Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs

Drama5 SeasonsTV14
Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham, Peter Gallagher
A young CIA trainee is promoted to field operative.
  • Pilot
    Episode 165 mins
    A CIA trainee is taken from school and thrust into the inner sanctum of the agency.
  • Walter's Walk
    Walter's Walk
    Episode 243 mins
    Annie and an MI-6 agent must track down and protect a woman and her son.
  • South Bound Suarez
    South Bound Suarez
    Episode 343 mins
    Annie must befriend a college student to gain access to a corrupt government official in Venezuela.
  • No Quarter
    No Quarter
    Episode 442 mins
    A mission goes wrong in a Swiss airport and Annie has to work with a Mossad operative.
  • In the Light
    In the Light
    Episode 542 mins
    Annie asks an ex-operative for assistance; the agency tracks down an arms dealer.
  • Houses of the Holy
    Houses of the Holy
    Episode 642 mins
    Annie is assigned to spy on a senator to uncover the leak in the CIA.
  • Communication Breakdown
    Communication Breakdown
    Episode 743 mins
    When communication systems throughout D.C. are shut down by a hacker, Auggie is put in the field to obtain the code for the CIA.
  • What Is and What Should Never Be
    What Is and What Should Never Be
    Episode 843 mins
    After Annie witnesses a suspicious purchase at an art auction, the follow-up brings Ben back into her life.
  • Fool in the Rain
    Fool in the Rain
    Episode 942 mins
    An Iranian trade delegation member attending the WTO conference in Toronto escapes his handlers and contacts the CIA, hoping to parlay stolen intelligence into safe passage to the United States.
  • I Can't Quit You, Baby
    I Can't Quit You, Baby
    Episode 1043 mins
    Annie needs to be recruited by smugglers; Arthur and Joan must bring Henry Wilcox back into the fold.
  • When the Levee Breaks
    When the Levee Breaks
    Episode 1143 mins
    Annie is forced to confront her past when Ben Mercer walks into CIA Headquarters.
  • Begin the Begin
    Begin the Begin
    Episode 142 mins
    Ben disappears when he and Annie return to Washington, D.C.; Annie helps protect a Russian tennis player.
  • Good Advices
    Good Advices
    Episode 242 mins
    Our heroine is sent on a operation to Paris and is surprised to bump into an old acquaintance.
  • Bang and Blame
    Bang and Blame
    Episode 343 mins
    Iranians discover the name of a CIA operative and Annie suspects there is a leak.
  • All the Right Friends
    All the Right Friends
    Episode 442 mins
    Annie and a spy are forced to run after an assassin attacks them.
  • Around the Sun
    Around the Sun
    Episode 542 mins
    Auggie starts his new job; Annie adjusts to the new tech operative while investigating a NASA leak.
  • The Outsiders
    The Outsiders
    Episode 642 mins
    Annie and Reva are taken captive when they try to deploy surveillance cameras; Jai travels to Belarus.
  • Half a World Away
    Half a World Away
    Episode 742 mins
    Auggie hears the voice of the man who blinded him; Annie learns the full story about Auggie's injury.
  • Welcome to the Occupation
    Welcome to the Occupation
    Episode 843 mins
    Annie and Joan must assess an operative caught in a hostage crisis.
  • Sad Professor
    Sad Professor
    Episode 942 mins
    Annie learns a college professor was a CIA operative.
  • World Leader Pretend
    World Leader Pretend
    Episode 1043 mins
    Annie must make a difficult choice after convincing a scientist to defect to the United States.
  • The Wake-Up Bomb
    The Wake-Up Bomb
    Episode 1142 mins
    Annie realizes how lonely her life as an agent is; a chef has ties to the Basque separatist movement.
  • Uberlin
    Episode 1242 mins
    Annie prepares to turn the wife of a money launderer into a CIA asset.
  • A Girl Like You
    A Girl Like You
    Episode 1342 mins
    Annie must track a Mossad agent who is posing as a CIA operative.
  • Horse to Water
    Horse to Water
    Episode 1443 mins
    After an asset is killed, Annie must investigate the daughter of a former CIA analyst.
  • What's the Frequency Kenneth
    What's the Frequency Kenneth
    Episode 1541 mins
    An MI6 operative attempts to recruit Annie, thinking she is a Smithsonian employee.
  • Letter Never Sent
    Letter Never Sent
    Episode 1643 mins
    Annie takes a vacation with Danielle, putting her in danger during a routine exchange.
