30 Rock

30 Rock

Comedy7 SeasonsTV14
Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan
Young Liz Lemon is head writer for a late-night TV variety show in New York, based more-than-loosely on backstage shenanigans at SNL. Liz tries to juggle all the egos around her while chasing her own dream.
  • Pilot
    Episode 122 mins
    The head writer at a comedy show finds her world turned upside-down when a brash new studio executive interferes, forcing her to add a wildly unpredictable movie star to the cast.
  • The Aftermath
    The Aftermath
    Episode 221 mins
    Liz's new boss forces creative changes to her show; the writing staff and cast learn how to deal with a new star's antics.
  • Blind Date
    Blind Date
    Episode 321 mins
    Jack sets Liz up on a blind date with his friend Thomas; Jack infiltrates the writers' weekly poker game.
  • Jack the Writer
    Jack the Writer
    Episode 421 mins
    Liz fights to keep Jack out of the writers' room and to keep Cerie in her clothes; Kenneth learns that a job with Tracy Jordan is more than he bargained for.
  • Jack-Tor
    Episode 521 mins
    Liz integrates Jack into a sketch; Frank and Toofer trick Jenna into fearing for her job; Liz wonders if Tracy is faking illiteracy to skip rehearsals.
  • Jack Meets Dennis
    Jack Meets Dennis
    Episode 621 mins
    Liz confesses she went back to her ex (Dean Winters) because he asked; Jack takes it upon himself to be Liz's mentor.
  • Tracy Does Conan
    Tracy Does Conan
    Episode 721 mins
    Jack bumps Jenna's scheduled appearance on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" by booking new star Tracy.
  • The Break-Up
    The Break-Up
    Episode 821 mins
    Liz dumps her beeper-salesman boyfriend and hits the New York singles scene with Jenna; Jack realizes that dating a high-ranking official in the president's administration is harder than he thought.
  • The Baby Show
    The Baby Show
    Episode 921 mins
    Liz contemplates her marital and maternal future; Jack deals with his own mommy issues.
  • The Rural Juror
    The Rural Juror
    Episode 1021 mins
    Jenna anxiously awaits the release of her independent film; Tracy creates his own celebrity product to endorse.
  • The Head and the Hair
    The Head and the Hair
    Episode 1121 mins
    Liz and Jenna decide to get serious about their dating lives but, unexpectedly, find themselves switching their typical roles.
  • Black Tie
    Black Tie
    Episode 1221 mins
    Liz accompanies Jack to a birthday celebration for a prince (Paul Reubens); Tracy tempts Pete with a beer-filled party at the office.
  • Up All Night
    Up All Night
    Episode 1321 mins
    Pete forgets Valentine's Day as the cast pulls an all-nighter to put together a new show; Liz is curious when she receives flowers from a secret admirer.
  • The C Word
    The C Word
    Episode 1421 mins
    Liz decides she needs a more lax management-style; Jack's plan to take Tracy to an exclusive corporate event backfires.
  • Hard Ball
    Hard Ball
    Episode 1521 mins
    Jack negotiates Josh's new contract; Tracy awards Kenneth a spot in his entourage; Jenna gets into hot water over a misquote in a popular magazine.
  • The Source Awards
    The Source Awards
    Episode 1621 mins
    Jack gets a hip-hop producer (LL Cool J) to endorse his family's line of wines; Kenneth and Tracy attend the Source Awards.
  • The Fighting Irish
    The Fighting Irish
    Episode 1721 mins
    Jack gives his down-and-out brother (Nathan Lane) a job at the show; Liz must make staff cutbacks; Tracy seeks spiritual fulfillment with Kenneth's help.
  • Fireworks
    Episode 1821 mins
    When a sneaky West Coast executive (Will Arnett) threatens him, Jack enlists Kenneth to help save his job; Tracy is served with paternity papers.
