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  • The Sharpshooter
    Episode 126 mins
    Lucas and Mark McCain settle near North Fork.
  • Home Ranch
    Episode 226 mins
    Two tough hired hands beat up Lucas and burn his ranch to get him to move off his land.
  • End of a Young Gun
    Episode 326 mins
    Lucas is forced to give refuge to a young bank robber.
  • The Marshal
    Episode 425 mins
    Lucas gives a once-famous marshal a chance for rehabilitation.
  • The Brother-in-Law
    Episode 525 mins
    Lucas has in-law trouble when his late wife's brother arrives in town.
  • Eight Hours to Die
    Episode 625 mins
    Mark is kidnapped by a man who blames Lucas for his own son's death.
  • Duel of Honor
    Episode 725 mins
    An Italian count arrives in North Fork and challenges the town bully to a duel.
  • The Safe Guard
    Episode 825 mins
    A new bank in North Fork is in danger of being robbed.
  • The Sister
    Episode 926 mins
    Mark tries to play Cupid for his father and a pretty young stranger who arrives in town.
  • New Orleans Menace
    Episode 1025 mins
    A criminal threatens to harm Mark unless Lucas sells him the ranch.
  • The Apprentice Sheriff
    Episode 1125 mins
    A young man takes over the duties of the sheriff, who is out of town.
  • The Young Englishman
    Episode 1225 mins
    Lucas suspects a nobleman who recently arrived from England of cattle rustling.
  • The Angry Gun
    Episode 1325 mins
    Lucas and Mark are robbed while riding the stage back from a cattle sale.
  • The Gaucho
    Episode 1426 mins
    An Argentine family moves to North Fork and settles next to Lucas' ranch.
  • The Pet
    Episode 1525 mins
    Lucas and Mark find themselves exposed to anthrax when they adopt a horse.
  • The Sheridan Story
    Episode 1626 mins
    A broken confederate soldier confronts Gen. Phil Sheridan at the McCain ranch.
  • The Retired Gun
    Episode 1726 mins
    Outlaws hunt a retired gunfighter who has settled in North Fork.
  • The Photographer
    Episode 1825 mins
    Lucas' old friend, a traveling photographer, is accused of murder.
  • Shivaree
    Episode 1925 mins
    A young couple traveling in a wagon train causes trouble for all of North Fork.
  • The Dead-Eye Kid
    Episode 2025 mins
    A smart-aleck boy from Brooklyn comes west to seek his fortune.
  • The Indian
    Episode 2126 mins
    A U.S. marshal arrives in North Fork to escort an indigenous prisoner back east for trial.
  • The Boarding House
    Episode 2226 mins
    A woman whom Lucas remembers as a card cheat opens a boardinghouse in town.
  • The Second Witness
    Episode 2325 mins
    Lucas risks his life when he offers to appear as a witness in a murder trial.
  • The Trade
    Episode 2426 mins
    An outlaw will surrender if his sweetheart gets the reward money.
  • One Went to Denver
    Episode 2526 mins
    Lucas' old friend arrives for an unexpected visit.
  • The Deadly Wait
    Episode 2625 mins
    An old enemy of Marshal Micah Torrance arrives in town, bent on revenge.
  • The Wrong Man
    Episode 2726 mins
    A marshal from another territory comes to North Fork looking for a wanted man.
  • The Challenge
    Episode 2826 mins
    An escaped killer barricades himself and his two companions in the North Fork general store.
  • The Hawk
    Episode 2926 mins
    Mark meets a stranger Lucas suspects of being a wanted man.
  • Three-Legged Terror
    Episode 3025 mins
    A young man wants an education, despite his uncle's objections.
  • The Angry Man
    Episode 3126 mins
    The young son of a neighboring rancher is seriously hurt in an accident.
  • The Woman
    Episode 3226 mins
    The North Fork schoolteacher is pressured to leave town because of her progressive ideas.
