Everybody Hates Chris

Everybody Hates Chris

Comedy4 SeasonsTVPG
Tyler James Williams, Terry Crews, Tichina Arnold
The trials and traumas of a teen during the 1980s.
  • Everybody Hates the Guidance Counselor
    Everybody Hates the Guidance Counselor
    Episode 120 mins
    After Chris tests poorly on a standardized exam, his teacher refers him to the school's guidance counselor (Chris Rock), who puts him through a series of mental evaluations.
  • Everybody Hates Caruso
    Everybody Hates Caruso
    Episode 220 mins
    Caruso relinquishes his role as school bully after he gets bullied himself; Julius secretly tries to find extra work when he must use his vacation days.
  • Everybody Hates Driving
    Everybody Hates Driving
    Episode 320 mins
    Chris ends up in traffic court after taking his father's car for a spin.
  • Everybody Hates Blackie
    Everybody Hates Blackie
    Episode 420 mins
    When the family gets a dog, Chris must train it to be an attack dog; Drew and Tonya must find new ways to amuse themselves without TV.
  • Everybody Hates the Bachelor Pad
    Everybody Hates the Bachelor Pad
    Episode 520 mins
    Because the family is sick, Mr. Omar agrees to look after Chris, who takes advantage of the situation by spending time alone with Tasha.
  • Everybody Hates Bed-Stuy
    Everybody Hates Bed-Stuy
    Episode 620 mins
    When Chris joins the writing staff of the school newspaper, he makes up a story about a serial killer that causes a panic in the community.
  • Everbody Hates House Guests
    Everbody Hates House Guests
    Episode 720 mins
    Greg is treated like royalty when he comes to stay with the family.
  • Everybody Hates the Minimum Wage
    Everybody Hates the Minimum Wage
    Episode 820 mins
    Chris learns a valuable lesson about the working world when he gets a new job.
  • Everybody Hates the New Kid
    Everybody Hates the New Kid
    Episode 920 mins
    When Chris bonds with a new student at school, Greg warns him to stay far away; Julius and Rochelle get an unexpected IRS refund check.
  • Everybody Hates Kwanzaa
    Everybody Hates Kwanzaa
    Episode 1021 mins
    For a school assignment, Chris must do a good deed over his holiday break; Julius decides to boycott Christmas in favor of Kwanzaa.
  • Everybody Hates the Port Authority
    Everybody Hates the Port Authority
    Episode 1120 mins
    Chris and his family decide to take a trip to attend the funeral of Julius' distant relative, but while waiting for a bus, Chris and Julius get involved in a gambling scheme and lose all their money.
  • Everybody Hates Bad Boys
    Everybody Hates Bad Boys
    Episode 1221 mins
    When Chris discovers that his crush, Tasha (Paige Hurd), likes "bad boys," he decides to lose his "nice guy" image; Julius is employee of the month and wins a free dinner at a fancy restaurant.
  • Everybody Hates the First Kiss
    Everybody Hates the First Kiss
    Episode 1321 mins
    After finding out that Tasha goes to "spin the bottle" parties, Chris is determined to get invited so he can experience his first kiss; Rochelle runs into an old boyfriend, making Julius jealous.
  • Everybody Hates Easter
    Everybody Hates Easter
    Episode 1421 mins
    When Tasha breaks up with her boyfriend, Chris steps in as her escort to the Easter Pageant, but first he has to figure out how to be in two places at once.
  • Everybody Hates Gretzky
    Everybody Hates Gretzky
    Episode 1521 mins
    Trying to keep his younger brother out of trouble, Chris reluctantly skips school to accompany Drew on a mission to find his idol, hockey player Wayne Gretzky.
  • Everybody Hates the BFD
    Everybody Hates the BFD
    Episode 1621 mins
    Chris is so desperate to raise the funds to go to a concert that he jumps at the chance to participate in Mr. Omar's scholarship fund; Rochelle's injured arm gives her a way to avoid taking care of Julius and the family.
  • Everybody Hates Ex-Cons
    Everybody Hates Ex-Cons
    Episode 1721 mins
    Chris decides to help Malvo, a career criminal recently released from prison, turn his life around and go back to high school; Julius, a die-hard Dodgers fan, feels betrayed when Drew decides he is a fan of the Mets.
  • Everybody Hates Earth Day
    Everybody Hates Earth Day
    Episode 1820 mins
    When Chris needs to come up with a school project for Earth Day, he decides to collect cans, believing it will be easy; Rochelle must go to the school to discuss Tonya's inappropriate behavior.
  • Everybody Hates Being Cool
    Everybody Hates Being Cool
    Episode 1920 mins
    On a mission to become one of the cool kids, Chris gets caught with cigarettes and is suspended from school; Tonya intercepts a call from the school and decides to blackmail him.
  • Everybody Hates the Ninth Grade Dance
    Everybody Hates the Ninth Grade Dance
    Episode 2020 mins
    When Chris is without a date for the 9th grade dance, Ms. Morello suggests that he ask the only girl who hasn't been asked yet; Tonya drives Rochelle and Julius crazy about taking ballet.
  • Everybody Hates Mother's Day
    Everybody Hates Mother's Day
    Episode 2120 mins
    Chris decides to buy an expensive bottle of perfume for his mother for Mother's Day; during some spring cleaning, Julius and Drew find an expensive collectors item among Drew's old toys.
  • Everybody Hates Graduation
    Everybody Hates Graduation
    Episode 2221 mins
    Chris' joy at graduating from junior high is short-lived when he learns his best friend will be going to a different high school.

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