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Siblings Uma and Devan balance the ups and downs of growing up in the U.S. and staying true to their Indian heritage.
  • Pet Peeves
    Episode 111 mins
    When Uma and Devan take on the responsibility of a new puppy, they take on more than anticipated.
  • Cricketball
    Episode 211 mins
    When Dadu takes on the role of baseball coach, and Uma has her father judge the fashion show, the result is a new game where all of the activities combine.
  • Yoga to Go
    Episode 311 mins
    Uma and Devan's struggles find solutions through yoga from their grandparents.
  • Fish out of Water
    Episode 411 mins
    Uma secretly teaches her grandfather how to swim.
  • Camp Chaos
    Episode 511 mins
    When the family goes camping, everyone has a different idea of what their vacation should be.
  • Like the Bike
    Episode 611 mins
    In a neighborhood bicycle rodeo, Devan gets help from his uncle to master the art of bike riding.
  • Devanade
    Episode 711 mins
    Uma must resist taking over Devan's new enterprise of selling lemonade until he finally asks for help.
  • The Spice is Right
    Episode 811 mins
    Uma and Devan exchange recipes, creating fusion dishes that everyone is nervous to taste.
  • Raga Saga
    Episode 911 mins
    Uma wants to sing a song she wrote while Devan and his best friend fight over their comedy act.
  • Sibling Switch
    Episode 1011 mins
    After an argument, Uma and Devan see with what life would be like if they had different siblings.
  • Treasures in the Dark
    Episode 1111 mins
    After finding a trunk full of memorabilia, Uma and Devan act out how their grandparents met.
  • Dr. Uma and Dr. Devan
    Episode 1211 mins
    Uma and Devan attempt to nurse their flu-ridden grandfather back to health with painful results.
  • Best Present Ever
    Episode 1311 mins
    Uma and Devan compete to give their Mom the better present.
  • Uma Star
    Episode 1411 mins
    Uma is chosen to be in a TV commercial and the whole family is in on it.
  • Devan's Hole in One
    Episode 1511 mins
    Devan sets up his own elaborate mini-golf course in the backyard.
  • Can't Beat the Bhangara
    Episode 1611 mins
    Mamu teaches Devan the art of rhythm, so he can perform in a dance show with Cindy.
  • Rakhi Road
    Episode 1711 mins
    In the traditional festival, Uma and Devan trade Rakhi, in which the brother promises to protect her.
  • Diwaloween
    Episode 1811 mins
    Uma is concerned that her Diwali activities will be overshadowed by the excitement of Halloween.
  • Devan the Destroyer
    Episode 1911 mins
    Devan takes up wrestling but finds his new personality a little too big for everyone else.
  • The Sprain Games
    Episode 2011 mins
    When Devan sprains his ankle, he learns to adapt to his temporarily disability.
  • Mamu Mahal
    Episode 2111 mins
    Uma, Devan and Mamu build a bed sheet fort that would rival the Taj Mahal.
  • Devanlympics
    Episode 2211 mins
    Devan sets up his own Olympics with his own set of rules that are not so easy to follow.
  • Holi Moli
    Episode 2311 mins
    Devan enters a popsicle bridge competition while Uma and friends celebrate Holi Festival.
  • Walking Tall
    Episode 2411 mins
    Tired of being too short to get on rides in the park, Devan improvises to make himself taller than the rest.
  • Devan's Dental Adventures
    Episode 2511 mins
    Following both the Indian tradition and the tooth fairy tradition, Devan's lost tooth floats away.
  • Crazy Cousin Brother
    Episode 2611 mins
    A young visitor from India brings chaos into the lives of both Uma and Devan.

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