Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Drama21 SeasonsTV14
Mariska Hargitay, Ice-T, Kelli Giddish
Led by courageous and compassionate veteran Capt. Olivia Benson, the NYPD's elite Special Victims Unit, including Sgt. Odafin Tutuola, Detective Amanda Rollins and Officer Katriona Tamin, investigates crimes that are ripped from the headlines.
  • Repression
    Episode 143 mins
    An 18-year-old girl (Kelly Hutchinson) brings molestation charges against her father (Brian Kerwin) after therapy uncovers repressed memories of abuse, despite his claims that the allegations are false.
  • Wrath
    Episode 243 mins
    Three people, unconnected except to cases that Detective Benson investigated, are found ritualistically murdered.
  • Stolen
    Episode 343 mins
    When a baby is kidnapped from a grocery store, detectives Benson and Stabler discover it is part of a black-marketing of infants.
  • Rooftop
    Episode 444 mins
    Tutuola becomes personally involved in a case, when a friend's daughter becomes a fatal victim of sexual assault.
  • Tangled
    Episode 544 mins
    An estranged son and a former patient are the prime suspects in the murder of a prominent doctor and the rape of his wife.
  • Redemption
    Episode 644 mins
    Stabler pairs with a bitter cop (David Keith) to track a serial rapist/murderer who was recently released from prison.
  • Sacrifice
    Episode 742 mins
    Benson and Stabler enter the world of pornography when they investigate the shooting and rape of an Arkansas man.
  • Inheritance
    Episode 843 mins
    The detectives believe a young Asian's assault has something to do with a rivalry between gangs, until a second victim turns up.
  • Care
    Episode 942 mins
    When a girl in foster care is found dead, the detectives probe her family connections in search of a motive and a murderer.
  • Ridicule
    Episode 1043 mins
    The investigation of a young woman's death reveals that she and other women were recently accused of a raping a male stripper.
  • Monogamy
    Episode 1144 mins
    An attacker rips a fetus from a woman's womb, launching the detectives on a frantic search in hope that the baby survived.
  • Protection
    Episode 1244 mins
    A boy, 6, is shot and then abandoned in an emergency room by his fearful mother, sending detectives in search of his missing family and the gunman.
  • Prodigy
    Episode 1343 mins
    Benson and Stabler have the gruesome task of identifying the remains of a man and woman who were stabbed in a park.
  • Counterfeit
    Episode 1443 mins
    Detectives Benson and Fin are forced to team up to investigate a rape-murder case in which a police officer (guest star Michael O'Keefe) might be the prime suspect.
  • Execution
    Episode 1542 mins
    Detective Stabler races against time to determine if a convicted man on death row also murdered and raped another victim.
  • Popular
    Episode 1642 mins
    The upsetting discovery of a teenage network revolving around sex, drugs and booze raises alarms for the Stablers about their own daughter.
  • Surveillance
    Episode 1742 mins
    The detectives investigate a cellist's (Tamara Gorski) orchestra conductor (Michael Nader) after she is brutally attacked in her apartment.
  • Guilt
    Episode 1843 mins
    Assistant DA Cabot jeopardizes the detectives' careers and her own when she exceeds legal limits to collect evidence against a serial child-abuser.
  • Justice
    Episode 1942 mins
    The detectives investigate the rape/murder of a woman whose stepfather is a judge (Keir Dullea) known for his harsh sentencing of sex offenders.
  • Greed
    Episode 2044 mins
    Benson and Stabler investigate two rapes that appear to have been committed by the same man; Mary Beth Hurt and Henry Winkler guest star.
  • Denial
    Episode 2143 mins
    When the detectives find a baby's finger in a rape victim's purse, their investigation widens to encompass three generations of women harboring secrets.
  • Competence
    Episode 2242 mins
    The detectives investigate to determine whether a 22-year-old with Down syndrome is pregnant as a result of rape, as her mother contends.
  • Silence
    Episode 2344 mins
    When a transsexual is found murdered in a church, suspicion falls on a priest (Eric Stoltz) who resigned from a parochial school after rumors of abuse.

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