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Neighborhood best friends Leon, Nari, Zeke and Rita fill their days by making their own adventures featuring cute animals, overcoming fears and more.
  • Chapter One
    Episode 1 - 14 mins
    Zeke wants to pet Ok Street's tiniest animal; Leon battles stage fright; Nari disappears.
  • Chapter Two
    Episode 2 - 14 mins
    Zeke's animal video; Nari's imaginary friend; Rita tries to prank the prank master.
  • Chapter Three
    Episode 3 - 14 mins
    Nari helps the Paper Bag Cat; Leon tries to escape his influencer; Zeke brings a horse to school.
  • Chapter Four
    Episode 4 - 13 mins
    Nari and Zeke try to uncover the Crumpet's hidden home; Rita cares for the class pet; Leon's class.
  • Chapter Five
    Episode 5 - 14 mins
    Leon and Rock Baby enter the hot pepper competition; Nari's secret sous-chef weapon; Rita's thirst.
  • Chapter Six
    Episode 6 - 14 mins
    Crispy Llamas search for their true sound; Nari's creepy blanket fort; Leon's very first job.
  • Chapter Seven
    Episode 7 - 14 mins
    Rita's road trip; Nari tries to summon the Crumpets.
  • Chapter Eight
    Episode 8 - 15 mins
    Leon confesses his secret love; Nora tries to help Leon relax; Rita's family heirloom.
  • Chapter Nine
    Episode 9 - 14 mins
    Zeke's Ham-Ham-Gram; Nari thinks she is a ghost; Midge's knowledge of art.
  • Chapter Ten
    Episode 10 - 12 mins
    Rita needs to defeat her nemesis; Ok Street looks so odd; the sloths are up to something.

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