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Two tropical fish, BZ and I.M. Tiger, accidentally land in the deep end of a magical pond and embark on mystical adventures into hidden realms.
  • Welcome to Blue Zoo
    Episode 1 - 7 mins
    A bump in the road sends BZ and I.M. Tiger flying out of a car window and into a strange pond.
  • Great Beast
    Episode 2 - 7 mins
    Jam's new friends unintentionally release Bolo, a generations-old threat.
  • The Marshy Maze
    Episode 3 - 7 mins
    Jam's plans to take BZ and I.M. Tiger on a tour of Blue Zoo gets interrupted by Sheriff Alpha.
  • Nost-Algae
    Episode 4 - 7 mins
    After BZ gets lectured by Sheriff Alpha for a prank, he sets off to prove the Sheriff wrong.
  • The New Tiger
    Episode 5 - 7 mins
    I.M. Tiger is scared that he'll end up just like the town weirdo.
  • Zinker Stinker
    Episode 6 - 7 mins
    The trio is tired of not being taken seriously after the town imposes a new curfew on Sprats.
  • Scaredy Fish
    Episode 7 - 7 mins
    The trio follows Zinker further into the Lunarbalk Forest; the grown-ups form a search party.
  • Catfish Wizard
    Episode 8 - 7 mins
    The trio makes it to Melloo's Castle, but getting powers isn't going to be as easy as they think.
  • Powers Please
    Episode 9 - 7 mins
    The trio arrive back in Blue Zoo ready to show off their powers, but everyone has been frozen.
  • Beastie Battle
    Episode 10 - 8 mins
    A showdown between The Trio and their new powers versus the Great Beasts.

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