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Polly receives a magical locket that allows her and her friends to shrink and they embark on pocket-sized adventures to make a big difference.
  • Tiny Power Part 1

    Episode 1 - 22 mins
    Polly discovers her grandma's locket can magically shrink her down to pocket size.
  • Tiny Power Part 2

    Episode 2 - 22 mins
    Polly and her friends try to get to their favorite singer's concert cruise.
  • Bumpy Ride

    Episode 3 - 22 mins
    Polly and pals want to ride the new Whopper Whirler, but they're too short.
  • Doggone Disaster

    Episode 4 - 22 mins
    Lila starts dog walking, but the dogs are out of control.
  • Super Tiny Fly

    Episode 5 - 22 mins
    After saving a baby bird, Polly wants to keep it.
  • Mommy I Shrunk the Kid

    Episode 6 - 22 mins
    Polly gets to babysit Pax, but she soon realizes that it's not an easy job.
  • Sugar Rush

    Episode 7 - 22 mins
    Polly takes on more than she can handle when she tries to help Peanut make cupcakes.
  • Mission Ring: Impossible

    Episode 8 - 22 mins
    The Pockets head to the beach, but Polly's Dad's anniversary gift goes missing.
  • The Badgering

    Episode 9 - 22 mins
    Polly and her friends go to camp and try to stop Griselle from stealing the locket.
  • Night to Remember Part 1

    Episode 10 - 22 mins
    Polly and pals must stop Griselle's attempts to put Littleton in a dome.
  • Night to Remember Part 2

    Episode 11 - 22 mins
    Polly's locket is on the fritz and she must repair it in order to defeat Griselle.
  • The Con Job

    Episode 12 - 22 mins
    Polly and pals head to Sci-Fi Con and they have to find a kidnapped actress.
  • Club Flub

    Episode 13 - 22 mins
    Polly and pals struggle to bring new members into their Animal Club, so they head to the forest.
  • Swimsational

    Episode 14 - 22 mins
    Polly wants to throw a pool party.
  • Pocket Poltergeist

    Episode 15 - 22 mins
    Polly and her friends try to stop a paranormal investigator from discovering the locket's powers.
  • Short Cuts

    Episode 16 - 22 mins
    Shani accuses Polly of using the locket to win the science fair and throws her project in the trash.
  • Snowball Effect

    Episode 17 - 22 mins
    Polly and Grandma team up to stop Griselle from sabotaging the competition and stealing the locket.
  • A Little Fright

    Episode 18 - 22 mins
    Polly and friends want this to be the best Halloween ever, but Griselle puts a kink in their plans.
  • Socially Awkward

    Episode 19 - 22 mins
    Lila gets carried away with imitating her favorite social media personality.
  • Brotherly Love

    Episode 20 - 22 mins
    Polly and her friends compete to make the biggest bowl in the skate park open to everyone.
  • A Yacht of Problems

    Episode 21 - 22 mins
    Polly and her friends travel through a mysterious temple to fix the locket.
  • Tiny Escape

    Episode 22 - 22 mins
    Polly sets out to rescue her friends from a pencil case and desk drawer.
  • Spa Daze

    Episode 23 - 22 mins
    During a trip to the spa, Polly loses her mom's phone and goes on a mission to find it.
  • Gwen the Great

    Episode 24 - 22 mins
    Polly and her friends try to boost Gwen's confidence by finding something she excels at.
  • Unlocketing The Past Part 1

    Episode 25 - 22 mins
    Polly learns about the history of Prudence Pocket and the secret source of Pockite.
  • Unlocketing The Past Part 2

    Episode 26 - 22 mins
    Polly learns about the history of Prudence Pocket.

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