  • The Money Gun
    Episode 3325 mins
    A hired gunman arrives in town to kill a man Lucas has hated for years.
  • A Matter of Faith
    Episode 3426 mins
    A trail bum arrives in North Fork during a drought claiming to be a water witch.
  • Blood Brothers
    Episode 3525 mins
    Lucas gives his blood to save a dying man.
  • Stranger at Night
    Episode 3625 mins
    Mark, returning home from school, stumbles on the body of an unidentified man.
  • The Raid
    Episode 3726 mins
    Mark is kidnapped.
  • Outlaw's Inheritance
    Episode 3825 mins
    Railroad officials debate whether to build a new line to North Fork or Center City.
  • Boomerang
    Episode 3925 mins
    The bank forecloses on a rancher behind on his loan payments.
  • The Mind Reader
    Episode 4026 mins
    A rancher is shot by an unknown killer, and his daughter's lover is jailed.
  • The Patsy
    Episode 125 mins
    A group of outlaws wants to take over the town of North Fork.
  • Bloodlines
    Episode 226 mins
    The three Malakie brothers appear in the saloon and start breaking up the place.
  • The Blowout
    Episode 325 mins
    A dying gunslinger attracts trouble to North Fork.
  • Obituary
    Episode 425 mins
    A newspaper reporter believes his wife is involved with Lucas.
  • Tension
    Episode 525 mins
    Lucas and Mark lie to protect a dead man's family.
  • Eddie's Daughter
    Episode 625 mins
    Lucas becomes involved in the family troubles of the hotel clerk.
  • Panic
    Episode 725 mins
    Fallen ill, a couple seeks shelter with Lucas.
  • Ordeal
    Episode 825 mins
    Lucas and Mark travel across the desert, returning from a trip to lay in a supply of salt.
  • Spiked Rifle
    Episode 926 mins
    Lucas agrees to ride shotgun on the North Fork stage.
  • Letter of the Law
    Episode 1025 mins
    Outlaws threaten to kill Micah unless their leader is freed.
  • Legacy
    Episode 1125 mins
    The town drunk's son thinks he is heir to Lucas' ranch.
  • The Babysitter
    Episode 1225 mins
    Lucas and Mark find themselves caring for a six-month-old baby.
  • The Coward
    Episode 1325 mins
    Lucas becomes involved in a revenge fight when he befriends a young Easterner.
  • Surveyors
    Episode 1425 mins
    Mark runs away from home when he thinks that Lucas believes he's lying.
  • Day of the Hunter
    Episode 1525 mins
    A buffalo hunter tries to force Lucas into a gunfight.
  • Mail Order Groom
    Episode 1625 mins
    Land-hungry brothers threaten a spinster's fiancé.
  • A Case of Identity
    Episode 1725 mins
    Two tough private detectives appear in North Fork looking for a boy.
  • The Visitor
    Episode 1825 mins
    Two unhappy heirs threaten a young widow.
  • Hero
    Episode 1925 mins
    A boy is accused of shooting an outlaw in the back.
  • The Horse Traders
    Episode 2025 mins
    Lucas and Mark help a friend who has been cheated in a horse trade.
  • The Spoiler
    Episode 2125 mins
    An elderly couple moves to North Fork under an assumed name.
  • Heller
    Episode 2225 mins
    A teenage girl and her brother are badly mistreated by their stepfather.
  • The Grasshopper
    Episode 2325 mins
    On a train trip, Lucas and Mark find themselves held at gunpoint by a killer.
  • A Time for Singing
    Episode 2425 mins
    Mark learns a new preacher is an impostor.
  • The Deserter
    Episode 2525 mins
    Lucas learns why a young soldier deserted.
  • The Vision
    Episode 2626 mins
    After Mark contracts typhoid fever and has a vision of his dead mother, he no longer seems interested in getting well.
  • Lariat
    Episode 2725 mins
    An old friend of Lucas' arrives in North Fork to open a gambling casino.
