Christmas Movies and TV Episodes

Wondering what to watch this Holiday season? With tons of Christmas-themed movies and episodes of your favorite shows, Peacock has the perfect collection of titles to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas TV Episodes

Watch the best Christmas episodes from your favorite TV show! Including fan favorites from The Office, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, and more.

The Office Christmas Episodes

The Office S2 Episode 10 image

Christmas Party

The Office . S2 E10
The Secret Santa gift exchange goes awry as Michael's "Yankee Swap" lands personalized presents in the wrong hands.

The Office S3 Ep 10

A Benihana Christmas

The Office . S3 E10
Dwight and Andy compete to cheer up Michael after a Christmas card gone wrong leads to relationship turbulence.

The Office S5 Episode 11 Image

Moroccan Christmas

The Office . S5 E11
Meredith accidentally sets herself on fire; Michael stages an impromptu intervention; Phyllis reaches a breaking point.

The Office S6 Ep 13 Image

Secret Santa

The Office . S6 E13
Andy's themed Secret Santa gifts get increasingly wild; Michael and Phyllis become dueling Santas; Oscar has a crush.

The Office S7 Ep 11 Image

Classy Christmas

The Office . S7 E11
Michael makes Pam postpone the Christmas party for Holly; Dwight's snowball fight with Jim escalates.

The Office S8 Ep 10 Image

Christmas Wishes

The Office . S8 E10
Erin envies Andy's new flame and Robert stirs the pot; Darryl makes a chivalrous move when Val feels out of place.

The Office S9 Ep 9 Image

Dwight Christmas

The Office . S9 E9
When the office forgets to plan a Christmas party, Dwight throws an authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas celebration.

Modern Family Christmas Episodes

Modern Family S1 Ep10 Image

Undeck the Halls

Modern Family . S1 E10
Cameron and Mitchell bring Lily to have her picture taken with Santa.

Modern Family S3 Ep 10

Express Christmas

Modern Family . S3 E10
The family puts together a quick Christmas celebration.

Modern Family S5 E10

The Old Man and the Tree

Modern Family . S5 E10
Mitchell does last-minute shopping to find the perfect gift for Lily; Gloria is on edge.

Modern Family S7 E9

White Christmas

Modern Family . S7 E9
Gloria rents a cabin in the mountains where the family can celebrate a picture-perfect Christmas.

Modern Family S10 E10

Stuck in a Moment

Modern Family . S10 E10
Jay bribes Manny into going back into the spider-infested house for medicine.

Modern Family S11 E9

The Last Christmas

Modern Family . S11 E9
Claire avoids Jay's job offer; Luke deals with the fallout from kissing Manny's ex.

Psych Christmas Episodes

Psych S2 Ep10 Image

Gus' Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy

Psych . S2 E10
Gus' dad is the prime suspect when an elderly neighbor is found dead.

Psych  S3 Ep 9 Image

Christmas Joy

Psych . S3 E9
After helping a girl, Shawn and Gus realize their clients are con men.

Psych S5 E14

The Polarizing Express

Psych . S5 E14
Shawn wonders what life would have been like if he had not returned to Santa Barbara.

Parks and Recreation Christmas Episodes

Parks and Rec S2 Ep12 Image

Christmas Scandal

Parks and Recreation . S2 E12
A meeting with a disgraced councilman lands Leslie in the middle of sex scandal.

Parks and Rec S4 E10

Citizen Knope

Parks and Recreation . S4 E10
Everyone in the office tries to plan a Christmas gift for Leslie.

Parks and Recreations S5 E9

Ron and Diane

Parks and Recreation . S5 E9
Leslie lands in the middle of sex scandal.

30 Rock Christmas Episodes

30 Rock  S2 - Ep 9 Image


30 Rock . S2 E9
Tracy can't participate in the staff's Ludachristmas party.

Brooklyn Nine Nine S3 Ep6 Image

Christmas Special

30 Rock . S3 E6
Liz finds herself alone for the holidays when her parents spend Christmas at a couples-only retreat.

30 Rock S4 E8

Secret Santa

30 Rock . S4 E8
Jack's interest in a new social-networking Web site connects him with a high school crush.

30 Rock S7 E8

My Whole Life is Thunder

30 Rock . S7 E8
Jenna's envy pushes Liz over the edge; Jack forms a plan to avoid disappointing his mother.

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