  • Corporate Crush
    Corporate Crush
    Episode 1921 mins
    Liz is happy in her new relationship with Floyd (Jason Sudeikis); a company executive (Rip Torn) warns Jack that he is keeping an eye on his performance.
  • Cleveland
    Episode 2021 mins
    Floyd (Jason Sudeikis) asks Liz if she would consider a move to the Midwest; Jack rushes to Paris and then the altar with Phoebe (Emily Mortimer).
  • Hiatus
    Episode 2122 mins
    Liz deals with the difficulties of her long-distance relationship while trying to find Tracy; Jack's impending wedding brings his mother (Elaine Stritch) to town.
  • Seinfeld Vision
    Seinfeld Vision
    Episode 121 mins
    Jack tells Liz that, despite what she thinks, she is not over Floyd; Jack has a plan to insert "Seinfeld" footage into the network's current shows.
  • Jack Gets in the Game
    Jack Gets in the Game
    Episode 221 mins
    On the heels of Jack's realization that Don Geiss may be retiring, Jack's nemesis returns, engaged to Don's daughter; Liz tries to get her life in order.
  • The Collection
    The Collection
    Episode 321 mins
    Jack learns he must give up his secret collection of cookie jars; Tracy's wife (Sherri Shepherd) announces that she will stay with him at all times to make sure he behaves.
  • Rosemary's Baby
    Rosemary's Baby
    Episode 421 mins
    Liz invites her idol (Carrie Fisher) to be a guest writer on the show, but her ideas are too controversial; Kenneth must compete to keep his job.
  • Greenzo
    Episode 521 mins
    As part of a companywide environmental initiative, Jack creates a green mascot for the network; Kenneth plans his annual house party.
  • Somebody to Love
    Somebody to Love
    Episode 621 mins
    When Jack attends a cocktail party, he falls for a Vermont congresswoman (Edie Falco); Liz suspects her Middle Eastern neighbor of being a terrorist.
  • Cougars
    Episode 720 mins
    Jack takes a special interest in an inner-city Little League team from the worst neighborhood in New York; a new, young employee asks Liz to a gallery opening.
  • Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies
    Episode 821 mins
    C.C. wants to go public with her relationship with Jack, who is reluctant; Liz continues to appease both Tracy and Jenna as stars of "TGS With Tracy Jordan."
  • Ludachristmas
    Episode 922 mins
    Tracy cannot participate in the staff's annual Ludachristmas party; Liz's parents (Buck Henry, Anita Gillette) and brother (Andy Richter) come to gloat over her.
  • Episode 210
    Episode 210
    Episode 1021 mins
    Jack meets with German TV executives to close a deal on a cable network; Liz must appear before the co-op board before she can purchase an apartment she wants; Kenneth tries coffee for the first time when Tracy buys a cappuccino machine.
  • MILF Island
    MILF Island
    Episode 1121 mins
    Jack, riding high on the success of a new reality show, "MILF Island," is blindsided by a newspaper item revealing disparaging comments one of his employees made.
  • Subway Hero
    Subway Hero
    Episode 1221 mins
    Liz's ex-boyfriend, Dennis, becomes New York's newest celebrity after jumping in front of a train to save a stranger who fell on the tracks; Jack tries to convince Tracy to become the celebrity face of the Republican Party.
  • Succession
    Episode 1321 mins
    Don Geiss decides to name Jack his successor as the chairman of GE, but a shocking turn of events involving Geiss' health jeopardizes Jack's promotion; Tracy thinks his career embarrasses his son.
  • Sandwich Day
    Sandwich Day
    Episode 1420 mins
    Floyd, Liz's ex-boyfriend, needs a place to stay overnight after his flight is canceled; Jack is demoted to the 12th floor, causing him to question his future with the company.
  • Cooter
    Episode 1523 mins
    Jack's new political role is not what he expected, so he partners with another government employee (Matthew Broderick) to try to get fired; Liz adjusts to life without Jack and deals with a pregnancy scare.
