Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs

Drama5 SeasonsTV14
Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham, Peter Gallagher
A young CIA trainee is promoted to field operative.
  • Vamos
    Episode 142 mins
    Annie must balance two new relationships while searching for a new person of interest.
  • Dig for Fire
    Dig for Fire
    Episode 242 mins
    A revelation rocks the CIA; Annie, Auggie and Arthur try to expose Henry's hidden agenda; Joan confides in Annie.
  • Into the White
    Into the White
    Episode 342 mins
    Annie must determine Teo's true allegiances; Joan begins a round of interviews.
  • Rock a My Soul
    Rock a My Soul
    Episode 441 mins
    Annie and Auggie realize their work relationship is strained by their romance; Arther and Henry nearly come to blows.
  • Here Comes Your Man
    Here Comes Your Man
    Episode 542 mins
    Annie is sent to Vienna, and must cut all communication with Auggie; Joan and Arthur decide to bring in reinforcements.
  • Space (I Believe In)
    Space (I Believe In)
    Episode 642 mins
    Annie infiltrates an FBI investigation; Henry offers Annie the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • Crackity Jones
    Crackity Jones
    Episode 743 mins
    Annie teams up with a seasoned operative; Auggie must tackle past demons; Calder grows suspicious of Annie.
  • I've Been Waiting for You
    I've Been Waiting for You
    Episode 842 mins
    Annie convinces Teo to turn on one of his men; Joan makes a decision; Calder shows his true colors; Auggie faces trouble.
  • Hang Wire
    Hang Wire
    Episode 941 mins
    Annie must stop Teo from committing a terrible act; Auggie discovers Calder's allegiances; Arthur seeks help in defending the Campbell name.
  • Levitate Me
    Levitate Me
    Episode 1042 mins
    Annie makes a desperate attempt to take down Henry; Calder and Annie face off.
  • Dead
    Episode 1143 mins
    Annie begins her deep cover operation on her own; Auggie, Joan and Arthur deal with the fallout from Annie's "death."
  • Something Against You
    Something Against You
    Episode 1242 mins
    Auggie works with Calder on an alternate method to destroy Henry; Joan confronts Auggie.
  • No. 13 Baby
    No. 13 Baby
    Episode 1343 mins
    Henry reaches out to Calder; a revelation during Joan's deposition drives a wedge between her and Arthur; an old flame has continued interest in Auggie.
  • River Euphrates
    River Euphrates
    Episode 1442 mins
    Annie heads to New York to pursue a smoking gun; Arthur's court date nears; Joan is forced into the field.
  • There Goes My Gun
    There Goes My Gun
    Episode 1542 mins
    Annie, Auggie and Calder go on an unsanctioned mission to Hong Kong; Joan and Arthur unveil a traitor.
  • Trompe le Monde
    Trompe le Monde
    Episode 1643 mins
    Annie and Auggie try to bring Henry to justice; Calder returns to the United States.

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