  • Smoke Screen
    Episode 2825 mins
    The daughter of a prosperous rancher is found murdered.
  • Shotgun Man
    Episode 2925 mins
    Lucas receives a series of mysterious threatening notes.
  • Sins of the Father
    Episode 3025 mins
    After shooting a man in self-defense, Andy Moon turns to Lucas for protection from the man's vengeful brothers.
  • The Prodigal
    Episode 3125 mins
    A bank-robbing gunman decides to hide out at the McCain ranch.
  • The Fourflusher
    Episode 3225 mins
    A neighbor has bet his whole year's farm crop on a horse race.
  • The Jailbird
    Episode 3325 mins
    A convict is released from prison and returns home to North Fork.
  • Meeting at Midnight
    Episode 3425 mins
    Lucas helps an old friend, a federal agent, infiltrate a gang of robbers.
  • Nora
    Episode 3525 mins
    Lucas helps a woman who is being harassed by a rough gambler.
  • The Hangman
    Episode 3625 mins
    An ex-convict is blamed for a brutal crime, despite his claims of rehabilitation.
  • Trail of Hate
    Episode 125 mins
    Three robbers force Lucas to help them rob the North Fork bank.
  • Woman from Hod Ridge
    Episode 225 mins
    A matriarch seeks revenge for her sons' deaths.
  • Seven
    Episode 325 mins
    A prison wagon carrying seven criminals stops in North Fork for supplies.
  • The Pitchman
    Episode 425 mins
    A con man and his son want Lucas' mineral rights.
  • Strange Town
    Episode 525 mins
    Lucas trails an escaped prisoner to a mining town in the mountains.
  • Baranca
    Episode 625 mins
    A Mexican bandit and his gang ride into North Fork.
  • The Martinet
    Episode 725 mins
    Lucas helps a young minister who has problems with his father.
  • Miss Milly
    Episode 825 mins
    A store owner hires con men as collection agents.
  • Dead Cold Cash
    Episode 925 mins
    Before she dies, the widow of a bandit Lucas shot arranges for his death.
  • The Schoolmaster
    Episode 1025 mins
    Mark and a friend are trapped in an old mine.
  • The Promoter
    Episode 1125 mins
    A con man makes his living by provoking others and then betting on gunfights.
  • The Illustrator
    Episode 1225 mins
    A hard-drinking painter is accused of murder.
  • The Silent Knife
    Episode 1325 mins
    A desperate, mute man steals from the stagecoach.
  • Miss Bertie
    Episode 1425 mins
    A sprightly elderly woman arrives in North Fork and announces that she plans to capture a bandit.
  • Six Years and a Day
    Episode 1525 mins
    Lucas helps an alcoholic former doctor regain his self-respect.
  • Flowers by the Door
    Episode 1625 mins
    Lucas unmasks a book salesman as a killer.
  • Long Trek
    Episode 1725 mins
    Lucas and Micah are beset with troubles while bringing a killer to trial.
  • The Actress
    Episode 1825 mins
    A dying friend asks Lucas to fetch his wife.
  • Face of Yesterday
    Episode 1925 mins
    Lucas begins to believe in ghosts when he sees someone he thinks he killed.
  • The Wyoming Story Part 1
    Episode 2025 mins
    Lucas goes undercover as a federal agent.
  • The Wyoming Story Part 2
    Episode 2125 mins
    Lucas is sent to Wyoming to investigate the sale of guns to Native Americans.
  • Closer than a Brother
    Episode 2225 mins
    Micah is terrorized by an old enemy and resigns from his job.
  • The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town
    Episode 2325 mins
    A visit to Micah's old home leads to the uncovering of an old mystery.
  • Dark Day at North Fork
    Episode 2425 mins
    Lucas, temporarily blind, faces a gunfight.
  • The Prisoner
    Episode 2525 mins
    A former POW imprisons Lucas for his role in the Civil War.
