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Dua Lipa SNL Recap

Go, girl, give us everything!

By Henry Block
Dua Lipa Snl

Dua did double duty on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, joining an exclusive group that includes Paul Simon, Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and most recently, Bad Bunny. It’s no small feat to anchor an entire episode of SNL and switch between hosting, acting, and singing on a dime, but luckily, we’ve got a pro in Dua Lipa.  

See below for some highlights from the episode, and if you missed the live show, stream the whole episode on Peacock


Dula Peep, sorry, Dua Lipa, opened the show with a lively monologue celebrating the release of her third album, Radical Optimism, and helping some “audience members” (Bowen, Andrew, and Heidi) solve their problems with a little bit of that radical optimism.  

Album Recording Session  

Dua and Ego play two voice actors in a recording studio helping rapper Young Spicy (Devon Walker) come up with a new producer tag. This sketch first appeared in last season’s finale hosted by Ana de Armas, but this go-around heightened things further, with the women going to new lengths to make Spicy uncomfortable – including a not-so-welcome reference to Dateline.  

The Anomalous Man  

A send-up of The Elephant Man, this pre-tape is set in 1890s London. Dua Lipa plays a woman who falls in love with the brilliant playwright The Anomalous Man, played in classic body-horror-comedy form by Sarah Sherman. The two fall in love, before the sketch takes a hilariously modern turn. 

Good Morning Greenville 

If you feel like you’re out of the loop on the ongoing Drake/Kendrick feud, you can at least take solace in the fact that no matter how little you’ve been keeping up, you’re still more in the know than the anchors of Good Morning Greenville. 

Sonny Angel 

@peacock Challengers is a movie about little boyfriends and churros. A new episode of @nbcsnl starring Dua Lipa is streaming now on Peacock. #SNL #DuaLipa #Challengers #SonnyAngel ♬ Peacock_SNL_LittleBoyfriends - Peacock

When a woman’s date sees her collection of Sonny Angel dolls, the trendy toys that boast the tagline “little boyfriends,” the date night takes a Challengers-inspired turn complete with Marcello and a miniature Bowen sharing a plate of churros (if you know, you know.) 

It’s There for Us 

It’s not good, but it’s also not bad. It’s pretty much fine, and it’s there for us in life’s biggest moments. It’s a big aluminum tray of penne a la vodka, and it’s served with a slippery plastic spoon. 

Dua Lipa “Illusion”  

Introduced by Troye Sivan (The real one, not Timothee Chalamet), Dua Lipa brought down the house with her performance of the dance-y, house-inspired track “Illusion,” the third single from her new album.  

Weekend Update 

This week’s Update featured jokes about the biggest news stories of the week, like the ongoing Trump hush money trial. It also featured Marcello as Kristi Noem’s other dog, Jerry Seinfeld (!) as a man who did too much press, and Chloe Fineman, who stopped by the Update desk with a pitch-perfect JoJo Siwa impression.  

@peacock She’s in her bad girl era now 😤 A new episode of @nbcsnl starring Dua Lipa is streaming now on Peacock. #SNL #DuaLipa #JoJoSiwa #WeekendUpdate ♬ Peacock_SNL_JoJoSiwa - Peacock

Teeny Tiny Statement Pin 

Just in time for the Met Gala red carpet, this satirical sketch spoofed celebrities who put on a little pin to show that they support a cause, but don’t seem to say or do much else about it. In this case, the pins are so small, you need a magnifying glass to make out what they say.  

To see every sketch and performance from the new episode of SNL, stream the entire Dua Lipa episode

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