  • Do-Over
    Episode 121 mins
    Liz tries to stop the staff from ruining her chances at adopting a child when an adoption agent (Megan Mullally) makes a visit to the set; Jack returns from D.C. with a plan to reclaim his position from Devin Banks (Will Arnett).
  • The One With the Cast of Night Court
    The One With the Cast of Night Court
    Episode 321 mins
    Liz and Jenna's friend Claire (Jennifer Aniston) visits and falls for Jack; Tracy tries to cheer up Kenneth by turning one of his dreams into a reality.
  • Gavin Volure
    Gavin Volure
    Episode 421 mins
    Gavin Volure, an eccentric businessman, invites Jack and Liz to a dinner party at his mansion; Tracy thinks his kids are being too nice to him and fears for his life.
  • Reunion
    Episode 521 mins
    Jack convinces Liz that she should go to her high school reunion; Don Geiss (Rip Torn) wakes up from his coma and shocks Jack with a declaration about who will be the company's CEO.
  • Christmas Special
    Christmas Special
    Episode 621 mins
    Liz finds herself alone for the holidays when her parents leave to spend Christmas at a couples-only retreat; Jack plans a dream holiday vacation away from his mother (Elaine Stritch); the crew is asked to produce a last-minute Christmas special.
  • Señor macho solo
    Señor macho solo
    Episode 721 mins
    Jenna fears that Liz's attraction to a new guy (Peter Dinklage) is related to her desire for a baby; Jack helps Tracy and his wife (Sherri Shepherd) arrange a "post-nup."
  • Flu Shot
    Flu Shot
    Episode 821 mins
    While flu spreads quickly among the cast and crew, Jack is selective about who receives vaccinations from Dr. Spaceman (Chris Parnell).
  • Retreat to Move Forward
    Retreat to Move Forward
    Episode 921 mins
    Jack, nervous about attending a corporate retreat, persuades Liz to accompany him for support; when Jenna decides to use method acting to prepare for a role she finds herself at Frank's mercy.
  • Generalissimo
    Episode 1021 mins
    Liz discovers she has a handsome, single neighbor she would like to meet; Jack is determined to win over Elisa's grandmother; the new interns ask Tracy out for a night of partying.
  • St. Valentine's Day
    St. Valentine's Day
    Episode 1121 mins
    Not realizing it's going to be a holiday, Liz insists that she and Drew have their first official date on Valentine's Day; Kenneth tries to win the affections of a new staffer.
  • Larry King
    Larry King
    Episode 1221 mins
    Jack thinks about taking his relationship with Elisa to the next level; Tracy's interview with Larry King sends the city into a panic.
  • Goodbye, My Friend
    Goodbye, My Friend
    Episode 1321 mins
    Liz befriends a pregnant teen in hope of adopting her baby; Jenna tries to get more attention from the staff as her birthday approaches; Jack and Frank bond over their daddy issues.
  • The Funcooker
    The Funcooker
    Episode 1421 mins
    The TGS cast and crew are left unmanaged when Liz can't get out of jury duty; Jack gets absorbed in launching a new product.
  • The Bubble
    The Bubble
    Episode 1521 mins
    Liz discovers that Drew's charm and good looks have brought him special treatment; Jack tries to convince Tracy to stay at TGS after his contract expires.
  • Apollo, Apollo
    Apollo, Apollo
    Episode 1621 mins
    Jack plans his 50th birthday party; Liz's ex-boyfriend, Dennis, makes a confession that stirs up drama between Jenna and Liz; Pete and Kenneth try to make Tracy's childhood dream come true.
  • Cutbacks
    Episode 1721 mins
    TGS employees worry about upcoming budget cuts; Tracy and Jenna think that Kenneth is hiding a dark secret.
  • Jackie Jormp-Jomp
    Jackie Jormp-Jomp
    Episode 1821 mins
    Liz must find a way to occupy her time during a short-term suspension from work; Jack asks Jenna to create promotional buzz when the film studio has second thoughts about releasing her Janis Joplin biopic.
