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Marino Monferrato, Andi Van Willigan, James Avery
Watch Hell's Kitchen. Gordon Ramsay hosts a fiery cooking competition in which the winner receives a head chef position. Stream full episodes of Hell's Kitchen and more reality tv on Peacock.

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  • 20 Chefs Compete
    Episode 141 mins
    Twenty aspiring restaurateurs hoping to impress Ramsay present their signature dishes.
  • 19 Chefs Compete
    Episode 241 mins
    Duos must accomplish basic culinary tasks during a race; challenge winners go to San Francisco.
  • 18 Chefs Compete
    Episode 341 mins
    The contestants learn about teamwork during a challenge involving pigs and potatoes.
  • 17 Chefs Compete
    Episode 441 mins
    The contestants take part in a team competition involving lobster ravioli.
  • 16 Chefs Compete
    Episode 541 mins
    The teams must pair side dishes with four different types of protein; a breakfast wedding reception.
  • 15 Chefs Compete
    Episode 640 mins
    The teams must pick a team leader for the next dinner service; a chef serves an undercooked dish.
  • 14 Chefs Compete
    Episode 741 mins
    Contestants from each team must work in pairs and present a unique pizza dish to Ramsay.
  • 13 Chefs Compete
    Episode 841 mins
    The team that prepares the most-impressive Southern-inspired menu wins a trip to Las Vegas.
  • 12 Chefs Compete
    Episode 940 mins
    The contestants must create an entree from surprise ingredients; one-on-one evaluations.
  • 11 Chefs Compete
    Episode 1040 mins
    The contestants visit Ramsay's restaurant; the teams prepare meals inspired by Ramsay's cuisine.
  • 10 Chefs Compete
    Episode 1141 mins
    A team competition tests the contestants' knowledge of pork; the teams struggle during dinner.
  • 10 Chefs Again
    Episode 1241 mins
    The chefs blindly choose ingredients from which they must create a unique dish.
  • 9 Chefs Compete
    Episode 1341 mins
    Each team creates its own menu, from which guests can order during dinner service.
  • 8 Chefs Compete
    Episode 1441 mins
    The contestants face the blind taste test, with the winning team getting an ice skating lesson.
  • 7 Chefs Compete
    Episode 1540 mins
    The teams must create high-value entrees with ingredients purchased on a small budget.
  • 7 Chefs Again
    Episode 1641 mins
    The contestants prepare a dinner service with guests from OxFam American.
  • 6 Chefs Compete
    Episode 1740 mins
    The six remaining chefs receive their black jackets and prepare tailgate food for football fans.
  • 5 Chefs Compete
    Episode 1840 mins
    The remaining contestants use leftovers to create a dish; elimination.
  • 4 Chefs Compete
    Episode 1941 mins
    The chefs sample one of Ramsay's complex entrees and then must re-create it correctly; elimination.
  • Winner Chosen
    Episode 2041 mins
    The final two contestants must prepare five unique dishes; a winner is chosen.

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