Greatest American Hero

Greatest American Hero

Comedy3 SeasonsTVPG
William Katt, Connie Sellecca, Robert Culp
While on a road trip through a desert, mild-mannered high school teacher Ralph Hinkley is greeted by extraterrestrials who present him with an extraordinary red flying suit that imbues him with uncanny powers.
  • The 200-Mile-an-Hour Fastball
    The 200-Mile-an-Hour Fastball
    Episode 149 mins
    Bill sends in baseball-fan Ralph to infiltrate a playoff-bound team whose members are being felled.
  • Operation: Spoilsport
    Operation: Spoilsport
    Episode 249 mins
    The aliens who gave Ralph the suit ask him to stop a computerized missile launch which could start World War III.
  • Don't Mess Around With Jim
    Don't Mess Around With Jim
    Episode 349 mins
    A supposed-dead billionaire knows about the suit and asks Ralph to ensure his last charity bequest be honored.
  • Hog Wild
    Hog Wild
    Episode 449 mins
    Motorcycle-gang toughs accompanied by a kidnapped girl decide Ralph's suit would help their plans to wreck a border town.
  • Classical Gas
    Classical Gas
    Episode 547 mins
    Pam arranges an audition for the students with a record promoter, unware he is involved with an international assassin.
  • The Beast in the Black
    The Beast in the Black
    Episode 649 mins
    Ralph uses his powers to rescue injured -- and possessed -- Bill from a haunted mansion set to be razed.
  • The Lost Diablo
    The Lost Diablo
    Episode 749 mins
    Bill convinces Ralph to take his students on a field trip to the mountains, where he hopes to find a legendary gold mine.
  • The Plague
    The Plague
    Episode 849 mins
    Bill depends on Ralph's suit to ward off a deadly virus that mercenaries plan to use for germ warfare.
  • Train of Thought
    Train of Thought
    Episode 949 mins
    Bill and Pam help Ralph overcome amnesia so he can stop a hijacked train carrying radioactive waste from reaching a city.
  • Now You See It
    Now You See It
    Episode 1049 mins
    Ralph's power to see into the future sends him on a mission to save Pam from an airplane crash before it happens.
  • The Hand-Painted Thai
    The Hand-Painted Thai
    Episode 1149 mins
    A Cambodian general plans to use Bill and other brainwashed ex-POWs to murder Western scientists by blowing up a dam.
  • Just Another Three-Ring Circus
    Just Another Three-Ring Circus
    Episode 1249 mins
    Ralph poses as a human cannonball to investigate the disappearance of a Polish clown from a traveling circus.
  • The Shock Will Kill You
    The Shock Will Kill You
    Episode 1349 mins
    Ralph becomes magnetized while preventing a space-shuttle crash then contends with an alien stowaway.
  • A Chicken in Every Plot
    A Chicken in Every Plot
    Episode 1449 mins
    Ralph pits the suit against voodoo when Bill takes him, Pam and his students to the Caribbean to help an old FBI buddy.
  • The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea
    The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea
    Episode 1549 mins
    Ralph suspects a gigantic ocean creature is sinking yachts in the Devil's Triangle.
  • It's All Downhill From Here
    It's All Downhill From Here
    Episode 1649 mins
    On a skiing vacation, Ralph has a vision of a Soviet spy murdering a Czech agent's American contact.
  • Dreams
    Episode 1749 mins
    A gangster pursues Ralph as he tries to prevent his colleagues from tossing their lives away on dreams.
  • There's Just No Accounting ...
    There's Just No Accounting ...
    Episode 1849 mins
    When Ralph rescues a kidnapped girl, the ransom lands him in trouble with the IRS.
  • The Good Samaritan
    The Good Samaritan
    Episode 1949 mins
    Ralph is detoured from the trail of two escaped convicts when he decides the suit should be used to save ordinary people.
  • Captain Bellybuster and the Speed Factory
    Captain Bellybuster and the Speed Factory
    Episode 2049 mins
    Ralph winds up on a tabloid's front page when a burger spokesman (Chuck McCann) decides to reveal his boss's drug dealing.
  • Who's Woo in America
    Who's Woo in America
    Episode 2147 mins
    Ralph tries to convince his mother to break off her engagement to a smuggler of top-secret government materials.
  • Lilacs, Mr. Maxwell
    Lilacs, Mr. Maxwell
    Episode 2249 mins
    Bill falls for a deceptively sweet FBI efficiency expert (Dixie Carter) after he and Ralph bust a Soviet gunrunning ring.

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