The Mighty Ones

The Mighty Ones

Kids1 Season
The adventures of a group of creatures that live in an unkempt backyard.
  • Rocksy's in a Hole Lotta Trouble; The Great Invisi-Barrier
    Episode 123 mins
    Rocksy sinks to the bottom of a giant pond; an invisible force-a-wall separates the Mighty Ones.
  • Colossal Strawberry; The Sappening
    Episode 223 mins
    Berry thinks the prophecy of the berry colossus has come true.
  • Wad of Friendship; Twig Puts Down Roots
    Episode 323 mins
    Berry and Rocksy get stuck to the same piece of gum; Twig begins to root.
  • Egg Nag; Game On
    Episode 423 mins
    The Mighty Ones take turns trying to incubate an egg; Berry's capitalist greed gets the best of her.
  • Creepy Caterpillar; Code of Silence
    Episode 523 mins
    Leaf must overcome his fear of caterpillars; the Mighty Ones must go a day without making a sound.
  • Bug Zapper; The Helper
    Episode 623 mins
    The Mighty Ones must keep Mr. Ladybug from zapping himself; Rabbit tricks Rocksy into helping him.
  • Naked Mole Wrath; Momma Leaf
    Episode 723 mins
    The Mighty Ones think they are being menaced by a mole rat; Leaf discovers eggs stuck to his body.
  • Twig for a Day; Eternal Day
    Episode 823 mins
    The Mighty Ones try to live a day as Twig; a bright light creates eternal day for the Mighty Ones.
  • Silly Collection; Hat Wars
    Episode 923 mins
    Rocksy tries to rescue Leaf's sand collection; Very Berry gets jealous of Twig.
  • The Queen; A Mighty Arm
    Episode 1023 mins
    A group of ants steal stuff from the Mighty Ones; the Mighty Ones embark on a dangerous adventure.

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