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Watch Hell's Kitchen. Gordon Ramsay hosts a fiery cooking competition in which the winner receives a head chef position. Stream full episodes of Hell's Kitchen and more reality tv on Peacock.

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Gordon Ramsay hosts a fiery cooking competition in which the winner receives a head chef position.
  • When the Wall Comes Tumbling Down
    Episode 1 - 41 mins
    New hopefuls arrive at a U.S. Army training facility, where they face the signature dish challenge.
  • Crepe Grand Prix
    Episode 2 - 41 mins
    The chefs must create 10 savory crepes; VIP guests include Noureen De Wulf and Dash Mihok.
  • The Yolks on Them
    Episode 3 - 41 mins
    The teams create dishes with ostrich meat, breaking ostrich eggs to collect other ingredients.
  • Surf Riding and Turf Fighting
    Episode 4 - 41 mins
    The teams work in pairs to complete a surf-and-turf protein relay; making sausages from scratch.
  • Walking the Plank
    Episode 5 - 41 mins
    Chefs compete in The Seven Seas Seafood Challenge; Joe Perry and Estelle are at the dinner service.
  • Let the Catfights Begin
    Episode 6 - 42 mins
    Remaining contestants use cookbooks from Gordon's library to spell out the ingredients they need.
  • Don't Tell My Fiance
    Episode 7 - 42 mins
    The remaining contestants must prepare their own interpretations of a Southern staple.
  • Dancing with the Chefs
    Episode 8 - 41 mins
    The teams prepare special menu items for the International Ballroom Invitational.
  • Spoon Fed
    Episode 9 - 41 mins
    Contestants participate in a blind taste test in which they must determine the taste of baby foods.
  • Dancing in the Grotto
    Episode 10 - 42 mins
    The remaining chefs tackle sliders; guest judges decide which team will visit the Playboy Mansion.
  • Aerial Maneuvers
    Episode 11 - 41 mins
    Taste challenge; dinner service honors major contributors to "Stand Up to Cancer."
  • Fusion Confusion
    Episode 12 - 41 mins
    Chefs team up for a challenge to combine the flavors of two countries; guest judge Roy Yamaguchi.
  • Black Jacket Lounge
    Episode 13 - 40 mins
    The chefs face three challenges to determine who receives a black jacket.
  • Playing Your Cards Right
    Episode 14 - 41 mins
    The chefs compete; guest judge Jenn Louis; guest diners Neil Everett, Pauly Shore and Erik Griffin.
  • Tequila Shots?
    Episode 15 - 41 mins
    The contestants create a unique dining experience for a group of well-known chefs.
  • Leaving It on the Line
    Episode 16 - 41 mins
    The final challenge has the chefs preparing four dishes in an hour in front of an audience.

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