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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

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Suave Italian gangster Giorno Giovanna, the good-natured son of the evil vampire Dio, works his way up through the mafia in the hopes of taking control and turning it away from corruption.
  • Golden Wind

    Episode 1 - 23 mins
    Koichi arrives in Italy to find Giorno; Giorno steals Koichi's luggage and fights Leaky Eye Luca.
  • Bucciarati Appears

    Episode 2 - 23 mins
    Bucciarati goes after Giorno in retaliation for what happened to Leaky Eye Luca.
  • Meet the Mafioso Behind the Wall

    Episode 3 - 23 mins
    Giorno must keep a lighter lit for 24 hours as part of a test to become part of the Passione mafia.
  • Joining the Famiglia

    Episode 4 - 23 mins
    Polpo's Stand, Shadow Sabbath, attacks as the lighter is relit but Giorno faces it alongside Koichi.
  • Find Polpo's Fortune!

    Episode 5 - 23 mins
    Polpo's apparent suicide sends shock waves through the underworld.
  • Moody Jazz's Counterattack

    Episode 6 - 23 mins
    Abbacchio's past as a crooked cop unfolds; Abbacchio and Bucciarati battle the Stand Tender Machine.
  • Six Bullets Appears Part 1

    Episode 7 - 23 mins
    With the enemy lying in wait at the upcoming port, Giorno and Mista fly out to do reconnaissance.
  • Six Bullets Appears Part 2

    Episode 8 - 23 mins
    Mista uses his Stand, Six Bullets, against Sale and his stand, Arts & Crafts, in a fierce battle.
  • The First Mission from the Boss

    Episode 9 - 23 mins
    Bucciarati becomes a capo for Passione and receives orders to guard the boss' daughter.
  • Hitman Team

    Episode 10 - 23 mins
    Narancia hunts down his assailant; Formaggio tries to understand his attacker's tracking skills.
  • Narancia's Li'l Bomber

    Episode 11 - 23 mins
    Narancia fights off Formaggio's body-shrinking attack with firepower.
  • The Second Mission from the Boss

    Episode 12 - 23 mins
    The gang goes to Pompeii to obtain the means to retrieve the boss' daughter.
  • Mirror Man and Purple Smoke

    Episode 13 - 23 mins
    Abbacchio and Giorno fight Illuso on the verge between the real world and the mirror world.
  • Il Treno Espresso per Firenze

    Episode 14 - 23 mins
    Bucciarati's group follows instructions, while Prosciutto and Pesco board a train in search of them.
  • The Thankful Death Part 1

    Episode 15 - 23 mins
    Prosciutto's Stand causes everyone on the train to grow older, including Bucciarati's crew.
  • The Thankful Death Part 2

    Episode 16 - 23 mins
    Prosciutto's Stand continues aging everyone as the fight between Bucciarati and Pesci goes on.
  • Babyhead

    Episode 17 - 23 mins
    A new enemy, Melone, sends his Stand after Bucciarati, and the Stand proves how effective it can be.
  • Verso Venezia

    Episode 18 - 23 mins
    To save Bucciarati and Trish, Giorno goes against an enraged and enlarged Babyhead.
  • White Ice

    Episode 19 - 23 mins
    Ghiaccio's Stand partially freezes Giorno and Mista, but it doesn't stop the two from fighting back.
  • The Final Mission from the Boss

    Episode 20 - 23 mins
    The team travels to the island of San Giorgio Maggiore to deliver Trish.
  • The Mystery of Emperor Crimson

    Episode 21 - 23 mins
    Bucciarati refuses to let the Boss kill Trish, even though he is exposed to time-skipping abilities.
  • The G in Guts

    Episode 22 - 23 mins
    A lunch with the crew doesn't go as planned when an enemy Stand pops up in Narancia's soup.
  • Crush and Talking Mouth

    Episode 23 - 23 mins
    Squalo and Tiziano double-team the gang using Tiziano's Stand to force them to lie to each other.
  • Notorious Chase

    Episode 24 - 23 mins
    As the gang flies toward Carla di Volpe on the island of Sardinia, a monstrous enemy Stand attacks.
  • Spicy Lady

    Episode 25 - 23 mins
    In defending herself, Trish awakens her Stand; the Boss tries to pinpoint the team's location.
  • A Little Story from the Past: My Name Is Doppio

    Episode 26 - 23 mins
    A fortune-teller speaks cryptically to a teenager in Sardinia, who hides a remarkable secret.
  • Emperor Crimson vs. Metallic

    Episode 27 - 23 mins
    Given some of King Crimson's abilities, Doppio uses Epitaph to see a few seconds into the future.
  • Beneath a Sky on the Verge of Falling

    Episode 28 - 23 mins
    After the battle between Risotto and Doppio, Abbacchio uses Moody Blues to learn the boss' identity.
  • Get to the Roman Colosseum!

    Episode 29 - 23 mins
    A mysterious stranger contacts Team Bucciarati and they arrange to meet at the Roman Colosseum.
  • Green Tea and Sanctuary Part 1

    Episode 30 - 23 mins
    The gang fights two assassins, one of whom uses a Stand that causes living beings to rot to death.
  • Green Tea and Sanctuary Part 2

    Episode 31 - 23 mins
    Secco and Bucciarati continue their battle, while Giorno and Mista chase Cioccolata to the plane.
  • Green Tea and Sanctuary Part 3

    Episode 32 - 23 mins
    Bucciarati and Secco face off in the streets of Rome as they race to get to the Colosseum.
  • His Name Is Diavolo

    Episode 33 - 23 mins
    Bruno accidentally leads Doppio to the Colosseum, while the rest of the group look for their leader.
  • The Requiem Quietly Plays Part 1

    Episode 34 - 23 mins
    The gang members realize that their souls have been switched between bodies.
  • The Requiem Quietly Plays Part 2

    Episode 35 - 23 mins
    The gang is desperate to reach the Stand arrow as the search for Diavolo continues.
  • Diavolo Surfaces

    Episode 36 - 23 mins
    Silver Chariot Requiem causes the entities around it to mutate.
  • King of Kings

    Episode 37 - 23 mins
    Despite their best efforts, the Arrow falls into Diavolo's hands.
  • Golden Wind Requiem

    Episode 38 - 23 mins
    Giorno's Stand evolves into Golden Wind Requiem; Diavolo tries to nullify his attacks.
  • The Sleeping Slave

    Episode 39 - 23 mins
    While investigating the florist's daughter's suicide, Mista comes face to face with Scolippi.

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