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Pounding Instincts

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Pablo Derqui, Leonor Watling, Ingrid Rubio

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After receiving a heart transplant, a surgeon discovers that he's experiencing memories from his donor's life and must cope with his new reality.
  • Risks
    Episode 1 - 52 mins
    Rodrigo, an investigative journalist, dies after probing a complicated case.
  • Memory of the Heart
    Episode 2 - 46 mins
    Alex, a neurosurgeon, not only has Rodrigo's heart transplanted, but also his memories.
  • New Leads
    Episode 3 - 55 mins
    Lara meets Alex, who gives her an agenda with relevant notes about Rodrigo's death.
  • Life Insurance
    Episode 4 - 56 mins
    Marian, Rodrigo's widow, visits Lara and confirms that the journalist's death was not an accident.
  • All for the Family
    Episode 5 - 54 mins
    Alex asks Lara to remove Marian from the investigation, she agrees under one condition.
  • BN23
    Episode 6 - 48 mins
    Alex risks his life on the trail of BN23, a medical compound linked to disappearances.
  • The Rupture
    Episode 7 - 55 mins
    Devastated by what she discovers, Blanca kicks Alex out of the house while making an annoucement.
  • In Danger
    Episode 8 - 47 mins
    Alex and Lara enter Sperk, the laboratory where BN23 is kept, but it is not an easy mission.
  • Together Till the End
    Episode 9 - 54 mins
    Alex has moved on with his life while Lara has abandoned journalism.
  • Justice is Blind
    Episode 10 - 46 mins
    Blanca goes to the Meyer Clinic for an explanation; she makes a discovery that puts her in danger.
  • Love and Hate
    Episode 11 - 46 mins
    Alex must be honest with Marian, but also with Blanca, he feels that he owes her and suffers for it.
  • At the Edge of the Abyss
    Episode 12 - 49 mins
    Rodrigo's memories provide Alex with a lead that could save a girl's life.
  • Justice
    Episode 13 - 60 mins
    Alex finally knows who Rodrigo's killer is and who was behind Blanca's suffering.

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