Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries

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Reenactments and interviews retell the circumstances of unsolved crimes, tales of lost love, unexplained history and paranormal events.
  • Episode: 1
    Episode: 1
    Episode 143 mins
    California man has memories of a past life; viewer tip leads authorities to a cult leader; alleged Chicago drug dealer.
  • Episode: 2
    Episode: 2
    Episode 246 mins
    Convicted robber won't reveal identity to authorities; man reunites with family; pilot sights UFO and disappears.
  • Episode: 3
    Episode: 3
    Episode 347 mins
    The mystery of Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia; New Jersey man is sought for strangling his girlfriend.
  • Episode: 4
    Episode: 4
    Episode 444 mins
    New evidence contradicts a surgeon's 1974 asphyxiation as suicide; viewer tip solves a Los Angeles disc jockey's hit-and-run death.
  • Episode: 5
    Episode: 5
    Episode 546 mins
    Two women and a girl disappear; rabbi commits crimes in the international banking system; Korean woman's body is found in a Brooklyn trash bin.
  • Episode: 6
    Episode: 6
    Episode 644 mins
    Photo of a ghost in a Florida home; murder of a Massachusetts teacher; car thief shoots victim.
  • Episode: 7
    Episode: 7
    Episode 745 mins
    Solar phenomenon in 1917; man bilks Coloradans via an ad for log cabins; alleged molester.
  • Episode: 8
    Episode: 8
    Episode 845 mins
    German Air Force officer, 36, seeks his genetic father; the 1986 murder of twin sisters.
  • Episode: 9
    Episode: 9
    Episode 945 mins
    Computer artist claims to have determined who modeled for the Mona Lisa; Rhode Island woman's disappearance; a fugitive's arrest.
  • Episode: 10
    Episode: 10
    Episode 1044 mins
    Child killer in Canada and the United States; unknown heirs to estates; comatose man is found on a California highway.
  • Episode: 11
    Episode: 11
    Episode 1148 mins
    Health-care worker is wanted for tampering with medication; woman seeks her rescuer, 15 years hence; Denver man seeks his orphanage friend from 1956.
  • Episode: 12
    Episode: 12
    Episode 1249 mins
    Colleen Frangione seeks the two men who saved her life; disappearance of a Phoenix housewife.
  • Episode: 13
    Episode: 13
    Episode 1346 mins
    The children of Hilda Craun; gang member wanted in hit-and-run death of child in Chicago.
  • Episode: 14
    Episode: 14
    Episode 1449 mins
    Viewer tip leads authorities to burglary suspect; Chicago attorney's assassination; 1950s orphan seeks childhood pal.
  • Episode: 15
    Episode: 15
    Episode 1545 mins
    Mysterious letter-writer guides woman searching for her son; a con artist's arrest; track star allegedly raped a 13-year-old.
  • Episode: 16
    Episode: 16
    Episode 1644 mins
    Two robbers target grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest; new evidence contradicts a surgeon's 1974 asphyxiation as suicide.
  • Episode: 17
    Episode: 17
    Episode 1745 mins
    A Florida girl's 1974 disappearance; the search for heirs to a $132,000 estate; adoptee finds deceased birth mother's sisters.
  • Episode: 18
    Episode: 18
    Episode 1843 mins
    Some believe a mummy found in 1932 was a member of a tribe of miniature people; man is arrested for his girlfriend's murder.
  • Episode: 19
    Episode: 19
    Episode 1952 mins
    The ghost of a woman killed in 1934 appears in South Chicago; former Vietnamese air force officer seeks his American daughter.
  • Episode: 20
    Episode: 20
    Episode 2044 mins
    Alleged healing powers of Lourdes, France, water; apprehension of a con artist who targeted elderly homeowners.
  • Episode: 21
    Episode: 21
    Episode 2146 mins
    Two Army sergeants' suicides may be murder; rabbi allegedly misuses international banking.
  • Episode: 22
    Episode: 22
    Episode 2249 mins
    Pets' long journeys; the military and UFO technology; arrest update; death of whistle-blower.
  • Episode: 23
    Episode: 23
    Episode 2393 mins
    Evidence suggests an apparent 1990 suicide was murder; troubled youth assists two cellmates' prison escape; man finds siblings.

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