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Yellowstone Cast

All Yellowstone. All Here. Streaming Exclusively.

Yellowstone Cast Image

Yellowstone Cast
All Yellowstone. All Here. Streaming Exclusively.

Meet the Cast of Yellowstone

Get to know the members of the Dutton family and other locals who make up the cast of Yellowstone.

John Dutton Image

Kevin Costner

John Dutton

The Dutton patriarch and head of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, John will do anything to protect his land and his legacy.

Beth Dutton Image

Kelly Reilly

Beth Dutton

The strong-willed only daughter of the Dutton clan works as a banker and has a low tolerance for ranch life.

Rip Wheeler Image

Cole Hauser

Rip Wheeler

The foreman of the Dutton ranch was taken in by John Dutton as a boy, and has a lifelong loyalty to the family.

Kayce Dutton Image

Luke Grimes

Kayce Dutton

The youngest child of John Dutton, Kayce is a skilled horseman and a rebellious son. He is married to Monica, a local Native American.

Jamie Image

Wes Bentley

Jamie Dutton

Jamie is the attorney son of John Dutton, which comes in handy for family business.

Monica Dutton Image

Kelsey Asbille

Monica Long Dutton

Monica is Kayce Dutton’s Native American wife, and the granddaughter of an important local tribal elder.

Jimmy Image

Jefferson White

Jimmy Hurdstrom

A ranch hand on the Dutton’s ranch, Jimmy was a troubled youth before John Dutton agreed to give him a job.

Chief Rainwater Image

Gil Birmingham

Chief Thomas Rainwater

The leader of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation is a savvy businessman who is determined to protect the rights of the local tribes.

Tate Image

Brecken Merrill

Tate Dutton

Son of Kayce and Monica Dutton

Frequently Asked Questions

The cast of Yellowstone includes Kevin Coster (Josh Dutton), Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton), Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler), Kelsey Asbille (Monica Dutton), Jefferson White (Jimmy Hurdstrom), Gabriel (Gator) Guilbeau (Gator the Cook).

New members of the cast include Jacki Weaver (Caroline Warner), Piper Perabo (Summer Higgins), Kathryn Kelly (Emily), and Finn Little (Carter).

Kevin Costner plays John Dutton in Yellowstone.