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Fred Dryer, Stepfanie Kramer
A policeman uses forceful ways to solve crimes.
  • On the Air
    On the Air
    Episode 148 mins
    Hunter poses as a radio talk-show host's lover to solve a series of murders involving her ex-boyfriends.
  • Shillelagh
    Episode 246 mins
    Capt. Devane (Charles Hallahan) may unknowingly be linked to the death of an Irish terrorist. With Fred Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer.
  • Investment in Death
    Investment in Death
    Episode 346 mins
    An investigation into the gang killing of a college student leads McCall and Hunter to white-collar fraud.
  • A Girl Named Hunter
    A Girl Named Hunter
    Episode 447 mins
    An illegal adoption ring may be responsible for the death of the mother of an infant Hunter delivered.
  • The Legion of Hate
    The Legion of Hate
    Episode 547 mins
    A former colleague interferes in McCall and Hunter's investigation of a white supremacist's escape from prison.
  • The Legion of Hate
    The Legion of Hate
    Episode 648 mins
    White supremacists hold McCall hostage; Rick tries to convince Dee Dee not to quit police work after her mentor commits suicide.
  • Yesterday's Child
    Yesterday's Child
    Episode 748 mins
    Hunter learns he fathered a child during the Vietnam War and tries to rescue the boy from a murder charge, without revealing his secret.
  • Shield of Honor
    Shield of Honor
    Episode 846 mins
    An inexperienced and bumbling rookie detective puts Hunter in a hot spot during the arrest of petty thieves.
  • The Fifth Victim
    The Fifth Victim
    Episode 948 mins
    Hunter and McCall's (Fred Dryer, Stepfanie Kramer) investigation of homosexual murders leads them to suspect police co-workers. With Charles Hallahan.
  • Brotherly Love
    Brotherly Love
    Episode 1046 mins
    A high-school drug addict is linked to the death of a drug dealer, prompting an investigation by Hunter and McCall.
  • The Nightmare
    The Nightmare
    Episode 1146 mins
    McCall and Hunter learn the murder of McCall's housekeeper is tied to a deposed Latin American regime.
  • Broken Dreams
    Broken Dreams
    Episode 1247 mins
    A friend of Hunter's witnesses a murder and later is afraid to cooperate in the identification of the prime suspect.
  • Son and Heir
    Son and Heir
    Episode 1346 mins
    McCall and Hunter learn an undercover officer may have been murdered by his mobster half brother; guest Jerry Orbach.
  • Unacceptable Loss
    Unacceptable Loss
    Episode 1447 mins
    Hunter and McCall discover the prime suspects in a toxic waste-dumping scheme may also be involved in a series of murders.
  • Unfinished Business
    Unfinished Business
    Episode 1549 mins
    Hunter and McCall (Fred Dryer, Stepfanie Kramer) seek professional help in dealing with fallout from their past romance. With Charles Hallahan.
  • Lullaby
    Episode 1647 mins
    A famous British photographer (Gary Sinise) is suspected in the serial slayings of prostitutes. With Fred Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer.
  • Final Confession
    Final Confession
    Episode 1747 mins
    A priest (James Sutorius) faces a dilemma when Hunter and McCall (Fred Dryer, Stepfanie Kramer) suspect a serial killer confessed to him.
  • Blind Ambition
    Blind Ambition
    Episode 1848 mins
    McCall and her boyfriend, Judge Hayworth, are taken hostage by the brother of a man sent to prison by the magistrate.
  • Sudden Withdrawal
    Sudden Withdrawal
    Episode 1947 mins
    A lovely woman (Leslie Bevis) who endears herself to bankers may be at the heart of a series of robberies. Fred Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer star.
  • Second Sight
    Second Sight
    Episode 2047 mins
    Hunter and McCall doubt information offered by a psychic on serial murders, until he predicts McCall as next victim.
  • Street Wise
    Street Wise
    Episode 2147 mins
    Hunter hits the streets in uniform to track down a thug who harasses a homeless man; McCall faces a career decision.
  • Street Wise
    Street Wise
    Episode 2249 mins
    Dee Dee McCall bids farewell to life in the States as she moves to London with Alex; Hunter tracks his mentor's killers.

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