  • The Ones
    The Ones
    Episode 1921 mins
    Jack shops for an engagement ring; Liz finds out that Elisa is keeping a secret; Jenna falls for an attractive EMT.
  • The Natural Order
    The Natural Order
    Episode 2021 mins
    Tracy decides to start acting like a professional; Jack's mother reveals unpleasant memories about Jack's father; Jenna gets a pet gibbon.
  • Mama Mia
    Mama Mia
    Episode 2121 mins
    Tracy and Liz convince Jack to start the search for his real father; Pete and Liz question the motives of Tracy's newly discovered illegitimate son; Liz and Jenna fight for the spotlight.
  • Kidney Now!
    Kidney Now!
    Episode 2221 mins
    Jack starts to build a relationship with his biological father; Liz gets attention as a relationship expert; Kenneth helps Tracy overcome embarrassing memories.
  • Season 4
    Season 4
    Episode 121 mins
    Jack decides changes are needed to keep TGS on top during the recession; Jenna decides to makeover her image; Tracy reaches out to the common man; Liz and Pete scout for new talent; Kenneth leads a page strike.
  • Into the Crevasse
    Into the Crevasse
    Episode 221 mins
    Jack tries to protect his job and the company when Devin returns to seek revenge; Tracy and Jenna try to make Liz's life miserable; Kenneth volunteers at an animal shelter.
  • Stone Mountain
    Stone Mountain
    Episode 321 mins
    Jack and Liz travel to Kenneth's hometown in search of new talent; Jenna tries to befriend the writers; after two celebrities die, Tracy fears he will be next.
  • Audition Day
    Audition Day
    Episode 421 mins
    Liz and Pete try to rig the audition process; Tracy and Jenna decide they should conduct their own search for the next "TGS" star.
  • The Problem Solvers
    The Problem Solvers
    Episode 521 mins
    The crew awaits the arrival of the new cast member; Tracy and Jenna rethink how they treat Kenneth; Jack offers Liz a talk show.
  • Sun Tea
    Sun Tea
    Episode 621 mins
    Liz must make a drastic change to her living arrangements when her apartment building is converted to condos; Jack and Tracy re-evaluate their plans for parenthood; Kenneth is on a mission to make the show greener.
  • Dealbreakers Talk Show No. 0001
    Dealbreakers Talk Show No. 0001
    Episode 721 mins
    Production begins on Liz's new talk show, "Dealbreakers"; dealing with pressure from Devin, Jack tries to make "Dealbreakers" a success; Tracy tries to prove his commitment to his wife.
  • Secret Santa
    Secret Santa
    Episode 822 mins
    Jack's interest in a new social-networking Web site unexpectedly connects him with a high-school crush; Kenneth tries to organize a secret Santa swap; Liz must buy a gift that is good enough for Jack.
  • Klaus and Greta
    Klaus and Greta
    Episode 921 mins
    Jack tries to take back a drunken New Year's Eve mistake; Jenna pursues a fake relationship with James Franco.
  • Black Light Attack!
    Black Light Attack!
    Episode 1021 mins
    Jack and Liz fight for Danny's attention; Tracy makes an addition to his entourage; Jenna auditions for a role on "Gossip Girl."
  • Winter Madness
    Winter Madness
    Episode 1121 mins
    Liz tries to boost morale by taking the show on the road; crew members blame Liz for their misfortunes.
  • Verna
    Episode 1221 mins
    Liz and Frank make a pact to help each other kick bad habits; Jenna's mother visits.
  • Anna Howard Shaw Day
    Anna Howard Shaw Day
    Episode 1321 mins
    Liz schedules a root canal to avoid feeling lonely on Valentine's Day; Jack woos an attractive and successful TV host; Jenna's stalker loses interest.