  • Assault
    Episode 2625 mins
    A traveling salesman is accused of forcing his attentions on a local woman.
  • Short Rope for a Tall Man
    Episode 2725 mins
    Lucas faces lynching for unwittingly buying stolen horses.
  • The Clarence Bibs Story
    Episode 2825 mins
    An amiable handyman in town has dreams of becoming a famous gunfighter.
  • The Score Is Even
    Episode 2925 mins
    Lucas and Mark set out on a hunting trip and stumble upon a robbery.
  • The Mescalaro Curse
    Episode 3025 mins
    Lucas is cursed by a renegade Native American with a reputation for witchcraft.
  • Stopover
    Episode 3125 mins
    The North Fork stagecoach must stop at the McCain ranch because of a severe snowstorm.
  • The Lonesome Bride
    Episode 3225 mins
    Two cowhands submit Lucas' name to a matchmaker.
  • Death Trap
    Episode 3325 mins
    A former gunfighter becomes a doctor hoping to make up for his past.
  • The Queue
    Episode 3425 mins
    A Chinese man and his son plan to settle in North Fork.
  • The Vaqueros
    Episode 125 mins
    Lucas subdues a gang of bandits singlehandedly.
  • First Wages
    Episode 226 mins
    Lucas tries to find out why Mark has taken a job as a stableboy -- against his wishes.
  • Sheer Terror
    Episode 325 mins
    Stagecoach robbers take Mark and Millie hostage.
  • The Stand-In
    Episode 425 mins
    A killer's rich father tries to bribe Lucas.
  • The Journey Back
    Episode 525 mins
    A new neighbor of the McCains' gives Mark a job on his ranch.
  • The Decision
    Episode 626 mins
    A killer's rich father tries to bribe witness Lucas.
  • Knight Errant
    Episode 725 mins
    An eccentric old friend of Lucas' arrives in North Fork.
  • Honest Abe
    Episode 825 mins
    A kindly neighbor of Lucas' believes he is President Lincoln.
  • The Long Goodbye
    Episode 925 mins
    The North Fork Town Council feels that an old man is incapable of raising his grandson.
  • The Shattered Idol
    Episode 1025 mins
    Mark Twain visits North Fork.
  • Long Gun from Tucson
    Episode 1125 mins
    The townspeople leave Lucas to face killers alone.
  • The High Country
    Episode 1225 mins
    Lucas is accidentally responsible for the death of a young mountain boy.
  • A Friend in Need
    Episode 1325 mins
    Lucas is stunned when Mark is kidnapped and a $5,000 ransom is asked.
  • Skull
    Episode 1425 mins
    Outlaws force Lucas to help with a prison break.
  • The Princess
    Episode 1525 mins
    A young girl asks for refuge at the McCain ranch for herself and her ill brother.
  • Gunfire
    Episode 1625 mins
    A gang comes to town to free a jailed member.
  • The Quiet Fire
    Episode 1725 mins
    A drifter forces his attentions on a deaf girl.
  • Sporting Chance
    Episode 1825 mins
    A dapper man arrives on the stage and announces that he has come to kill Lucas.
  • Young Man's Fancy
    Episode 1925 mins
    Mark falls head-over-heels into his first puppy love.
  • The Man from Salinas
    Episode 2025 mins
    A young man arrives in North Fork to claim the body of his dead brother.
  • Two Ounces of Tin
    Episode 2125 mins
    A gunman threatens to kill Micah, and Lucas tries to help.
  • Deadly Image
    Episode 2225 mins
    Lucas is accused of murder by a man who claims to be an eyewitness.
  • The Debt
    Episode 2325 mins
    Mark deliberately disobeys his father and a convicted prisoner escapes.
  • Tinhorn
    Episode 2425 mins
    Lucas' friends label him a tinhorn because of his gambling.
  • None So Blind
    Episode 2525 mins
    A blind banjo-playing wanderer strikes up an acquaintance with Mark.
