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Watch Top Chef, the hit series hosted by Padma Lakshmi. Aspiring chefs are judged by a panel of food and wine experts while competing against one another for a shot at culinary stardom. Stream now on Peacock.

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Aspiring chefs are judged by a panel of food and wine experts while competing against one another for a shot at culinary stardom.
  • First Impressions
    Episode 1 - 44 mins
    Fifteen contestants arrive in Miami and prepare for their very first challenge.
  • Sunny Delights
    Episode 2 - 44 mins
    The chefs work with fruit; guest judge Norman Van Aken.
  • Family Favorites
    Episode 3 - 44 mins
    The remaining contestants prepare dishes using exotic shellfish.
  • Cooking by the Numbers
    Episode 4 - 44 mins
    Contestants are challenged to create an appetizer to pair with a popular mixed drink.
  • Latin Lunch
    Episode 5 - 44 mins
    The chefs serve their dishes to the cast and crew of Telemundo's "Dame Chocolate."
  • Freezer Burn
    Episode 6 - 44 mins
    The chefs work with frozen foods; guest judge Rocco DiSpirito.
  • Guilty Pleasures
    Episode 7 - 44 mins
    The chefs prepare the perfect "hangover" snack; guest judge Govind Armstrong.
  • Restaurant Wars
    Episode 8 - 44 mins
    The chefs battle to create the most "adventuresome" burger; guest judge Daniel Boulud.
  • Second Helping
    Episode 9 - 44 mins
    The chefs are in a culinary relay race with a surprise twist; guest judge Geoffrey Zakarian.
  • Chef Overboard
    Episode 10 - 44 mins
    The three remaining chefs put together a buffet on a budget; guest judge Michael Schwartz.
  • Snacks on a Plane
    Episode 11 - 44 mins
    The chefs join the mile-high meal club; guest judge Jimmy Canora.
  • Manhattan Project
    Episode 12 - 44 mins
    The contestants cook for leading chefs; André Soltner.
  • Finale Part 1
    Episode 13 - 45 mins
    The chefs prepare elk for cowboys and cowgirls in Aspen, Colo.
  • Finale Part 2
    Episode 14 - 44 mins
    The finalists compete for the title of "Top Chef," live from Chicago.
  • Reunion
    Episode 15 - 44 mins
    Candid gathering of season three's chef'testants and judges.
  • Watch What Happens
    Episode 16 - 43 mins
    Past and present contestants discuss their experiences.
  • 4 Star All Stars
    Episode 17 - 44 mins
    Cast members from seasons one and two compete, with the prize money going to charity.
  • Holiday Special
    Episode 18 - 63 mins
    Fan favorites from Seasons 1-3 prepare holiday meals to be judged for a $20,000 prize.

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