  • Future Husband
    Future Husband
    Episode 1421 mins
    A rumor puts Jack's future at stake; Liz tracks down a man she met in the dentist's waiting room; Jenna helps Tracy pursue a Tony award.
  • Don Geiss, America and Hope
    Don Geiss, America and Hope
    Episode 1521 mins
    Liz keeps running into Wesley (Michael Sheen), causing her to question their decision; Jack tries to secure his position in the new company.
  • Floyd
    Episode 1621 mins
    Liz's ex-boyfriend, Floyd, returns with big news; Jenna and Tracy spend a long day listening to Kenneth tell stories about his childhood.
  • Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter
    Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter
    Episode 1721 mins
    Liz and Jenna attend singles events; Jack is torn between Nancy (Julianne Moore) and news anchor Avery (Elizabeth Banks).
  • Khonani
    Episode 1821 mins
    Liz tries to prove that she can be fun; Jack is forced to make a tough decision; Kenneth helps Tracy be a good husband.
  • Argus
    Episode 1921 mins
    Liz is forced to intervene when Tracy and Dot Com both want to be the best man at Grizz's wedding; Pete and Liz are suspicious of Jenna's new boyfriend (Will Forte).
  • The Moms
    The Moms
    Episode 2021 mins
    Liz meets her mother's old flame; Jack's mother gets involved in his relationships with Avery and Nancy; Jenna's mother returns.
  • Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land
    Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land
    Episode 2121 mins
    Jack turns to Liz for advice with his love triangle; Liz tries to reignite a spark with a former boyfriend.
  • I Do Do
    I Do Do
    Episode 2222 mins
    Liz meets the man of her dreams; Jack's love triangle comes to a head; Kenneth tries to avoid a promotion that would send him to Los Angeles.
  • The Fabian Strategy
    The Fabian Strategy
    Episode 121 mins
    Jack meddles in Liz's burgeoning relationship with Carol (Matt Damon); Tracy has trouble dealing with Kenneth's termination as a page; Jenna becomes the show's newest producer.
  • When It Rains, It Pours
    When It Rains, It Pours
    Episode 221 mins
    Liz uses her newfound confidence to solve Pete's problem with a difficult editor (Paul Giamatti); Jack tries to cheat mortality; Tracy vows to be present when his wife gives birth.
  • Let's Stay Together
    Let's Stay Together
    Episode 321 mins
    Jack must appear before Congress to discuss the network's merger with KableTown; when one congresswoman (Queen Latifah) demands more diversity in programming, Jack enlists Tracy to come up with new show ideas.
  • Reaganing
    Episode 521 mins
    While having a perfect day, Jack tries to help Liz figure out her relationship with Carol; Jenna and Kenneth ask Kelsey Grammer for help; Tracy shoots a commercial for the Boys and Girls Club.
  • Gentleman's Intermission
    Gentleman's Intermission
    Episode 621 mins
    Avery pushes Jack to set boundaries in his relationship with Liz; Liz's father tries to recapture his youth during a visit; Tracy wants Kenneth's help in reinventing himself.
  • Brooklyn Without Limits
    Brooklyn Without Limits
    Episode 721 mins
    Jack tries to influence a congressional election to help a candidate (John Slattery) for the benefit of the network; Jenna helps Liz find the perfect pair of jeans.
  • College
    Episode 821 mins
    Jack tries to find glitches in the parent company's latest microwave designs; Liz partakes in a crew lottery; the show's writers discover that Jack is the voice of an online dictionary's pronunciation guide.
  • Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish
    Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish
    Episode 921 mins
    Jack thinks Liz should see a therapist when she worries that Carol is getting bored; Tracy tries to convince Jack to invest in his son's restaurant.
  • Mrs. Donaghy
    Mrs. Donaghy
    Episode 1121 mins
    Budget cuts impact the TGS staff; Liz tries to use Jack's mistake to her advantage; Jenna shares a dressing room with Danny; Tracy receives disturbing news.
  • Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning
    Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning
    Episode 1221 mins
    When Tracy has a reality TV crew follow him, Liz tries to use it to her benefit; Jack pre-records natural disaster telethons in hope of making a profit; Lutz tells a lie.
  • ¡Qué sorpresa!
    ¡Qué sorpresa!
    Episode 1321 mins
    Jack hopes to impress Kabletown's owner; Liz tries to help Avery hide her pregnancy from a competitive co-worker (Vanessa Minnillo); Tracy and Jenna have a hard time sharing a gift from their new bosses.
  • Double-Edged Sword
    Double-Edged Sword
    Episode 1421 mins
    Avery (Elizabeth Banks) goes into labor while she and Jack are vacationing in Canada; Liz and Carol (Matt Damon) plan a romantic getaway but their plane is stuck on the tarmac; Tracy has an unwanted responsibility.
  • It's Never Too Late for Now
    It's Never Too Late for Now
    Episode 1521 mins
    Jenna tries to prove to Liz that love still exists; Jack has trouble negotiating his nanny's salary; Pete and Frank start a band.
  • TGS Hates Women
    TGS Hates Women
    Episode 1621 mins
    Liz hires a new female comic to combat claims of misogyny at TGS; Jack tries to take out his competition -- who happens to be the executive's granddaughter -- for becoming successor to Kabletown.
  • Queen of Jordan
    Queen of Jordan
    Episode 1721 mins
    Liz tries to convince Angie to lure Tracy back home; Jack is embarrassed by the "Queen of Jordan" cameras; a former flame causes Frank to question his maturity.
  • Plan B
    Plan B
    Episode 1821 mins
    Liz tries to convince everyone that the show's hiatus is temporary; Jack turns to his nemesis, Devin Banks (Will Arnett), for help.
  • I Heart Connecticut
    I Heart Connecticut
    Episode 1921 mins
    Liz and Kenneth try to track Tracy down; Jack helps Jenna with her new project; Pete challenges the writers and crew to a contest.
  • 100: Part 1
    100: Part 1
    Episode 2021 mins
    Hank wants to cancel "TGS," but Jack convinces him to let the cast and crew prove themselves with their 100th episode.
  • 100: Part 2
    100: Part 2
    Episode 2121 mins
    Hank wants to cancel "TGS," but Jack convinces him to let the cast and crew prove themselves with their 100th episode.
  • Everything Sunny All the Time Always
    Everything Sunny All the Time Always
    Episode 2221 mins
    Liz encounters an obstacle while trying to fix up her dream apartment; Jack must deal with a hostage situation; Tracy finds out Kenneth, Dotcom and Grizz got closer while he was away.
  • Respawn
    Episode 2321 mins
    Tracy interrupts Liz's summer vacation; Jack feels lonely and turns to Kenneth; Jenna must choose between being the Wool Council spokeswoman and her relationship with Paul.
  • Dance Like Nobody's Watching
    Dance Like Nobody's Watching
    Episode 121 mins
    Jack questions the family value of the network's new talent competition; Tracy gets frustrated at his inability to upset Liz; Kenneth prepares for the Rapture.
  • Idiots Are People Two!
    Idiots Are People Two!
    Episode 221 mins
    A video of Tracy on an offensive rant leaks online; Jack refuses to approve of Liz's boyfriend; Kenneth and Jenna turn to Kelsey Grammer for help.
  • Idiots Are People Three!
    Idiots Are People Three!
    Episode 321 mins
    Tracy leads a protest defending idiots everywhere; Jack finds time to face off with Devin Banks (Will Arnett) and meddle in Liz's relationship by issuing Criss (James Marsden) an ultimatum.
  • The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell
    The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell
    Episode 421 mins
    Liz tries to find a new best friend after being betrayed by Jenna; Tracy thinks about death; a misdelivered gift causes Jack some embarrassment.
