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William Katt, Connie Sellecca, Robert Culp

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After a field trip, high school teacher Ralph Hinkley is visited by aliens who give him a suit with special powers he can't understand or control.
  • The 200-Mile-an-Hour Fastball

    Episode 1 - 49 mins
    Bill sends in baseball-fan Ralph to infiltrate a playoff-bound team whose members are being felled.
  • Operation: Spoilsport

    Episode 2 - 49 mins
    Ralph and Maxwell must stop an automatic missile system from launching weapons aimed at Russia.
  • Don't Mess Around With Jim

    Episode 3 - 49 mins
    A billionaire wants his last charity bequest honored.
  • Hog Wild

    Episode 4 - 49 mins
    Motorcycle-gang decide Ralph's suit would help their plans to wreck a border town.
  • Classical Gas

    Episode 5 - 47 mins
    International assassin plans to unleash nerve gas at a concert.
  • The Beast in the Black

    Episode 6 - 49 mins
    Ralph uses his powers to exorcise a murderous female spirit that has possessed Maxwell.
  • The Lost Diablo

    Episode 7 - 49 mins
    Ralph uses his powers to uncover a lost gold mine and confronts dangerous mountain men.
  • The Plague

    Episode 8 - 49 mins
    A mad mercenary plots to unleash germ warfare on American enemies.
  • Train of Thought

    Episode 9 - 49 mins
    A case of amnesia complicates Ralph's efforts to stop a hijacked train carrying radioactive waste.
  • Now You See It

    Episode 10 - 49 mins
    Ralph witnesses Pam's death in a plane crash which hasn't happened yet.
  • The Hand-Painted Thai

    Episode 11 - 49 mins
    Ralph and Maxwell uncover a plot by a general to blow up a dam.
  • Just Another Three-Ring Circus

    Episode 12 - 49 mins
    Ralph joins a circus to investigate the disappearance of a Polish clown.
  • The Shock Will Kill You

    Episode 13 - 49 mins
    Ralph is magnetized then deals with alien stowaway.
  • A Chicken in Every Plot

    Episode 14 - 49 mins
    Ralph, Pam and Maxwell investigate a murder committed during a voodoo ritual.
  • The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea

    Episode 15 - 49 mins
    Ralph suspects a gigantic ocean creature is sinking yachts in the Devil's Triangle.
  • It's All Downhill from Here

    Episode 16 - 49 mins
    On a skiing vacation, Ralph has a vision of a Soviet spy murdering a Czech agent's American contact.
  • Dreams

    Episode 17 - 49 mins
    Ralph uses his powers to help colleagues fulfill lifelong dreams.
  • There's Just No Accounting ...

    Episode 18 - 49 mins
    When Ralph rescues a kidnapped girl, the ransom lands him in trouble with the IRS.
  • The Good Samaritan

    Episode 19 - 49 mins
    Ralph crusades to aid citizens in distress and ignores a hunt for two escaped convicts.
  • Captain Bellybuster and the Speed Factory

    Episode 20 - 49 mins
    Ralph chases a hamburger truck carrying contraband and gets unwanted newspaper publicity.
  • Who's Woo in America

    Episode 21 - 47 mins
    Ralph fears for his mother (Barbara Hale) when her secretive fiance attracts unsavory attention.
  • Lilacs, Mr. Maxwell

    Episode 22 - 49 mins
    Maxwell falls for a beautiful but deadly foreign agent who is posing as an FBI efficiency expert.

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