  • Hang on to Yourself
    Hang on to Yourself
    Episode 142 mins
    Annie and the rest of the staff find themselves in an unfamiliar situation.
  • Sound and Vision
    Sound and Vision
    Episode 243 mins
    Annie and Auggie are sent to Spain to acquire a computer virus.
  • The Last Thing You Should Do
    The Last Thing You Should Do
    Episode 343 mins
    Annie, Joan and Lena must work together to bring Auggie back safely.
  • Speed of Life
    Speed of Life
    Episode 443 mins
    The CIA and FBI investigate a break-in at a high-tech company.
  • This Is Not America
    This Is Not America
    Episode 542 mins
    Annie goes to Israel to learn who leaked American technology.
  • Hello Stranger
    Hello Stranger
    Episode 642 mins
    Annie tries to turn the prime minister of Yemen's chief of staff into a CIA asset.
  • Loving the Alien
    Loving the Alien
    Episode 743 mins
    Annie agrees to go on a trip to Cuba with Simon to learn more about his plans.
  • Glass Spider
    Glass Spider
    Episode 842 mins
    Arthur makes bringing Simon in a top priority; Annie requests the task of bringing Simon in.
  • Suffragette City
    Suffragette City
    Episode 942 mins
    After the dramatic events involving Simon, Annie lies in hospital and Lena tries to hide her tracks.
  • Let's Dance
    Let's Dance
    Episode 1042 mins
    The CIA tries to obtain proof that an enemy is hiding in Russia.
  • Rock 'n' Roll Suicide
    Rock 'n' Roll Suicide
    Episode 1142 mins
    Auggie, Joan and Arthur work with an old friend to bring Annie home from a Russian prison.
  • Wishful Beginnings
    Wishful Beginnings
    Episode 1242 mins
    Eyal and his boss request the CIA's assistance in tracking a Mossad asset.
  • Man in the Middle
    Man in the Middle
    Episode 1342 mins
    Annie races against the clock to track down the meeting location before the targets get away after receiving intel from Mossad that two suspected terrorists plan to meet.
  • Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
    Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
    Episode 1442 mins
    Annie and scheming Eyal team up again to track down a missing CIA asset. Joan decides to take some time off work.
  • Quicksand
    Episode 1543 mins
    Annie turns to Eyal for help in tracking down Khalid, but with the arch terrorist's men in pursuit, things quickly turn perilous.
  • Lady Stardust
    Lady Stardust
    Episode 1642 mins
    Annie travels to Amsterdam for a showdown with terrorist Khalid; Annie and Auggie grow ever closer.
  • Vamos
    Episode 142 mins
    Annie must balance two new relationships while searching for a new person of interest.
  • Dig for Fire
    Dig for Fire
    Episode 242 mins
    A revelation rocks the CIA; Annie, Auggie and Arthur try to expose Henry's hidden agenda; Joan confides in Annie.
  • Into the White
    Into the White
    Episode 342 mins
    Annie must determine Teo's true allegiances; Joan begins a round of interviews.
  • Rock a My Soul
    Rock a My Soul
    Episode 441 mins
    Annie and Auggie realize their work relationship is strained by their romance; Arther and Henry nearly come to blows.
  • Here Comes Your Man
    Here Comes Your Man
    Episode 542 mins
    Annie is sent to Vienna, and must cut all communication with Auggie; Joan and Arthur decide to bring in reinforcements.
  • Space (I Believe In)
    Space (I Believe In)
    Episode 642 mins
    Annie infiltrates an FBI investigation; Henry offers Annie the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • Crackity Jones
    Crackity Jones
    Episode 743 mins
    Annie teams up with a seasoned operative; Auggie must tackle past demons; Calder grows suspicious of Annie.
  • I've Been Waiting for You
    I've Been Waiting for You
    Episode 842 mins
    Annie convinces Teo to turn on one of his men; Joan makes a decision; Calder shows his true colors; Auggie faces trouble.
  • Hang Wire
    Hang Wire
    Episode 941 mins
    Annie must stop Teo from committing a terrible act; Auggie discovers Calder's allegiances; Arthur seeks help in defending the Campbell name.
  • Levitate Me
    Levitate Me
    Episode 1042 mins
    Annie makes a desperate attempt to take down Henry; Calder and Annie face off.
