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Alchemic warriors battle monsters that prey on humans.
  • A New Life
    Episode 1 - 25 mins
    Kazuki Muto's heart is replaced with an alchemical alloy after he is killed by a homunculus.
  • The True Form of Homunculus
    Episode 2 - 25 mins
    Tokiko and Kazuki investigate the haunted factory and find a homunculus incubator.
  • You've Become a Little Stronger
    Episode 3 - 23 mins
    Kazuki begins training with his lance; Tokiko and Kazuki search for the creator of the homunculus.
  • Another New Life
    Episode 4 - 23 mins
    Kazuki and Tokiko capture the creator of the homunculi, third-year student Koshaku Chono.
  • To Protect Someone
    Episode 5 - 26 mins
    Kazuki and Tokiko fall back from Washio's attack in order to form a plan.
  • The Butterfly of Black Death
    Episode 6 - 23 mins
    Koshaku's brother Jiro destroys the flask holding the homunculus.
  • Whether or Not You're A Hypocrite
    Episode 7 - 23 mins
    Kazuki is shaken by Chono calling him a hypocrite; Bravo becomes manager of the school dormitory.
  • A Night in the Dorm
    Episode 8 - 25 mins
    Bravo begins his training to turn Kazuki into an Alchemist Warrior.
  • The Hayasaka Twins
    Episode 9 - 24 mins
    Kazuki befriends Shusui, a follower of the LXE and charged with killing Alchemist Warriors.
  • It Seems We're Well Matched
    Episode 10 - 23 mins
    After learning each other's identities Kazuki and the Hayasaka twins prepare to fight.
  • Till Death Do Us Part
    Episode 11 - 26 mins
    Kazuki pleads for the twins' lives when Tokiko tries to kill them.
  • Carnival
    Episode 12 - 23 mins
    Bravo, Kazuki and Tokiko try to take down the LXE before they can revive the Warrior Traitor.
  • Signs of Death
    Episode 13 - 24 mins
    Bravo has a hard time defeating Moonface; Kazuki battles the hordes of homunculi.
  • Who Are You?
    Episode 14 - 25 mins
    Kazuki and Tokiko battle against Victor; Kazuki's kakugane is destroyed.
  • An Intermediate Existence
    Episode 15 - 23 mins
    A berserker-like Kazuki fights Victor; Victor retreats vowing to come back and settle things.
  • New Strength
    Episode 16 - 24 mins
    Bravo tells Kazuki about Victor's past.
  • When Dawn Comes
    Episode 17 - 26 mins
    Kazuki is revived by the power of the black kakugane; Tokiko vows to stay by Kazuki's side.
  • The Escape
    Episode 18 - 24 mins
    Kazuki, Tokiko and Gota head to where the black kakugane was originally located.
  • As Long as I Can Protect You
    Episode 19 - 24 mins
    Tokiko and Gota are caught in an explosion; Gota protects the injured Tokiko from Negoro.
  • With Strength and Feeling
    Episode 20 - 26 mins
    Kazuki and Bravo continue to battle.
  • Gone Into Flame
    Episode 21 - 24 mins
    Blaze of Glory engulfs everyone but the Silver Skin-equipped Bravo.
  • A Decision Is Required
    Episode 22 - 24 mins
    The Alchemist Army delivers an attack against Victor; Victor's evolution reaches its final stage.
  • Boy Meets Battle Girl
    Episode 23 - 28 mins
    Kazuki is faced with the ultimate choice of whether to use the cure on himself or Victor.
  • When You Die, I'll Die With You
    Episode 24 - 24 mins
    Kazuki decides to use the perfected white kakugane on Victor.
  • No One Could Ever Take His Place
    Episode 25 - 24 mins
    Following Kazuki and Victor's disappearance into the heavens, peace returns.
  • Period
    Episode 26 - 26 mins
    Papillon shows Tokiko the new white kakugane he has forged to return Kazuki back to human form.

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