Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries

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Reenactments and interviews retell the circumstances of unsolved crimes, tales of lost love, unexplained history and paranormal events.
  • Episode: 1
    Episode: 1
    Episode 142 mins
    Mysterious lights over the New York City area; the disappearance of 18-year-old Tammy Lyn Leppert from Cocoa Beach, Fla.; a man falls to death after climbing onto plane during takeoff in Paducah, Ky.
  • Episode: 2
    Episode: 2
    Episode 245 mins
    Mahfuz Huq is suspected of killing an Indiana man in a love triangle; an amnesiac, later identified as Pierre April, is found in a southern California ditch; looking for the Lake Champlain monster.
  • Episode: 3
    Episode: 3
    Episode 348 mins
    Seeking an arsonist who set fire to Blackstock Lumber Co. in Seattle in 1989; new information on Huey Long's assassination; two women separated as children search for their long-lost brother, James Gilwreath.
  • Episode: 4
    Episode: 4
    Episode 445 mins
    Authorities seek convicted police killer and escapee David Gordon Smith; Ed Baker's charred remains are found in a car near Houston; 9-year-old Clifford Sherwood's 1954 disappearance; Sue Scribner Thibodeaux seeks twins Paul and Paula Scribner.
  • Episode: 5
    Episode: 5
    Episode 542 mins
    Patricia Carlton, missing since 1971; the 1990 murder of Alberta cab driver Lucie Turnel; the hunt for Charles Warren Boomer, aka The Satchel Bandit; teens find the body of a girl tossed from the Lake Panasoffkee Bridge in Florida.
  • Episode: 6
    Episode: 6
    Episode 645 mins
    Examining psychic dreams reported by Glenn Loney, Rhonda and Roxanne Anderson and Catherine Webb; the hunt for a New Orleans serial killer; James Vernon searches for a woman known only as Libby, who saved him on a crisis hotline call; J.D. Method.
  • Episode 750 mins
    Hauntings at California's Moss Beach Distillery; ghostly appearances at an 1862 military training center near Los Angeles; victims of a nurse's 1960s baby-selling operation in Texas search for birth mothers; a woman suffering from amnesia.
  • Episode #08
    Episode #08
    Episode 846 mins
    Disappearance of a Louisiana man; prospector claims UFO sighting; Californian's death; woman reunites with sheriff who changed her life.
  • Episode #09
    Episode #09
    Episode 946 mins
    U.S. colonel is listed as a POW since 1965; authorities search for Florida murderer; convicted murderer escapes.
  • Episode #10
    Episode #10
    Episode 1045 mins
    The 1988 murder of an Illinois girl, 7; medical evidence supports claim a man can communicate with the dead.
  • Episode #11
    Episode #11
    Episode 1146 mins
    The show's mystery-solving methods; viewers who referred cases to the show; former polio patient seeks friend who helped her through her teens; woman sought for attempt to kill husband.
  • Episode #12
    Episode #12
    Episode 1252 mins
    Murder of heir's wife; 14-year search for Texas fugitive; man seeks half-sister; young Florida mother's disappearance.
  • Episode #13
    Episode #13
    Episode 1347 mins
    Woman blames daughter's disappearance on girl's father, a cult leader; evidence suggests Cleveland and Los Angeles serial killers are the same person.
  • Episode #14
    Episode #14
    Episode 1442 mins
    Evidence suggests a convicted rapist is innocent; man abandoned as a child in a car in 1935 seeks his true identity.
  • Episode #15
    Episode #15
    Episode 1544 mins
    Family believes an angel saved its dying son in 1982; couple helps destitute stranger, then receives $500 sums on five Christmases.
  • Episode #16
    Episode #16
    Episode 1649 mins
    Man sought for wife's murder; woman killed in suspicious car crash; disappearance of newlyweds in the Grand Canyon in 1928; vanished agoraphobic.
  • Episode #17
    Episode #17
    Episode 1749 mins
    Woman with memory loss is missing since 1970; man is sought for killing his boss and incinerating the body; apprehension of Canadian thief.
  • Episode #18
    Episode #18
    Episode 1845 mins
    Death of an Albuquerque teen; woman seeks her foster sister; search for treasure confiscated by Marcos' forces in 1971 Philippines.
  • Episode #19
    Episode #19
    Episode 1947 mins
    UFO over Ottawa; man is sought for murdering two women and paralyzing a third; deaf and mute woman is left at police station.
  • Episode #21
    Episode #21
    Episode 2148 mins
    A Pennsylvanian is linked to unexplained events.
  • Episode #22
    Episode #22
    Episode 2246 mins
    Man paralyzed by wave seeks woman who saved him; former Beirut hostage gets harassing calls; adoptee woman reunites with birth mother.
  • Episode #23
    Episode #23
    Episode 2347 mins
    Victim of mistaken identity is released from prison; death of military policeman in Alabama; financially troubled Massachusetts man disappears.
  • Episode #24
    Episode #24
    Episode 2463 mins
    A journalist is found dead in a hotel-room bathtub; a murderer poses as a policeman; a mentally impaired man confesses to a double murder.

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