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Zo Zo Zombie and his human friend find themselves in absurd scenarios as they try to do some good in this world but somehow always end up in pieces.
  • Chapter 1

    Episode 1 - 13 mins
    Zo Zo Zombie and Snot Zombie head to the cinema; Isamu gets stuck in a bathroom stall.
  • Chapter 2

    Episode 2 - 13 mins
    Isamu and Zo Zo Zombie capture the Tuna Fish Weeds; Zo Zo goes into the sewers to get Golden Monkey.
  • Chapter 3

    Episode 3 - 13 mins
    Zo Zo Zombie attempts to beat Takoski; Zo Zo needs to mail a card for Isamu's Grandma's birthday.
  • Chapter 4

    Episode 4 - 13 mins
    Zo Zo Zombie accidently swaps his eyes; Uncle Zombo put Isamu and Zo Zo to a test.
  • Chapter 5

    Episode 5 - 13 mins
    Zo Zo Zombie, Isamu and Panda Zombie's camping trip is interrupted by Zombie Hunter Joe.
  • Chapter 6

    Episode 6 - 13 mins
    Isamu and Zo Zo Zombie join a dodgeball team and play against an entire team of snot zombies.
  • Chapter 7

    Episode 7 - 13 mins
    Isamu and Zo Zo Zombie's drone crashes in the graveyard; Zo Zo Zombie and Isamu rescue Panda Zombie.
  • Chapter 8

    Episode 8 - 13 mins
    Isamu and Zo Zo Zombie try to stop falling donuts from the sky; Zo Zo is attacked by a Snot Zombie.
  • Chapter 9

    Episode 9 - 13 mins
    Isamu's new toy baton gets accidentally zombified and destroys the house.
  • Chapter 10

    Episode 10 - 13 mins
    Zo Zo offers to help the snake charmer zombie; Isamu and Zo Zo get help with chores.
  • Chapter 11

    Episode 11 - 13 mins
    Isamu is smitten by Idol Zombie; Isamu's hair is cursed into a bouffant.
  • Chapter 12

    Episode 12 - 13 mins
    Zo Zo gets sucked up into a space ship: Zo Zo gets hired as a stuntman.
  • Chapter 13

    Episode 13 - 13 mins
    Isamu and Zo Zo meet Hipster Zombie; Zo Zo tries out Isamu's new video game.

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