Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen

Reality16 SeasonsTV-MA
Marino Monferrato, Andi Van Willigan, James Avery
Gordon Ramsay hosts a fiery cooking competition in which the winner receives a head chef position.
  • 16 Chefs Compete
    16 Chefs Compete
    Episode 141 mins
    The 16 chefs prepare their signature dishes in the season's first challenge; a contestant is rushed to the emergency room; guests begin to leave when the dinner service is delayed; an elimination.
  • 14 Chefs Compete
    14 Chefs Compete
    Episode 241 mins
    The remaining 14 chefs compete.
  • 13 Chefs Compete
    13 Chefs Compete
    Episode 342 mins
    The contestants must prepare a fast and delicious breakfast for 50 EMTs.
  • 12 Chefs Compete
    12 Chefs Compete
    Episode 441 mins
    The contestants must learn how to prepare a ravioli dish from scratch.
  • 11 Chefs Compete
    11 Chefs Compete
    Episode 541 mins
    The contestants host a prom with a retro theme.
  • 10 Chefs Compete
    10 Chefs Compete
    Episode 641 mins
    Ramsay tests the contestants' creativity by asking them to make an innovative entree salad.
  • 9 Chefs Compete Part 1
    9 Chefs Compete Part 1
    Episode 742 mins
    Working together, contestants must create a cohesive dish using five randomly selected ingredients.
  • 9 Chefs Compete Part 2
    9 Chefs Compete Part 2
    Episode 842 mins
    Teams must create elegant dishes from classic ingredients while shopping on a budget.
  • 8 Chefs Compete
    8 Chefs Compete
    Episode 941 mins
    The teams participate in a blind taste test; Ramsay challenges the teams to compete in a relay.
  • 8 Chefs Compete
    8 Chefs Compete
    Episode 1041 mins
    The teams participate in a blind taste test; Ramsay challenges the teams to compete in a relay.
  • 6 Chefs Compete
    6 Chefs Compete
    Episode 1142 mins
    Chef Ramsay has the contestants create a single bite that makes a bold first impression; the teams show a lack of cooperation during dinner service.
  • 5 Chefs Compete
    5 Chefs Compete
    Episode 1241 mins
    The contestants must prepare and serve their signature dishes in food trucks in downtown Los Angeles; disappointing service and mediocre performances push chef Ramsay to the edge.
  • 4 Chefs Compete
    4 Chefs Compete
    Episode 1341 mins
    The chefs must rely on their palates to identify key ingredients and re-create a dish; one contestant wins a day at the spa while the rest prep, iron and starch laundry for the dinner service; the chefs face a dramatic elimination.
  • 4 Chefs Compete Again
    4 Chefs Compete Again
    Episode 1441 mins
    The chefs must create a dish that combines the flavors of two countries' cuisines; chef Ramsay must intervene when conflict arises during the dinner service; two chefs face elimination.
  • 2 Chefs Compete
    2 Chefs Compete
    Episode 1541 mins
    The final two contestants must create a five-course meal to be judged by distinguished figures in the Los Angeles food community; special guests attend the dinner service; the winner is chosen.

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