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William Katt, Connie Sellecca, Robert Culp

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  • The Greatest American Hero (Episodes 1 & 2)
    Episode 196 mins
    A high school teacher is greeted by aliens that imbue him with uncanny powers.
  • The Hit Car
    Episode 349 mins
    Ralph and Maxwell protect an ex-showgirl who is being threatened by her gangster boyfriend.
  • Here's Looking at You, Kid
    Episode 449 mins
    Ralph's plans to meet Pam's parents are thwarted by a top-secret government mission.
  • Saturday Night on Sunset Boulevard
    Episode 549 mins
    Ralph and Maxwell must save Pam, who has been kidnapped by Russian agents.
  • Reseda Rose
    Episode 649 mins
    Rhonda turns to Ralph when her mother is abducted by a Soviet spy.
  • My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
    Episode 749 mins
    Ralph helps Maxwell stop an old friend from going through with a diamond heist.
  • Fire Man
    Episode 849 mins
    Ralph helps prove the innocence of one of his students accused of arson.
  • The Best Desk Scenario
    Episode 949 mins
    New junior law-partner Pam learns her boss is involved in a mob bribery scheme.
  • The 200-Mile-an-Hour Fastball
    Episode 149 mins
    Bill sends in baseball-fan Ralph to infiltrate a playoff-bound team whose members are being felled.
  • Operation: Spoilsport
    Episode 249 mins
    Ralph and Maxwell must stop an automatic missile system from launching weapons aimed at Russia.
  • Don't Mess Around With Jim
    Episode 349 mins
    A billionaire wants his last charity bequest honored.
  • Hog Wild
    Episode 449 mins
    Motorcycle-gang decide Ralph's suit would help their plans to wreck a border town.
  • Classical Gas
    Episode 547 mins
    International assassin plans to unleash nerve gas at a concert.
  • The Beast in the Black
    Episode 649 mins
    Ralph uses his powers to exorcise a murderous female spirit that has possessed Maxwell.
  • The Lost Diablo
    Episode 749 mins
    Ralph uses his powers to uncover a lost gold mine and confronts dangerous mountain men.
  • The Plague
    Episode 849 mins
    A mad mercenary plots to unleash germ warfare on American enemies.
  • Train of Thought
    Episode 949 mins
    A case of amnesia complicates Ralph's efforts to stop a hijacked train carrying radioactive waste.
  • Now You See It
    Episode 1049 mins
    Ralph witnesses Pam's death in a plane crash which hasn't happened yet.
  • The Hand-Painted Thai
    Episode 1149 mins
    Ralph and Maxwell uncover a plot by a general to blow up a dam.
  • Just Another Three-Ring Circus
    Episode 1249 mins
    Ralph joins a circus to investigate the disappearance of a Polish clown.
  • The Shock Will Kill You
    Episode 1349 mins
    Ralph is magnetized then deals with alien stowaway.
  • A Chicken in Every Plot
    Episode 1449 mins
    Ralph, Pam and Maxwell investigate a murder committed during a voodoo ritual.
  • The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea
    Episode 1549 mins
    Ralph suspects a gigantic ocean creature is sinking yachts in the Devil's Triangle.
  • It's All Downhill from Here
    Episode 1649 mins
    On a skiing vacation, Ralph has a vision of a Soviet spy murdering a Czech agent's American contact.
  • Dreams
    Episode 1749 mins
    Ralph uses his powers to help colleagues fulfill lifelong dreams.
  • There's Just No Accounting ...
    Episode 1849 mins
    When Ralph rescues a kidnapped girl, the ransom lands him in trouble with the IRS.
  • The Good Samaritan
    Episode 1949 mins
    Ralph crusades to aid citizens in distress and ignores a hunt for two escaped convicts.
  • Captain Bellybuster and the Speed Factory
    Episode 2049 mins
    Ralph chases a hamburger truck carrying contraband and gets unwanted newspaper publicity.
  • Who's Woo in America
    Episode 2147 mins
    Ralph fears for his mother (Barbara Hale) when her secretive fiance attracts unsavory attention.
  • Lilacs, Mr. Maxwell
    Episode 2249 mins
    Maxwell falls for a beautiful but deadly foreign agent who is posing as an FBI efficiency expert.
  • Divorce Venusian Style
    Episode 148 mins
    Ralph's alien protectors heal his critical gunshot wound and show him the secret of his super-suit.
  • The Price Is Right
    Episode 248 mins
    Ralph's friend, a pro-football quarterback, is ordered to lose a game by his wife's kidnappers.
  • This Is the One the Suit Was Meant For
    Episode 348 mins
    Maxwell sends the engaged Ralph and Pam to a tropical island.
  • Resurrection of Carlini
    Episode 448 mins
    Ralph investigates murder attempts on three famous magicians.
  • The Newlywed Game
    Episode 548 mins
    Ralph and Pam's wedding day is complicated by a secret mission to the North Pole.
  • Heaven Is in Your Genes
    Episode 648 mins
    Maxwell is kidnapped by a mad scientist doing genetic experiments.
  • Live at Eleven
    Episode 749 mins
    Ralph must stop a TV anchorman's plot for the terrorist takeover of a nuclear power plant.
  • Space Ranger
    Episode 848 mins
    A new student creates a tracking system for orbiting satellites.
  • Thirty Seconds Over Little Tokyo
    Episode 946 mins
    An Asian syndicate will trade a scientist's (Soon-Teck Oh) uncle for a particle-beam gun.
  • Wizards and Warlocks
    Episode 1048 mins
    Ralph, Pam and Maxwell in real-life Dungeons and Dragons-type game.
  • It's Only Rock `n' Roll
    Episode 1146 mins
    Ralph saves rock musicians from a bomb and other threats on their lives.
  • Desperado
    Episode 1247 mins
    Ralph and Pam fight to stop a rancher from killing a wild stallion he blames for an injury.
  • Vanity, Says the Preacher
    Episode 1348 mins
    Ralph and Pam save Maxwell from his heroic attempts to aid a political cause in South America.

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