  • Jealous Man
    Episode 2625 mins
    The McCains get new neighbors when a couple moves into a nearby ranch.
  • Guilty Conscience
    Episode 2725 mins
    A Southern belle arrives in North Fork claiming that Micah is her husband.
  • Day of Reckoning
    Episode 2825 mins
    Lucas regrets his attitude toward a reformed outlaw.
  • The Day the Town Slept
    Episode 2925 mins
    The new marshal is friends with a known outlaw.
  • Milly's Brother
    Episode 3025 mins
    A gambler moves into North Fork and begins courting a local girl.
  • Outlaw's Shoes
    Episode 3125 mins
    Lucas develops temporary amnesia while visiting a strange town.
  • The Executioner
    Episode 3225 mins
    A former friend of Lucas' is released from prison and asks him for a job.
  • Waste Part 1
    Episode 125 mins
    Lucas, Mark and Micah are taken prisoner by a group of bandits.
  • Waste Part 2
    Episode 225 mins
    Lucas, Mark and Micah escape from bandits and take refuge in a deserted building.
  • Lou Mallory
    Episode 325 mins
    Lou Mallory, a stunning redhead, arrives in North Fork and buys the hotel.
  • Quiet Night, Deadly Night
    Episode 425 mins
    Lucas and several others are trapped in the hotel with a dangerous outlaw.
  • Death Never Rides Alone
    Episode 525 mins
    A former gunfighter arrives in North Fork with the intention of settling down.
  • I Take This Woman
    Episode 625 mins
    A charming Irishman claims Lou for his bride.
  • The Assailants
    Episode 725 mins
    Lucas gets wind of an assassination plot.
  • Mark's Rifle
    Episode 825 mins
    Mark befriends a circus advance man suspected of robbery.
  • The Most Amazing Man
    Episode 925 mins
    A dapper little braggart instigates challenge with tales of his gunfighting prowess.
  • Squeeze Play
    Episode 1025 mins
    An unscrupulous land buyer tries to get Lucas to sell his ranch.
  • Gun Shy
    Episode 1125 mins
    Mark takes a sudden aversion to his father's rifle after one of his friends is killed.
  • The Anvil Chorus
    Episode 1225 mins
    The blacksmith volunteers as acting deputy when Micah is out of town.
  • Conflict
    Episode 1325 mins
    While on a cougar hunt, Lucas loses faith in his ability as a rifleman.
  • Incident at Line Shack Six
    Episode 1425 mins
    A Native American is accused of a mining camp murder.
  • Suspicion
    Episode 1525 mins
    Mark and Lucas find Winslow Quince stranded in the desert and help him to North Fork.
  • The Sidewinder
    Episode 1625 mins
    A boy not much older than Mark announces that he intends to kill Lucas.
  • The Sixteenth Cousin
    Episode 1725 mins
    Local bullies ridicule a Japanese royal visitor.
  • Hostages to Fortune
    Episode 1825 mins
    Rumors that Mark may be mixed up with thieves shake Lucas.
  • And the Devil Makes Five
    Episode 1925 mins
    A poisonous snake gives a prisoner his chance to escape.
  • End of the Hunt
    Episode 2025 mins
    Lucas' lust for revenge nearly ruins his life.
  • The Bullet
    Episode 2125 mins
    Lucas uses a bullet as evidence to convict a crooked gambler.
  • Requiem at Mission Springs
    Episode 2225 mins
    Mark is injured in an accident that leaves his legs paralyzed.
  • The Guest
    Episode 2325 mins
    A stranger arrives on the McCain ranch claiming to be a friend of Lucas.
  • Old Man, Running
    Episode 2425 mins
    Lucas refuses help to an old man running from a gang of criminals.
  • Which Way'd They Go?
    Episode 2525 mins
    A group of hill folk is installed as peace officers in a town near North Fork.
  • Old Tony
    Episode 2625 mins
    An elderly recluse with a mean reputation helps Lucas rescue Mark.

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