  • Dead
    Episode 1143 mins
    Annie begins her deep cover operation on her own; Auggie, Joan and Arthur deal with the fallout from Annie's "death."
  • Something Against You
    Something Against You
    Episode 1242 mins
    Auggie works with Calder on an alternate method to destroy Henry; Joan confronts Auggie.
  • No. 13 Baby
    No. 13 Baby
    Episode 1343 mins
    Henry reaches out to Calder; a revelation during Joan's deposition drives a wedge between her and Arthur; an old flame has continued interest in Auggie.
  • River Euphrates
    River Euphrates
    Episode 1442 mins
    Annie heads to New York to pursue a smoking gun; Arthur's court date nears; Joan is forced into the field.
  • There Goes My Gun
    There Goes My Gun
    Episode 1542 mins
    Annie, Auggie and Calder go on an unsanctioned mission to Hong Kong; Joan and Arthur unveil a traitor.
  • Trompe le Monde
    Trompe le Monde
    Episode 1643 mins
    Annie and Auggie try to bring Henry to justice; Calder returns to the United States.
  • Shady Lane
    Shady Lane
    Episode 144 mins
    Annie and Auggie consider their future; Calder and Joan learn who will be the new DCS; Arthur considers a career in the private sector.
  • False Skorpion
    False Skorpion
    Episode 242 mins
    Annie considers working with Ryan McQuaid to catch a terrorist in Venezuela; Auggie is questioned by the NCTC; Calder and Joan maneuver through their new working relationship.
  • Unseen Power of the Picket Fence
    Unseen Power of the Picket Fence
    Episode 343 mins
    Annie and McQuaid join forces to escape Venezuela; Joan, Arthur and Caitlyn Cook work to extract the operatives; Calder's affair has a new dimension.
  • Silence Kit
    Silence Kit
    Episode 442 mins
    Annie begins a stakeout; the CIA learns that a member of the intelligence community may have leaked intel; Joan and Arthur compete for funding; Calder's personal and professional lives collide.
  • Elevate Me Later
    Elevate Me Later
    Episode 541 mins
    Auggie's history with a potential asset causes complications; Joan tries to play matchmaker for Calder; Arthur goes abroad.
  • Embassy Row
    Embassy Row
    Episode 642 mins
    Annie accepts an invitation to the Russian Embassy in Paris; Auggie tries to juggle multiple relationships; Joan deciphers Arthur's recent business trip.
  • Brink of the Clouds
    Brink of the Clouds
    Episode 742 mins
    Annie and McQuaid search for an off-grid ex-CIA agent in Azerbaijan; Auggie learns upsetting information about an old friend; Calder has a confrontation with Joan.
  • Grounded
    Episode 842 mins
    Annie and Auggie dig into a conspiracy theory about the attack on the CIA; Joan and Calder must make a difficult decision.
  • Spit on a Stranger
    Spit on a Stranger
    Episode 942 mins
    Annie begins an operation without support from the agency; Calder interrogates Auggie; McQuaid Security has a new recruit.
  • Sensitive Euro Man
    Sensitive Euro Man
    Episode 1043 mins
    Annie helps McQuaid with a difficult mission, against Auggie's wishes; Hayley's hunt for the truth becomes more dogged.
  • Trigger Cut
    Trigger Cut
    Episode 1141 mins
    McQuaid's health hangs in the balance; Annie seeks information in Istanbul; Arthur takes control of McQuaid Security; Calder has a new recruit.
  • Starlings of the Slipstream
    Starlings of the Slipstream
    Episode 1241 mins
    Annie searches for a rogue chemist in Germany; questions about Joan's time in the Balkans arise during a polygraph.
  • She Believes
    She Believes
    Episode 1342 mins
    After a startling revelation, Annie works with a new ally; McQuaid and Joan go into the field; Calder asks Sydney to make a dangerous gamble.
  • Transport Is Arranged
    Transport Is Arranged
    Episode 1442 mins
    Annie and McQuaid must sneak into Russian territory in pursuit of Belenko; questions about Auggie's past arise.
  • Frontwards
    Episode 1542 mins
    Annie and McQuaid's relationship deepens while tracking down Belenko's next target; Calder pursues the truth; Joan believes Belenko should be kept alive.
  • Gold Soundz
    Gold Soundz
    Episode 1642 mins
    With Russian Vega Force assassins on their trail, Annie and McQuaid work together to escape Argentina; Belenko enacts his final plan.

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