  • Today You Are a Man
    Today You Are a Man
    Episode 521 mins
    Liz and Jack clash over her contract; Kenneth changes his page assignment; Tracy and Jenna get a job entertaining at a bar mitzvah.
  • Hey, Baby, What's Wrong Pt. 1
    Hey, Baby, What's Wrong Pt. 1
    Episode 621 mins
    Criss (James Marsden) and Liz need a dining room table for their Valentine's Day celebration; Jack spends time with his mother-in-law (Mary Steenburgen); Frank and Tracy try to find a date for Lutz.
  • Hey, Baby, What's Wrong Pt. 2
    Hey, Baby, What's Wrong Pt. 2
    Episode 721 mins
    Criss (James Marsden) and Liz need a dining room table for their Valentine's Day celebration; Jack spends time with his mother-in-law (Mary Steenburgen); Frank and Tracy try to find a date for Lutz.
  • The Tuxedo Begins
    The Tuxedo Begins
    Episode 821 mins
    After Jack is mugged, he decides to run for mayor so he can protect the city's elite; Liz puts herself ahead of the good of the city; Jenna and Paul try acting like an average couple.
  • Leap Day
    Leap Day
    Episode 921 mins
    Jack gains a greater appreciation for leap day; Liz helps Jenna seduce an Internet billionaire; Tracy enlists the writers to help him spend a restaurant gift card that is nearly expired.
  • Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky
    Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky
    Episode 1021 mins
    In hope of hiding his relationship with Lynn (Susan Sarandon), Frank tries to convince his mother (Patti LuPone) that he is dating Liz; Jenna and Tracy try to determine what happened to Pete's missing whisky.
  • Standards and Practices
    Standards and Practices
    Episode 1121 mins
    Jenna constructs a surprising plan to get publicity; Jack ends up parenting his teenage nemesis, Kaylie Hooper (Chloe Grace Moretz); Liz rejects Kenneth's new authority over TGS.
  • St. Patrick's Day
    St. Patrick's Day
    Episode 1221 mins
    Feeling unworthy of a recent award, Jack tries to redeem himself by challenging the writers to a strategic game; Liz thinks she is cursed when her ex-boyfriend, Dennis (Dean Winters), shows up and tries to derail her relationship with Criss.
  • Grandmentor
    Episode 1321 mins
    Liz tries to mentor Hazel; struggling to let go of his page duties, Kenneth goes to extremes to ensure Tracy is taken care of; Jack and Jenna scheme to get Avery back in the news.
  • Kidnapped by Danger
    Kidnapped by Danger
    Episode 1421 mins
    Liz's version of Jack and Avery's romance leaves Jack confused about his feelings for Diana; Jenna and Tracy battle Weird Al Yankovic; Kenneth gets a new job at the network.
  • The Shower Principle
    The Shower Principle
    Episode 1521 mins
    Jack works to come up with an idea that will transform KableTown; Liz tries to stick to her new hobby; Jenna thinks she is cursed; Hazel obsesses over Liz.
  • Nothing Left to Lose
    Nothing Left to Lose
    Episode 1621 mins
    Pete's self-evaluation spurs Jack to take him on as a project; Tracy discovers he likes the way Liz smells; Kenneth helps Jenna with revenge.
  • Meet the Woggels!
    Meet the Woggels!
    Episode 1721 mins
    Liz encourages Jack to open up to his ailing mother; Jenna dates a musician; Tracy tries to convince his son to forgo college.
  • Murphy Brown Lied to Us
    Murphy Brown Lied to Us
    Episode 1821 mins
    Jack sets Liz up on a date to illustrate what she's missing with Criss; Jack's plan to manufacture couches hits a speed bump; Tracy helps Jenna stage a public meltdown.
  • Queen of Jordan 2: Mystery of the Phantom Pooper
    Queen of Jordan 2: Mystery of the Phantom Pooper
    Episode 2021 mins
    Angie brings "Queen of Jordan" back to "TGS"; news about Avery forces Jack to confront his feelings for her mother; Liz finds herself in a feud.
