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11 Dating Shows You Should Be Watching on Peacock

We've singled out these steamy shows for your viewing pleasure.

By Joanna Brenner & Wyatt Gildea
The Islanders run toward love

Small bathing suits. Gimmicky opening one-liners. Being passionately pursued or dramatically dumped. Hot, sticky bodies sizzling under the paradisiacal sun. Beautiful people, hoping desperately to find love as their prize, or fame as a consolation.

Reality romance TV, baby. Here at Peacock, we’ve got all the steamy streams. Check out these must-sees and add them to your watchlist.

1. Love Island

“I’ve got a teeeexxxxttt!” That phrase has become a signature sound of summer. It’s a signal to the sexy singles of Love Island USA that something dramatic is about to happen — like a new bombshell contestant entering their luxury villa or a surprise dumping. It’s also a signal to viewers that this highly addictive, unscripted verité is about to heat up. Stream the new season of this sizzling Peacock Original reality show July 18.

Stream Love Island USA.

2. Temptation Island

Love is on the line again as couples at a crossroads are forced to go to two separate locales to figure out whether they will stay together — or dump each other for someone new. The show provides the quintessential contrast between the emotions of longing for an old flame and the rush of ripping tequila shots with a new one. Stream a new steamy episode of Season 5 every Thursday on Peacock.

Stream Temptation Island.

3. Love for the Ages

We’ve got more couples at crossroads trying to figure things out — this time before it’s too late. In this sunny, sweaty series, middle-aged married couples get a taste of life with new, younger flames. Join them in their luxury villas in the sun as they partake in the ultimate hall pass. Binge the full first season, now on Peacock.

Stream Love for the Ages.

4. The Big D

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more couples at crossroads… there aren’t. But there are couples who decided to actually cross the road to the other side — the divorced one. Since they’ve already made the decision to divorce, it’s not sexy new singles who can help them find their way back to one another; it’s other divorcees. Check out their journey flirting with the Big D experts every Thursday on Peacock, hosted by former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers.

Stream The Big D.

5. Queens Court

Things get more regal in this bachelor/bachelorette courtship show as “kings” move into the castle that houses “queens” (famous singers Tamar Braxton and Nivea, as well as TV personality Evelyn Lozada). Their kings are put to the test as they arrive at court, and the queens are ultimately faced with evaluating what life would be like outside their royal bubble with the kings of their choosing. Watch the latest season now on Peacock.

Stream Queens Court.

6. Love Without Borders

Everything is at stake here as six singles leave it all behind for a shot at finding love overseas. The adrenaline rush of hope is real, as an expert has paired each of them with who they deem to be “perfect” life partners. What could go wrong? See every episode of the risky new show on Peacock now.

Stream Love Without Borders

7. Catching Kelce 

Before he was half of one of America’s most famous couples, Travis Kelce was looking for love on-screen. With one contestant from each state, Kelce experienced a range of characters and attitudes like no other. Who will score the coveted Tight End? Watch along to find out! 

Stream Catching Kelce

8. Love Island Games 

Come back to the villa to watch your favorite Love Island stars get a second chance at love and $100,000. This time there are more games than ever, and if the couples don’t perform, it might just be their last day on the island.  

Stream Love Island Games

9. Ex-Rated with Andy Cohen 

Have you ever had a nightmare where all your exes come together to say what they don’t like about you? Well, it’s reality for these contestants! Andy Cohen and sexologist Shan Boodram work together to help this group of singles overcome their past relationship issues, featuring none other than the singles’ ex-partners.  

Stream Ex-Rated with Andy Cohen

10. The Courtship 

Chivalry isn’t dead yet! Travel back in time as Nicole Rémy looks for suitors in an immersive, Regency-era setting. Featuring balls, love letters, and carriage rides, watch as Rémy is wooed by the best gentlemen the English countryside has to offer.  

Stream The Courtship

11. Couple to Throuple 

Two is company, three is even better! Follow along as four couples start their journey into non-monogamy while being coached by host Scott Evans and relationship expert Shamyra Howard. Will their relationship be able to stand the addition of a third partner, or will the heat be too much to handle? 

Stream Couple to Throuple

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