ex-convict is a suspect when a publisher's wife is killed.
  • Team Spirit
    Episode 247 mins
    Two buddies turn up murdered, and a third friend is receiving death threats.
  • The Perfect Alibi
    Episode 346 mins
    Donnie "Dogs" DiBarto's buddy, a video pirate, is found murdered.
  • To Serve and Protect
    Episode 446 mins
    Chris and Rita are assigned to protect a key witness in a trial.
  • Tough Love
    Episode 546 mins
    A parole officer and a mobster are linked to a sexy ex-convict's murder.
  • Sex, Lies and Yellow Tape
    Episode 647 mins
    A cop-turned-sex worker is killed before her tell-all book is published.
  • Schemes Like Old Times
    Episode 745 mins
    A woman tries to protect a con artist who is suspected of two murders.
  • Love Never Dies
    Episode 847 mins
    Evidence points to her manager when a lingerie model suffering from addiction is killed.
  • Daddy Dearest
    Episode 947 mins
    A woman is suspected of stabbing her stepfather to death.
  • Ladies Night Out
    Episode 1048 mins
    Chris goes undercover when he and Rita investigate a male strip club.
  • The Party's Over
    Episode 1147 mins
    A woman is found dead, and Rita is identified as the victim of the murder.
  • Killer Cop
    Episode 1246 mins
    A serial killer is on the loose, but he may actually be a police officer.
  • TKO
    Episode 1347 mins
    A young up-and-coming boxer finds himself threatened by dirty politics.
  • Judas Kiss
    Episode 1446 mins
    Chris and Rita team with a DEA cowboy to bring down a pair of drug lords.
  • Love Bandit
    Episode 1547 mins
    It appears that Rita's friend committed suicide, but Rita is not convinced.
  • Whore Wars
    Episode 1645 mins
    The brutal murder of a sex worker is the result of a deadly rivalry.
  • The Scarlet Shadow
    Episode 1747 mins
    Rita becomes a suspect in the murder of an internal affairs officer.
  • Head 'n' Tail
    Episode 1847 mins
    Chris and Rita pose as teachers to probe a death at a private school.
  • Freudian Slip
    Episode 1947 mins
    A pop psychologist has compelling information about a woman's murder.
  • The Last Campaign
    Episode 2045 mins
    Chris and Rita begin an investigation of political corruption and murder.
  • The Deep End
    Episode 2147 mins
    A lecherous magazine publisher is found dead in his swimming pool.
  • Mother Love
    Episode 2247 mins
    A conniving woman concocts a scheme to get her husband's fortune.
  • Dark Heart
    Episode 2347 mins
    Someone shoots at Rita, wounding Donovan; Chris has a dangerous admirer.
  • Natural Selection Part 1
    Episode 146 mins
    A band of serial killers is terrorizing Palm Beach and targeting young women.
  • Natural Selection Part 2
    Episode 246 mins
    Rita's hunt for the sex killer continues; Chris is frustrated by his slow recovery.
  • Reluctant Witness
    Episode 346 mins
    Chris and Rita guard a girl slated to testify against the mob.
  • Maid Service
    Episode 446 mins
    A young Cuban woman's murder is linked to a domestic help agency.
  • Carrie and Jessie
    Episode 546 mins
    A girl with multiple personality disorder is suspected of killing.
  • Where There's a Will
    Episode 646 mins
    Wealthy patriarch is murdered after being seduced by his son's girlfriend.
  • Red Flag
    Episode 746 mins
    An employee of a company that tests men's fidelity is found murdered.
  • Ask the Dust
    Episode 846 mins
    When the eldest male of a wealthy family is murdered, Chris and Rita investigate.
  • Mud Queen Murders
    Episode 945 mins
    Chris and Rita get down and dirty investigating the deaths of local mud queens.
  • School of Hard Rocks
    Episode 1046 mins
    A rock star's brother is killed; evidence points to a young musician.
  • Time Share
    Episode 1146 mins
    A tennis pro gives private lessons to wealthy men, then one is murdered.
  • Vengeance
    Episode 1246 mins
    Donnie's girlfriend is the only witness to a stripper's murder, and is later killed herself.
  • Ghosts of the Past
    Episode 1346 mins
    A socialite's husband and the investigator he hired are both murdered.
  • Pas de Deux
    Episode 1446 mins
    Twin ballerinas each have a motive for killing the leading dancer.
  • Mrs. Carlisle
    Episode 1546 mins
    When a tennis club owner is killed, Chris and Rita suspect a teen who was involved with his wife.
  • Brother's Keeper
    Episode 1646 mins
    Rita has a history with a photographer suspected of an adwoman's murder.
  • Champagne on Ice
    Episode 1746 mins
    Capt. Lipschitz's New York crony impedes Rita's investigation of a private eye's death.
  • I Know What Scares You
    Episode 1845 mins
    A dangerous stalker kills a college student, then goes after her roommate.
  • New Blood
    Episode 1945 mins
    Chris is accused of sexual harassment on the job.
  • Community Service
    Episode 2045 mins
    The wife of a man convicted of land fraud is murdered, and clues point to a judge.
  • Cadillac Jack
    Episode 2146 mins
    Rita must connect with the local police force to track a friend's killer.
  • Into the Fire
    Episode 2246 mins
    Chris sees Rita's boyfriend killed, then learns he was a gun smuggler.

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