  • The Return of Avery Jessup
    The Return of Avery Jessup
    Episode 2121 mins
    Jack becomes suspicious when Avery seems unaffected by the news of his indiscretions; Liz embarrasses Criss when she embraces her role as breadwinner; Tracy and Kenneth help Jenna find a sponsor for her wedding.
  • What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?
    What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?
    Episode 2221 mins
    Jack asks Liz to officiate his and Avery's vow renewal; Criss tries to prove his worth to Liz; Tracy meets with Cornel West.
  • The Beginning of the End
    The Beginning of the End
    Episode 121 mins
    Liz is shocked by the poor quality of the programming Jack has planned for fall; Jenna asks Liz to be her bridesmaid; Hazel and Kenneth invite Tracy to a dinner party.
  • Governor Dunston
    Governor Dunston
    Episode 222 mins
    Jack and Liz butt heads over political satire on the show; Liz tries to spice up her love life; Jenna learns that Kenneth's mother and her boyfriend still buy music.
  • Stride of Pride
    Stride of Pride
    Episode 321 mins
    Liz has her hands full as she tries to protect Jenna from bad press and prove to Tracy that women are funny; Jack experiments with an unconventional dating strategy.
  • Unwindulax
    Episode 421 mins
    Liz and Jack compete to influence voters in the presidential election; the writers mess with Jenna as she struggles to appease her new fan base.
  • There's No I in America
    There's No I in America
    Episode 521 mins
    Recognizing Jenna's political influence, Liz and Jack stage a debate to win her followers; Kenneth looks to Tracy for voting advice; Pete tries to recreate the magic of the last election.
  • Aunt Phatso vs. Jack Donaghy
    Aunt Phatso vs. Jack Donaghy
    Episode 621 mins
    When Tracy portrays Jack as a villian in a movie, Jack and Tracy engage in a battle of wits; Liz takes Jack's advice and puts her needs above those of the show; Jenna tries to protect Kenneth from Hazel's manipulation.
  • Mazel Tov, Dummies!
    Mazel Tov, Dummies!
    Episode 721 mins
    An encounter with Dennis spurs Liz and Criss to step up their efforts to start a family; Jack and Jenna reflect on their self-worth; Tracy gets an upsetting medical diagnosis.
  • My Whole Life Is Thunder
    My Whole Life Is Thunder
    Episode 821 mins
    Jenna's envy pushes Liz over the edge; Jack forms a plan to avoid disappointing his mother (Elaine Stritch); Tracy tries to cheer up Kenneth.
  • Game Over
    Game Over
    Episode 921 mins
    Jack asks Devin Banks (Will Arnett) to help him discredit Kaylie Hooper (Chloë Moretz), Jack's teenage nemesis and KableTown's future CEO; Liz considers her options as she tries to become a mother; Tracy directs Octavia Spencer in his movie.
  • Florida
    Episode 1021 mins
    When Jack persuades Liz to go to Florida with him, they make a shocking discovery about his mother; Jenna and Tracy assume responsibility for the show in Liz's absence, resulting in disaster for Kenneth.
  • A Goon's Deed in a Weary World
    A Goon's Deed in a Weary World
    Episode 1121 mins
    Criss and Liz receive unexpected news; Liz tries to rally the staff and save TGS from cancellation; Kenneth interferes as Jack tries to select the new president of NBC.
  • Hogcock!
    Episode 1221 mins
    As Jack takes stock of his life, Liz struggles with her new role as a stay-at-home mother; Kenneth settles into his new job; the cast and crew come together for one last episode of TGS.
  • Last Lunch
    Last Lunch
    Episode 1321 mins
    As Jack takes stock of his life, Liz struggles with her new role as a stay-at-home mother; Kenneth settles into his new job; the cast and crew come together for one last episode of TGS.

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