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Lucas McCain, a Union Civil War veteran and widower, raises his son while battling desperados in New Mexico’s Wild West.
  • The Sharpshooter
    Episode 126 mins
    Lucas and Mark McCain settle near North Fork.
  • Home Ranch
    Episode 226 mins
    Two tough hired hands beat up Lucas and burn his ranch to get him to move off his land.
  • End of a Young Gun
    Episode 326 mins
    Lucas is forced to give refuge to a young bank robber.
  • The Marshal
    Episode 425 mins
    Lucas gives a once-famous marshal a chance for rehabilitation.
  • The Brother-in-Law
    Episode 525 mins
    Lucas has in-law trouble when his late wife's brother arrives in town.
  • Eight Hours to Die
    Episode 625 mins
    Mark is kidnapped by a man who blames Lucas for his own son's death.
  • Duel of Honor
    Episode 725 mins
    An Italian count arrives in North Fork and challenges the town bully to a duel.
  • The Safe Guard
    Episode 825 mins
    A new bank in North Fork is in danger of being robbed.
  • The Sister
    Episode 926 mins
    Mark tries to play Cupid for his father and a pretty young stranger who arrives in town.
  • New Orleans Menace
    Episode 1025 mins
    A criminal threatens to harm Mark unless Lucas sells him the ranch.
  • The Apprentice Sheriff
    Episode 1125 mins
    A young man takes over the duties of the sheriff, who is out of town.
  • The Young Englishman
    Episode 1225 mins
    Lucas suspects a nobleman who recently arrived from England of cattle rustling.
  • The Angry Gun
    Episode 1325 mins
    Lucas and Mark are robbed while riding the stage back from a cattle sale.
  • The Gaucho
    Episode 1426 mins
    An Argentine family moves to North Fork and settles next to Lucas' ranch.
  • The Pet
    Episode 1525 mins
    Lucas and Mark find themselves exposed to anthrax when they adopt a horse.
  • The Sheridan Story
    Episode 1626 mins
    A broken confederate soldier confronts Gen. Phil Sheridan at the McCain ranch.
  • The Retired Gun
    Episode 1726 mins
    Outlaws hunt a retired gunfighter who has settled in North Fork.
  • The Photographer
    Episode 1825 mins
    Lucas' old friend, a traveling photographer, is accused of murder.
  • Shivaree
    Episode 1925 mins
    A young couple traveling in a wagon train causes trouble for all of North Fork.
  • The Dead-Eye Kid
    Episode 2025 mins
    A smart-aleck boy from Brooklyn comes west to seek his fortune.
  • The Indian
    Episode 2126 mins
    A U.S. marshal arrives in North Fork to escort an indigenous prisoner back east for trial.
  • The Boarding House
    Episode 2226 mins
    A woman whom Lucas remembers as a card cheat opens a boardinghouse in town.
  • The Second Witness
    Episode 2325 mins
    Lucas risks his life when he offers to appear as a witness in a murder trial.
  • The Trade
    Episode 2426 mins
    An outlaw will surrender if his sweetheart gets the reward money.
  • One Went to Denver
    Episode 2526 mins
    Lucas' old friend arrives for an unexpected visit.
  • The Deadly Wait
    Episode 2625 mins
    An old enemy of Marshal Micah Torrance arrives in town, bent on revenge.
  • The Wrong Man
    Episode 2726 mins
    A marshal from another territory comes to North Fork looking for a wanted man.
  • The Challenge
    Episode 2826 mins
    An escaped killer barricades himself and his two companions in the North Fork general store.
  • The Hawk
    Episode 2926 mins
    Mark meets a stranger Lucas suspects of being a wanted man.
  • Three-Legged Terror
    Episode 3025 mins
    A young man wants an education, despite his uncle's objections.
  • The Angry Man
    Episode 3126 mins
    The young son of a neighboring rancher is seriously hurt in an accident.
  • The Woman
    Episode 3226 mins
    The North Fork schoolteacher is pressured to leave town because of her progressive ideas.
  • The Money Gun
    Episode 3325 mins
    A hired gunman arrives in town to kill a man Lucas has hated for years.
  • A Matter of Faith
    Episode 3426 mins
    A trail bum arrives in North Fork during a drought claiming to be a water witch.
  • Blood Brothers
    Episode 3525 mins
    Lucas gives his blood to save a dying man.
  • Stranger at Night
    Episode 3625 mins
    Mark, returning home from school, stumbles on the body of an unidentified man.
  • The Raid
    Episode 3726 mins
    Mark is kidnapped.
  • Outlaw's Inheritance
    Episode 3825 mins
    Railroad officials debate whether to build a new line to North Fork or Center City.
  • Boomerang
    Episode 3925 mins
    The bank forecloses on a rancher behind on his loan payments.
  • The Mind Reader
    Episode 4026 mins
    A rancher is shot by an unknown killer, and his daughter's lover is jailed.

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