30 Rock

30 Rock

Comedy7 SeasonsTV14
Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan
Young Liz Lemon is head writer for a late-night TV variety show in New York, based more-than-loosely on backstage shenanigans at SNL. Liz tries to juggle all the egos around her while chasing her own dream.
  • Season 4
    Season 4
    Episode 121 mins
    Jack decides changes are needed to keep TGS on top during the recession; Jenna decides to makeover her image; Tracy reaches out to the common man; Liz and Pete scout for new talent; Kenneth leads a page strike.
  • Into the Crevasse
    Into the Crevasse
    Episode 221 mins
    Jack tries to protect his job and the company when Devin returns to seek revenge; Tracy and Jenna try to make Liz's life miserable; Kenneth volunteers at an animal shelter.
  • Stone Mountain
    Stone Mountain
    Episode 321 mins
    Jack and Liz travel to Kenneth's hometown in search of new talent; Jenna tries to befriend the writers; after two celebrities die, Tracy fears he will be next.
  • Audition Day
    Audition Day
    Episode 421 mins
    Liz and Pete try to rig the audition process; Tracy and Jenna decide they should conduct their own search for the next "TGS" star.
  • The Problem Solvers
    The Problem Solvers
    Episode 521 mins
    The crew awaits the arrival of the new cast member; Tracy and Jenna rethink how they treat Kenneth; Jack offers Liz a talk show.
  • Sun Tea
    Sun Tea
    Episode 621 mins
    Liz must make a drastic change to her living arrangements when her apartment building is converted to condos; Jack and Tracy re-evaluate their plans for parenthood; Kenneth is on a mission to make the show greener.
  • Dealbreakers Talk Show No. 0001
    Dealbreakers Talk Show No. 0001
    Episode 721 mins
    Production begins on Liz's new talk show, "Dealbreakers"; dealing with pressure from Devin, Jack tries to make "Dealbreakers" a success; Tracy tries to prove his commitment to his wife.
  • Secret Santa
    Secret Santa
    Episode 822 mins
    Jack's interest in a new social-networking Web site unexpectedly connects him with a high-school crush; Kenneth tries to organize a secret Santa swap; Liz must buy a gift that is good enough for Jack.
  • Klaus and Greta
    Klaus and Greta
    Episode 921 mins
    Jack tries to take back a drunken New Year's Eve mistake; Jenna pursues a fake relationship with James Franco.
  • Black Light Attack!
    Black Light Attack!
    Episode 1021 mins
    Jack and Liz fight for Danny's attention; Tracy makes an addition to his entourage; Jenna auditions for a role on "Gossip Girl."
  • Winter Madness
    Winter Madness
    Episode 1121 mins
    Liz tries to boost morale by taking the show on the road; crew members blame Liz for their misfortunes.
  • Verna
    Episode 1221 mins
    Liz and Frank make a pact to help each other kick bad habits; Jenna's mother visits.
  • Anna Howard Shaw Day
    Anna Howard Shaw Day
    Episode 1321 mins
    Liz schedules a root canal to avoid feeling lonely on Valentine's Day; Jack woos an attractive and successful TV host; Jenna's stalker loses interest.
  • Future Husband
    Future Husband
    Episode 1421 mins
    A rumor puts Jack's future at stake; Liz tracks down a man she met in the dentist's waiting room; Jenna helps Tracy pursue a Tony award.
  • Don Geiss, America and Hope
    Don Geiss, America and Hope
    Episode 1521 mins
    Liz keeps running into Wesley (Michael Sheen), causing her to question their decision; Jack tries to secure his position in the new company.
  • Floyd
    Episode 1621 mins
    Liz's ex-boyfriend, Floyd, returns with big news; Jenna and Tracy spend a long day listening to Kenneth tell stories about his childhood.
  • Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter
    Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter
    Episode 1721 mins
    Liz and Jenna attend singles events; Jack is torn between Nancy (Julianne Moore) and news anchor Avery (Elizabeth Banks).
  • Khonani
    Episode 1821 mins
    Liz tries to prove that she can be fun; Jack is forced to make a tough decision; Kenneth helps Tracy be a good husband.
  • Argus
    Episode 1921 mins
    Liz is forced to intervene when Tracy and Dot Com both want to be the best man at Grizz's wedding; Pete and Liz are suspicious of Jenna's new boyfriend (Will Forte).
  • The Moms
    The Moms
    Episode 2021 mins
    Liz meets her mother's old flame; Jack's mother gets involved in his relationships with Avery and Nancy; Jenna's mother returns.
  • Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land
    Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land
    Episode 2121 mins
    Jack turns to Liz for advice with his love triangle; Liz tries to reignite a spark with a former boyfriend.
  • I Do Do
    I Do Do
    Episode 2222 mins
    Liz meets the man of her dreams; Jack's love triangle comes to a head; Kenneth tries to avoid a promotion that would send him to Los Angeles.

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